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  1. Well it sure has been a while since I've posted. I've been sorta running low on money and beer as a result. I finished up the last of my BevMo run yesterday, and I will post those pictures. I am going back to BevMo tomorrow with my new paycheck! Just wanted to send a thanks out to Rick for taking me to the Sharks game! I am going to see another Sharks game with my mom on the 11th! One pissed off beer for sure. It's hard to imagine with a beer this hoppy that you can still taste an overwhelming malt presence. It's all there and in your face the whole way through. This is a fine example of the BIG beers you can find out here on the west coast. My uncle poured this round of Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale... He likes it nice and pillowy, can you tell? The best example of grapefruit flavor from hops of any IPA i've had. Anderson Valley's Hop Ottin' IPA with the Fire in the back. Boy was that fire necessary on that night! It had certainly been a while since I had first had this. I was really happy revisiting it because I loved it this time around. A really overlooked red with tons of interesting flavors. The color never comes out with the flash, but Red Rocket Ale is a nice deep red ruby. Beautiful pour. It's quite good of course, Deschutes makes it afterall... Some more obsidian stout... Thanksgiving at our house... The flavor is changing a bit for sure... Not as floral nowadays... Picture this times three. It was quite nice. Not overwhelmingly sweet like Old Foghorn, but just nice and smooth and mellow with some awesome caramel/cherry flavors. Definitely not very hoppy... Young's Old Nick Barleywine. Only 7.2% ABV, pretty low for a Barleywine. Nice dark mahogoney pour with an excellent head.
  2. ^^ Pliny the Elder strikes fear into the hearts of all other DIPAs once again!
  3. Sweet Sharks jersey Heath! Is there any name on the back? Also, why do you have a Sharks Jersey??? Is it because you're a Roenick lover? If that's the case, do you also sport a Roenick Coyotes Jersey? Mommy! This picture's all slanty! It's the leaning tower of Jubelale! Crazy roastiness is followed by a crazy face. Ah yes, Old Mr. 38.... Ah yes, quite nice indeed. It's actually a lot like North Coast Pranqster, same level of horsey flavor, but it has a little bit more sweetness, which is quite nice. How's about something new you say? Well here we are, Unibroue's Don De Dieu. A Belgian Strong Pale Ale at 9% Bliss. Well, at least this one never gets old... Are my beer thread posts getting boring yet? Same old same old... Yummy as always, nice subtle cherry flavors and well rounded malty flavor. Hey look, it's a classic Sam Adams. You wore your Sharks gear... So I'll wear my Eagles gear! Drop Anchor!
  4. They have virtual jump rope at Dave and Busters here. I am pretty good at it. The trick is to jump fairly high for the first few while the rope is going around slow, this ensures you will not land too early while the rope is still underneath you. As the rope speeds up, you need to decrese the height that you jump, since you will need to land quick enough to jump again when it starts coming back around really fast. Eventually, when it gets really fast, you're taking TINY little jumps, like 1 inch off the ground.
  5. ^ If you cut (instead of copy), then paste, it's impossible for them to be deleted before pasting them. Finally getting a chance to post some pictures of what I've been drinking. Sad times are here again though so I haven't been drinking as much, and when I run out I won't be going back for more until I make some money. Heath, now would be a great time to wear your Sharks jersey because they are starting to DOMINATE the pacific. And the damage done on the night between my uncle and I, even a few beers I didn't post. =P At this point, I am pretty messed up. Harvest Ale puts a smile on my face! Hey wait a second, didn't we just drink a bottle of this? Oh well! Pure sex in a bottle. Does this bottle look familiar yet? *Pirate Mode* Ye Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale know all, matey... It's pretty mild, with some roasty barley flavors and a creamy texture, but not much else going for it. I guess we better drink the rest of this Sierra Nevada Stout, too. Anchor Porter is a real standby for me, excellent coffee flavors come out and the mouthfeel is awesome. Then comes the Anchor Porter, with it's old looking label design of pure sexiness. Yummy rye flavors make for a complex and interesting IPA. Following up the Harvest Ale's flavor explosion... Not many beers can be held up to the same standard... Hop Rod is one of them! When this first came out I wasn't sure how long it'd be around. But they made a ton of it this year and I think it's still being distributed when the stores run out. Oooh, I call the one with the bigger head! Great as always, new flavors everytime I try it, and goes through incredible progression from cold to warm. And now for an old favorite. Celebrator Doppelbock, from Ayinger. Just look at that head, awesomeness! Mmmm, malty! Actually has some nice cherry flavors in there too with some warming alcohol and a touch of hops for a little bite. Next up, more Deschutes, this time the beautifully bottled Jubelale. So yeah, it's pretty awesome and Sunnyvale has no reason to not have it in stock. Deschutes' Obsidian Stout. Yes, I found a six pack of the stuff at the Mountain View BevMo.
