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  1. ^^ So was Tastes Like Burning any good or no? ^ Haha, sucks to be you. I felt kind of bad for Adam that his picture with his lifelong hero was blurry, so I went into photoshop and tried to fix it a little bit. Only so much can be done really, I managed to make it a bit clearer, but it still looks like we're seeing double in spots. I hope I was of help.
  2. ^ Sweet action... So the one thing I am failing to get out of everyone over at BA that tried Tastes Like Burning is... How was it? I know it was spicy, but was it any good? Cool looking place by MIT. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics. Onto Saturday Night's Beers at my Uncle's fire. My craft brew gateway beer never dissapoints, even following that impressive lineup it holds up well with a smooth hop presence into beautiful cherry alcohol. Cheers! Why not end the night with some arrogance after those two spectacular brews? I'm feeling damn arrogant indeed. Deserving of a smile ear to ear. A pleasant dose of pine hits a familiar Sierra Nevada chord, which mellows into an intensely oily sweet plum-sugar backbone. Instantly one of my top 10 beers, and hopefully I won't touch the ones I put away under the house for a couple years... Bigfoot is on the loose! Sierra Nevada released him and now he is running rampant through the Sierra Mountains! ABV 9.6% A nice smokey nose and initial taste. My uncle didn't care for it much, stating he does not like smoke flavor in his beer. I thought it was pretty well balanced and had a nice malty background flavor. Very nice. Alaskan's Smoked Porter, 2007 edition. 6.5% ABV. A nice smooth looking head and it's black as night.
  3. Ahhh where to begin, I'm a happy beer drinker for once... Over the last week or so I have been very happy with where I am at with work, food, beer, and life in general. Nice to see coreyml trying to get into it some, even though those last 2 pics are terrible quality. Hey Joe, take pictures of his beers for him next time! Pretty cool beers being tasted lately and posted in the thread. Thanks for everyones interest in reviving the "slow for a while" thread. I cannot wait to see the pictures from the Extreme Beer Fest in Boston from Derek and Heath, infact, my leg is bouncing up and down fast just thinking about it. In the last week I have been absorbing all I can about more advanced brewing techniques and preparing to brew my next batch outside on a burner since my mom was pretty pissed off about the mess the condensation caused last time. I think the next beer I brew will be in about a month or so and it will most likely be some kind of IPA. Beyond that, I'm not sure... I have been reading about brett and everything, though I am probably getting way ahead of myself in that regard, messing with sour beers is extremely tedious. I have also had a chance to pick up a few different things because I went over to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods this past week. I hadn't been to either of these stores in a long while and was quite happy to see some new brews being rotated into their stock. I picked up some Buffalo Jerky at Trader Joe's which ended up being the best jerky I've ever eaten in my life. With that great experience, I decided to pick up some Sirloin Tip Buffalo Steaks at Whole Foods the next day, which we had on saturday. They were pretty amazing off of the BBQ, I cooked them to a nice medium-rare and as long as you don't overcook them they are close to as tender as beef, have great flavor (much like beef) and are a lot more healthy... Anyway I'm rambling so let's get to the beer shall we? My uncle said it best when he said if any beer were to be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it this would be the one. Extremely chocolatey in both flavor and mouthfeel. Like velvet in the mouth, forgot just how awesome it is! That concludes Friday's festivities, I'll continue with Saturday another time as TPR's forums are taking like 5 mins per picture upload right now... Big Bear Black Stout deserves a visit and a hello from my Uncle and I. What what what??? I think I was in the process of getting a cold the first time I tried this and it didn't come off right, or something. It was actually quite excellent this time I thought. It's got some big piney hop notes up front that gradually fade into a damn nice brown ale. Let's give Lumpy Gravy another chance... Actually, I don't know if I would have bought it again but my uncle picked it up. Those crafty nutbars over at Lagunitas have actually distributed this really well in my area. There isn't really much to say about this beer. It's only got 5% ABV, which to me is too low for a Winter Warmer. What's worse is it is totally watered down and has a very muted flavor. The flavor was well in balance and nice, it just wasn't robust and full like it should have been. Young's Winter Warmer is one I wanted to find for a while but hadn't seen it until Whole Foods. This one has a lot different malts I think. It says in the description that it is an Irish inspired Oatmeal Stout, which tastes about right. There are definite qualities here from the roasted barley that I have really only tasted in other irish dry stouts. It is also quite a hoppy take on an Oatmeal Stout with a good mouthfeel. This beer really surprised me, I didn't expect much at $4.99 a sixer and it ended up being the tastier of the three Oatmeal Stouts. And we'll put it up against Stockyard's Oatmeal Stout that I picked up for $4.99 a six pack at Trader Joe's. Apparently this is brewed by Goose Island, don't ask me why we get nothing else from them out here! Having those two back to back you realize how much the flavor is alike. The flavors are really really close... The main difference is the oily mouthfeel of Samuel Smith's which I think gives it an edge. We'll follow up Young's with another from across the pond. Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout, one of my uncle's favorites. It tasted pretty nice. The flavors are pretty dead on and it's not too mellow. The mouthfeel could be improved upon though I think. We'll continue at my Uncle's with the first of many Oatmeal Stouts. Young's Oatmeal Stout, which we hadn't had for around 8 months. 5.4% ABV. Extreme Bubba face for good quality! Literally everything was better in this one than the Blue in my opinion. Better dark fruit aromas, smoother mouthfeel, and most importantly, a much better balance between yeast and malt. The yeast dances on your tongue up front and then gives way to a delicious malty backbone. I find it extraordinary. So Chimay was on sale at Whole Foods, $7.99 for a 750ml Blue, and $6.99 for the Red. I was dissapointed with blue, but decided I'd give them another whirl with the Red label for that price. Chimay Premier at 7% ABV. Pillowy head baby!!!
  4. ^^^ I am also surprised you hadn't had Celebrator before. I think the main thing that sets it apart for me is the dark fruits that come through a bit while it warms. It is the best dopple bock I have had by a landslide so far. ^^ Interesting I have not yet heard of that Barley Wine yet. I'm looking to get my hands on some Big Foot pretty soon here, and perhaps Old Guardian too. ^ Thanks for finally posting some pictures, I liked the "I find it just ordinary." I don't know why I failed so epically as far as documenting my brewing experience, but I forgot my camera going to the really great homebrew shop near me, and also was a bit too flustered to remember to take pictures during the actual process. I will try to take some pictures of me bottling the stuff in ~10 days. And take pictures of the homebrew shop next time I go back.
  5. ^^ I am super jealous about the Nugget Nectar on Cask. I want to try Nugget Nectar pretty bad! Oh and... I am super glad to hear Abyss held up to its ranking since there was an "overrated" review streak going on BA for a little while. ^ Happy Anniversary, glad to hear the Kriek stood up to its rank! I've never even had a kriek yet... I think the Boon Kriek ones are carried at BevMo though so I might give that a whirl. And now for some uninteresting beers we have every weekend, with a few interesting stuff thrown in this go around... And the last picture of the night I leave you with my first homebrew ever, a now fermenting for about 48 hours London Porter. I hope it turns out okay! It tasted a bit different to me too, the floralness and dankness in the hops came through a bit better than the bottle last night. My uncle actually said this bottle tasted a bit better as well, so maybe