  6. ^ 2-3 days, if you're lucky. ^^ Heath, Awesome Photo TR. That's the first time I have seen a Dogfish Head Alehouse. Also, I'm really jealous of all the Bell's. Pictures of what I've been drinking the last few nights should be coming soon...
  7. I'm with Elissa on this one. I lived in Phoenix for a long while as I was attending college. I could see myself visiting the park a lot if it was within easy driving distance, but probably only a couple times a year if it was an hour drive. It makes more sense to position it on the outskirts of Phoenix since that is the much larger Metropolitan area. Perhaps on the south-east end in Chandler where land is still cheap and abundant? The only other big problem I could see would be dust storms. If you build in the desert on the outskirts of the city or in the middle of nowhere (Eloy) the dust picks up and places get hit hard when it's dry. Also, where would all their employees come from if it was in Eloy? I wouldn't expect High-School/College students from either Metro to drive an hour to and from work everyday in the summers/winter weekends.
  8. The highly categorized phase of high school is apparent for most people around that age. Mostly, it is just people trying to fit in somewhere. Chances are your friend is not going to like R.E.M. if you have him listen to it. Years from now, that will probably change, and he will probably open himself up to different genres since life just isn't like that after highschool. It's funny because, college is almost like the anti-high school... The more different/open you are about all sorts of stuff, the better, for the most part. Anyway, I would say just let your friend be into whatever music he is right now, and attempt to introduce things to him later down the line if it means that much to you.
  9. ^^ What happened to wearing your Sharks jersey in a post Heath!!!
  10. ^ Which beers do Australians drink that are brewed in Australia?
  11. It has been a while since I've posted I see... I have been hard at work doing web programming though, yet still finding the time to drink a nice beer once in a while. It's a nice dry, irish tasting stout. Reminds me of Guinness on tap at first but follows the roasty flavors up with a nice chocolate undertone not present in Guinness. And I'll end the night with a North Coast Old No. 38 stout. I love the spicy qualities from Centennial hops, which is the only hop used here. There is a nice sweet malty caramel backbone to this baby as well, making it more well balanced than many other west coast IPAs. Finally caught up to last night, here we have the beautiful looking Big Eye IPA from Ballast Point. Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight! I haven't forgotten you hoppy guys either! As seen here by the very floral smelling Kill Ugly Radio. Hands down one of the best beers I've had yet. I was really impressed. It comes off like more of an Imperial Russian Stout to me, but nevertheless, it is excellent. Deep deep roasted coffee and chocolate flavors, with a chewy mouthfeel. Surprisingly enough, the very high 11% ABV only complements the beer, without overpowering it. This is one damn fine dessert beer, and I felt guilty drinking the whole bomber by myself. He'Brew's Jewbelation Eleven. 11 Malts, 11 Hops, 11% ABV. Some sites list it as a double brown ale, but it's pretty dang black, a smidge dark brown. Ahhh, attack of the blurry obsidian stout, run for the hills!!! Smooth, soothing and warming. Some nice cherry flavors and roasted malts. Followed that up with some Jubelale I brought to my uncles for him to try. The bottle design sure is awesome! It never dissapoints. Time to drink a real beer. Revisiting Anchor Porter. i don't understand what's special or bitter about it. It tastes a smidge better than the other yellow fizzies out there, but that's about it. Foster's Special Bitter. The flash screwed up the color, because it was much lighter than this.
  12. ^^ What happened to your Sharks jersey Heath? Also, I am sooo jealous of 22oz Plinys for $3 a piece. You would have had to drag me out of that place if I was there. It tasted a lot like Arrogant Bastard to me. Not quite as complex or hoppy though. Definite alcohol esters and cherries, with a lot of malt and some bready/toffee type flavors. Seems like a nice example of the Winter Warmer style. Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome Ale. I brought this one over to my uncles because he likes Samuel Smith a lot. This one surprised me a bit, with some flavors that I just can't put my finger on. It wasn't all that great, and I expected a little bit better stout from the guys who make Ol' Rasputin. Time for North Coast's Old No. 38 Stout. Basically a double IPA mixed with an amber... The amount of hops is mouth smacking, with great grapefruit flavors... With that said, the malt is somehow always there too, generous additions of both with a huge flavor profile. Back at my uncles, this time he picked up something we hadn't had in a while... The excellent, most pissed off beer ever, Undercover Investigation Shutdown from Lagunitas. I love it. I still prefer Hop Harvest, but this beer is actually quite similar in flavor profile. The centennial hops definitely add some spicyness and the cascades balance it out with a little citrus. Overall delicious, 2nd favorite Sierra Nevada brew. Sierra Nevada Celebration! It's an IPA, dry hopped with both Cascade and Centennial.
  13. ^ Check out this link Scaparri http://beeradvocate.com/beerfly/list?c_id=US&s_id=IN&sort=rating&search=&zip=&city=Indianapolis&name=&bfcg= Parti-Pak sounds like a good place as does Kahn's Fine Wines.
  14. Here are some pictures from the last two days! Halloween and Beer pictures ahead! Here's my uncles pumpkin... That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed my halloween update. We had a good turnout despite the earthquake scare the night before. Our styrofoam graves from the old Gyro's Frightfest my dad's friend used to run. It's starting to get a wee bit darker outside, here's a picture of my pumpkin lit up. My "costume" I bought this mask like 7-8 years ago... Good to see it held up well while I was away at college. I had gloves on and all so no one could see flesh. Basically I would stand or sit somewhere and act fake, totally stoic, and the kids would wonder if I real real or not. Then I would jump at them (if they were old enough to not feel bad about scaring them of course) It moves our stuffed guy's arm up and down of course! Key #2 connected to some fishing line, what will this control? See next picture. and the wire that makes the zipline from our gutter to our planter in the front walkway... Oh dear, there's a big spider ziplining up and down! It's Halloween and I'm setting up... Wire attached to my keys! I liked it! It's got some good spices in it, with some nice malty flavors in the background, a great mouthfeel, and just enough hops to make it well balanced in every direction. This is one of the first holiday ales I have had, so I will see how it rates compared to others I am sure. Followed up by the beer I have been looking forward to most, Deschutes Jubelale! The head didn't stick around long. I thought this was really good though, a nice mouthfeel and some great malty flavors. The night before Halloween I had a Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen to start off the night...
  15. ^ Keep getting North Coast stuff whenever you can find it. I've tried a bunch of stuff from them and it is all excellent. I have not tried that St. Bernardus brew yet but I have tried Brother Thelonius and I agree it is excellent, though not as good as Abt 12. Then again, I haven't had a dark belgian better than Abt 12 yet. In other news I finally got to BevMo today, this time a different one in a neighboring city because I was too impatient waiting for the Sunnyvale store to get some Jubelale in stock. Also, we had a 5.6 earthquake just about an hour ago here! Exciting stuff the night before Halloween... I hope it doesn't effect the turnout because I'm doing my house up nice. I will post pictures of my pumpkin pretty soon here too, one of the best I've carved yet! (I'm not very good at pumpkin carving)
  16. ^ Ooh you have a Sharks Jersey??? Definitely wear it! Is anyone's name on it? I've been looking for the Imperial Hefe for a while, but for some reason BevMo here doesn't carry much Pyramid, except for maybe the regular hefe, and a seasonal or two, all in sixers... I'm not quite as impressed with BevMo as I was at first. They do some changing with the seasons, but it doesn't seem to be quick enough nor do they get stuff that's a little more rare. I've talked to the manager there a bunch of times, who knows a good bit about beer, not all that much but he's solid... Last time I went the internet said they had both Stone 11th Black IPA and Jubelale, well, they had neither. He told me the way their stock works on the internet is they devote an item number to a seasonal from each company, so basically if they still have old stock left of the old seasonal (in this case 7/7/07 for Stone and Twilight Ale for Deschutes) then it shows as them having the next thing, even though they don't. Needless to say, it's a pretty terrible system. So I asked about them getting those two in, and also I told him about The Abyss that's coming in December, if there's any way he could get it in stock. He pretty much explained how despite the fact that he's the manager for the Sunnyvale store, he makes no decisions as to their stock, and some guys who doesn't even work at the store make those decisions. He said he'd talk to them but they don't usually listen. Anyways, here's the pictures of my stein as promised. And here's a picture of Marienplatz in Munich. It's the central square in Munich, which is a pretty awesome city. The old and new city hall are shown here. The new city hall includes the Glockenspiel (Bell Tower) which is the tall building you see there. Bayern is German for Bavaria. This is their state flag. Bayern is the largest and oldest German state. This is Neuschwanstein, the 19th century amazing castle in Bavaria for King Ludwig II. If it looks familiar to you, that's because Disney modeled their castle after this one.