my senses haven't changed too much. Then we had another Harvest... Smelling this after brewing all day actually smelled a bit different than it usually does, I swear the way your senses perceive things changes! Despite its rather dark cola color, the flavor comes off a lot more like a Belgian Strong Pale Ale. There is quite a bit of yeasty character that zips around on the tongue, followed by a nice pear sweetness and belgian funk. Overall I was pretty impressed. Pierre Celis' Signature Selection Grotten Brown. Brewed by St. Bernardus and listed as a retired Belgian Strong Dark Ale on BA. 6.7% ABV. A nice pour with rather large bubbles and moderate lacing. After brewing all day before this and having a better idea of the individual smells and flavors, the yeast in the nose was overwhelming. I actually thought the flavor was a bit too yeasty, I couldn't taste the malt backbone, just the yeast... Moving on to saturday night, my uncle decided to pick up two belgian 750mls for us to try. Here is one I've heard good things about and have always wanted to try, Chimay Grande Reserve. 9.0% ABV. All in all, a pretty decent hefeweizen with a good yeast to malt ratio. We end the night with Pyramid's Hefeweizen. It was a little bit watery, a very thin mouthfeel. The flavor was actually pretty nice and reminded me a lot of Wychwood's Hobgoblin. But overall it was just a lot less flavorful than Hobgoblin. We should have drank this one before the hop monsters. My uncle picked it up because we hadn't tried it yet. Boddingtons Pub Ale, an English Pale Ale at 4.7% It's still almost cloyingly bitter. At only 68 IBUs it's kind of hard to imagine this much bitterness. I think the IBU system doesn't really do much for me in identifying how bitter a beer comes off. Still a great beer though as it borders on destroying your palate for the night. Speaking of Celebration, I decided to pick up a sixer at the local Safeway. My uncle found that coaster in the gutter about 6 months ago. Enjoyed this bottle a lot. This beer in its late stages is actually reminding me a lot of Celebration. We'll start off on Friday with a Sierra Nevada Harvest. Still a nice pour with excellent lacing and a pillowy head.
  6. ^^ Sweet Trip Report Justin... Been looking forward to that for a long while! Looks like you had some trouble getting there but it seems it was well worth it... I can't wait to get up to Deschutes one of these days. ^ I was already planning to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Oregon this summer, maybe we could coordinate somehow and all meet up! Did you and Derek get your Abyss yet? Has anyone enjoyed a bottle yet? So I still haven't been back to BevMo, and boy has it been a long time. I miss drinking all sorts of new beers, but truth be told there isn't much left that is interesting to me at the local BevMo's... My dad bought me The Complete Joy of Home Brewing for Christmas, so I am thinking I will give it a whirl... I think I am going to go to the Homebrew Supply Shop near me on Friday and pick up the equipment and ingredients. I'm still not sure when I'll get to San Francisco. If I don't go this weekend it sounds like I'll probably miss out on trying Pliny the Younger this season. Anyhow, I was at the grocery store and picked up Anchor's new "early spring" seasonal. Yeah, it's still winter but releasing your beer early is fine with me Anchor! Boy do I need a haircut... This batch suffered a bit from being a little older. Still very good but not as good as the fresher Racer 5 I get from BevMo. And last but never least, my favorite single IPA, Racer 5. The aroma is quite a bit like sourdough bread, and hits the senses pretty hard. The taste is quite interesting, it tastes like it should be lighter in color... It's still rich and full, but there are some twangy aspects from the hops with an astringent sour finish... Overall quite nice... I'd give the taste a 4/5. Anchor Bock. 5.5% ABV. A most excellent dark hue that is partially see through, with amaretto cookie colored head. Appearance 5/5. Quite a bit better than last time overall. A little more quality in the hop profile with a little less lingering dry bitterness... We're giving Thunderhead another whirl. 6.7% ABV from Pyramid. We got a nice pillowy head with better aroma this time.