  17. ^ Boo Flyers... Go Sharks!!! Pecan sounds pretty good... I need to get to BevMo again soon because I have been all out for a few days. And you guys probably thought I had photos piling up! Maybe I'll post a picture of my authentic German Stein that I bought when I was in Boppard, Germany back on Spring Break in my Junior year of Highschool. That was my one souvenier pretty much. By the way, if you ever go to Germany, DO NOT miss the little towns along the Rhine River on your way from Mainz to Cologne. This was the best part of our trip, they brew some excellent Kolsch's and make some excellent wines around those parts. There are also awesome castle ruins and great food...
  18. ^ Still wanna move to San Diego? http://www.stonebrew.com/vblog/detail.php?ID=653 I'm posting some beers from last night! I must say, some of the bottles in the six pack were pretty inky. Some more than others, one un-drinkable... There is a definite inky character in the yeast they use anyway, so it's not too surprising. This bottle was good though. My last bottle of El Toro IPA. Quite nice, with a bit of spice and some sweetness. Not nearly as complex as Abt. 12, but still very solid. St. Bernardus' Tripel. 8% ABV. Was really looking forward to this since I love Abt. 12 so much.
  19. ^ Where are the pictures man! More beers at the Uncle's and last nights... It was pretty good... With that said though, I feel like Unibroue is a little overrated from the three or so that I've tried. I've had some stuff with fuller flavor that is rated lower. Last night I had Maudite. It's a Belgian Strong Dark Ale with 8% from Quebec. Okay, so after Harvest it doesn't seem so flavorful, but it's still pretty good! Dang, this picture came out nice... Don't you just want to be shrunk by a shrinking ray and swim around in it? He is slowly becoming a huge fan of the stuff and we are both sad it won't be around much longer. The following night my uncle bought some more Harvest Ale... Ladies and Gentlemen, I need a haircut. I'll follow it up with one of their pales for good measure. A pretty good stout. It had some mild chocolate flavors along with a nice roastiness almost guinness like quality. Finally get a chance to try Sierra Nevada's Stout. My uncle picked up a six pack on friday...
  20. ^ Pliny in PA?? You have got to be kidding me... That would be like a local joint near me getting Victory's Storm King... Fat friggen chance... My oh my... Well, at least I had my fill of Sierra Nevada's Harvest Ale tonight.
  21. ^^ Pft, besides when I go to my uncles and he brings the next bottle out before I'm done with the one I'm on, I limit myself to like 1-2 a night! I noticed Black Brutal on the Drafting Room's board. Have you ever had that? How is it? I've never seen it in bottles.
  22. ^^ Well, I was a bit jealous you and Derek both got your hands on Harpoon's Wet Hopped Glacier, but I guess I'm glad I'm not missing much? I've still only tried one wet hopped beer. I was really looking forward to Deschutes' Hop Trip, but haven't seen it anywhere. Anyway, after vowing to start posting more often so a ton of pictures didn't pile up into 1 big post, I failed! So here's a fairly long post once again. A really solid IPA using Cascade hops. Easy drinking with lots of flavor, Sierra Nevada knows their hops, that's for sure. The last bottle from my sixer of Sierra Nevada's 2007 Anniversay Ale. The head was like soda, it dissipated really quickly. That made me a little worried, but it was actually pretty good. The honey wasn't overly sweet, and it was easy to drink with a nice mouthfeel. I think if the Belgian Golden Ale they started with was a little more robust in flavor profile, it could be killer. Finally on to last night, where I tried my first mead! It was also exciting because this was brewed in my city, Sunnyvale! Rabbit's Foot Meadery's Diabhal. 8.2% ABV. It's A Belgian Golden Ale brewed by them, and fermented with honey (that's what discerns it as mead) The smell reminded me of Mirror Pond Pale from Deschutes. Apparently it only uses one hop variety, crystal hops. I was actually really impressed. As the name suggests, it's highly bitter. More bitter than most of the IPAs I've had as far as raw bitterness. It's pretty awesome though because the bitterness sorta fades into some excellent citrus flavors that are well balanced by Rogue's excellent feel for using the right malts. Gets even better as it warms a bit. Yay, BevMo finally had this guy in a bomber! Rogue's Brutal Bitter. 6.5% ABV. Curious to finally try a well-hopped Rogue brew. Smelled super citrusy, but the flavor was a bit dull. Maybe a bit overly malty as well. With that said, it had an excellent mouthfeel and I drank this thing in like 10 minutes, if that. Flying Dog's Snake Dog IPA. 5.8% ABV. Turns out it was a lot better last time, at least from what I remember. I thought it was a nice hoppy amber, but this guy didn't have much hoppyness at all. Maybe it was just old, no freshness date to check either. Still it wasn't horrible, just not special. Anderson Valley's Boont Amber Ale. 5.8% ABV. I had tried this before in a bomber... The face pretty much says it all. I don't know what to think about it at this point. It was by far the weirdest beer I have had yet. It sorta starts off like a Flander's Red with some sourness, but then the acidity of it comes in and balsamic vinegar flavor takes over. After that it fades into a chocolatey caramel flavor, which needless to say is pretty flippin' weird after balsamic vinegar. It then finishes with a bit of a bite and some lingering breadyness. It was an interesting experience, but I wouldn't have it again. A beer I was really looking forward to: Brouwerij Verhaeghe's Duchesse de Bourgogne. It's considered a Flander's Red, I guess. 6.2% ABV. It's good and all, but to be honest I am getting a little bored with the Oatmeal Stout in particular. Next up was one of my Uncle's favorites, Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout. For some reason he never tries anything new anymore. I just can't get enough of this stuff. Over enjoying some beers at my uncles once again... I didn't expect much from this little guy, but boy, it was one of the most impressive American Pale Ales that I've had to date. It has a nice sweetness to it balanced out by a raw hop flavor that is borderline spicy. Ruedrich's Red Seal Ale, from North Coast Brewing! ABV is 5.6% on this American Pale Ale.
  23. Hey look, two posts in one week Ma! Joe - I'm a little concerned you like Big Hoppy Monster a little too much. Well, the only other pumpkin ale I've tried was Sea Dog's, which I thought was terrible. This beer was acceptable, but I don't think it was a very well done pumpkin ale. It's too watery, doesn't have much flavor. And to finish last night off, Buffalo Bill's, supposedly the original, Pumpkin Ale will be had! I also got this in the build your own six pack, I really wish BevMo would employ this! Yummy, apparently the hops used are Centennial and Cascade. I'd have to say I definitely recognize the Cascade flavor in there the most. New night, new hop bomb. Sierra Nevada's excellent Fresh Hop Ale. Harvest them hops Sierra Nevada! My tastebuds don't know what hit them. So my brain reminds them, tons of Tomahawk, Centennial, Cascade, and Amarillo hops. You know the brewmaster's a hophead when he claims this beer has a balanced malty flavor. Finishing off the night two nights ago, the El Toro IPA! A great beer to end the night with, and a very different followup to The Kronic. I appreciated it a lot more this time around for some reason. It's quite a new experience for me. Definitely copper and bready, but the main flavor is sweet sweet toffee. It's seriously almost like drinking a piece of liquified toffee, eating a piece of bread intermitently. Another one of my beers from the six pack I created at World Market. My 2nd time around having this beer, Lagunitas The Kronic - Rich Copper Ale. Overall it's a decent porter, but it wasn't anything special like Black Butte Porter or Anchor Porter. It was a little watery in the mouthfeel, and a bit more roasted barley taste than chocolate/coffee tones. Sierra Nevada's Porter, a beer I have yet to try. It's weird I haven't tried some commonly available beers like this, but most of it has to do with them only being available in six packs. Well I went to World Market the other day and they had the build your own six pack!
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