  7. ^ Seems like a pretty cool place Derek... So I guess I did have something interesting that I thought I posted, but alas I did not... And I suppose I can post a few from my Uncles as well..., but I'll spare you the Sam Adams Boston Lager's and Anderson Valley Hop Ottin's you're getting so tired of seeing! Roasty toasty creamy irishy stouty... Yeah, that's about right. Let's rap up the night with a bomber of Guinness Extra Stout. Just look at that beautiful creamy, yet rocky head! This may have been my winner of the season as far as warming me up goes. The "winter warmers" I had were not as successful as this sweet, warming alcohol stunner. And we'll finish off the last bottle of Brown Shugga as well. Sweet Release from Lagunitas, with brown cane sugar fed to the hungry yeast! Uh oh, refer to the last picture at the end of the post! I didn't realize how "Upload New Version" works... I guess I can't re-order my pictures after I post, oh no! Still has a nice pillowy head and great color to it. The aroma is a little flatter, and so is the taste. Don't get me wrong though, it's still damn good, just more bitter and less floral as the fresh hop flavor mellows. The next night we decided to give the now fairly old Sierra Nevada Harvest another whirl. Refer back to picture 7 to see me with this beer.... Ahhh improve the uploader TPR!!! Nice grassy and grapefruit notes. A very different take on an Imperial IPA that is nice and tart. The alcohol certainly doesn't takeover at all, even on the way down. And we'll also finish up the last bottle of my birthday gift to my uncle, Mendocino's Imperial IPA. This stuff grew on me over the course of the six pack. It has a very distinct flavor to it that I can't say I've tasted before. We continue days later at my uncle's, as we share my last bottle of the last beer run I made, Full Sail's Wassail. The pour was quite nice, leaving an enticing head and appropriate lacing down the glass. This porter was a pleasant surprise, just enough hop presence and effervescence to make it one of the better porter's I have had to date. From Paso Robles, CA... Firestone Walker's Reserve. It's a porter. The ABV is unknown but it seemed around standard. Oddly enough, this is my first offering from these guys.
  8. ^ I have to take partial responsibility for the slowdown of the beer thread... I just have not been able to get anything worthy as of late and am growing tired of posting the same 5-6 beers every weekend recapping what I had over at my uncles... I've also been really busy with work, but when that slows down I am thinking of rewarding myself with a trip to City Beer in San Francisco... I have been looking for Sam Adams Double Bock for a while with no luck, have always wanted to try it!
  9. Yeah right Matt! ^^ Awesome Friday Night Pints guys... I am so out of beer, and it's sad! I should get back to BevMo pretty soon, although I really am not excited about anything I can get there anymore.
  10. The english gentlemen's driveby. [pulls up next to another car] "Oh Reginald, I disagree!" [speeds off]
  11. ^ So I guess you're not going to Bend tomorrow then?
  12. ^^ Oh man Derek, Where'd you find Hop-15??? That's awesome, I'm jealous! Nice non-inky wake n bake you got there! Pretty awesome you got a case of Nugget Nectar too, that stuff sounds so good... ^ I meant to ask you before Justin, did you ever find any of Deschutes' Hop Trip this harvest season in bottles near you? If so, did you try it? I'm interested in getting someone's opinion of it. I was over at my uncle's on Friday, here are the beers we had there. Perhaps the freshest bottle of this stuff we've ever had the pleasure of drinking. The head was very pillowy and it was incredibly aromatic, and tasted of course of fresh grapefruit. And we'll end the night with a local favorite. Anderson Valley's Hop Ottin' IPA. Pretty mellow follow up to Double Bastard, perhaps we should have led with this beer. Samuel Smith's IPA... My uncle picked this one up again. Uhhh yeah, this beer is amazing as everyone already knows... Tremendous hops yet an undeniable smoothness of huge malty backbone as well. Double Bastard #2. We needed something that wouldn't dissapoint after the lackluster Thunderhead. I'm pretty sure I've had a single of this before, and I remember it being better. This may have been a bit old, because the unique hop flavors weren't there, leaving only high dull bitterness. Pyramid's Thunderhead IPA. Pretty cool label and had a nice head on it...
  13. Everyone knows the next big attraction coming to Great America is the 49ers in 2012.
  14. ^^^ Nice to hear from you Juggler, it has been a while!!! The Chocolate Orange stout looks awesome to say the least. Version 4 huh? How is it? Cool pictures I always like to see all of the brewing process on a micro level. ^ Oh man, I am so jealous if you do go! I hope you do cause then at least I will get to see pictures of the event. If I wasn't paying off a ton of bills and had some extra cash right now I would totally meet you there!
  15. ^ Are you looking forward to the upcoming release of The Abyss Justin? I only hope I will be able to find it somewhere down here after the 15th.
  16. Well I was all excited to try the latest Frank Zappa release that I picked up at Safeway, go figure right? Wow, this is my first time with the whole bottle though, and let me say, it's definitely a sipper that you should share with someone else! Excellent all around though, a very satisfying way to end the night while I hack away at my computer keyboard programming websites. And for tonight... I cracked open my 2nd Lagunitas Cappucino Stout to redeem their name! Never dissapoints, but isn't overwhelmingly flavorful either... The following night will see me having another Anchor Christmas. Okay, I was utterly dissapointed. This is the first beer I've had from Lagunitas that I didn't love. It's just a very weird brown. You get maltyness that resembles Brown Shugga, but it's mixed with an off citrus and heavy heavy bitter aftertaste that doesn't have any of the nice hop flavors to go along with it... Some people who reviewed it on BA liked it quite a bit, so I don't know what's wrong with me, but there you have it. Lagunitas' Lumpy Gravy. 7.2% ABV, supposedly a brown ale... Can't believe I found this at Safeway? Go Safeway!
  17. Catchin on up from some of the Holidays still... I see it has been a bit slow in the beer thread lately, but Heath sure is giving it his all! Let's keep it goin guys! I had never seen anything from these guys before, so I was interested to see how it was, but I wasn't expecting much. It impressed me a great deal, it's just a really solid doppelbock that I'd have to put up above Salvator, but not quite as good as Celebrator. Altenmunster's Winterbier Doppelbock. Ringing in at 7.2% ABV from Kempten, Germany. Very impressive. Nice spices up front with all kinds of fruity flavors and a bit of a hefeweizen yeastyness to it as well. Affligem's Noel, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale brewed up for the winter season. 9% ABV hailing from Opwijk, Belgium
  18. I think everyone would pretty much agree with me at my homepark, Knott's Great America... Top Gun.
  19. ^ Black is a color. Red is my favorite color.
  20. Hi everyone! Sorry I've been so out of touch as late, I have been quite busy indeed. Infact, I just got back last night from Las Vegas for my best college buddy's wedding. I was there for 4 nights which was pretty awesome, and I did really well playing poker! (I am an avid poker player if you guys didn't already know that about me, HI WALLY) Anyway, I want to wish everyone a Merry X-Mas on this fine eve. My pictures start from about oh ten days back or so with some beers I had at home and some I took to my uncles. By the way, that roasted red pepper and goat cheese lasagne at Selin's Grove sounds AMAZING... On to the pictures though... But no it's definitely a ruby red hopped up amber ale. The hop flavor reminds me a lot of Sierra Nevada Celebration, which is also brewed with Centennial... The malt backbone adds some nice character that brings more complexity to the table than Celebration does... Very enjoyable as well... I'm all caught up, and I just realized how many pictures that was, pretty epic I guess! Rogue's Santa's Private Reserve Ale at my uncle's tonight on Christmas Eve. Surprising pour as I was expecting a stout for some reason or another... The last beer consumed by Ray and I in Vegas... To be honest, it tasted a heck of a lot like DFH's 90 minute IPA... Strong malt backbone and not as hoppy as wipeout... Missing in between this time period were both Ridgeway Brewing's Bad Elf (From the UK) and Dogfish Head's 90 minute IPA. Bad Elf was a decent bitter UK golden ale, and 90 minute IPA was kind of like a less hoppy version of Wipeout... Pictured is of course AleSmith's IPA. Dear lord baby jesus, how is this not considered a Double IPA??? Pungeant west coast hops give way to a very solid malty backbone, one of the better IPAs I have had... Ahh, this picture came out better, another San Diego favorite the BevMo's carry in Arizona... Port Brewing's Wipeout IPA. Honestly, I was expecting a little more out of it... I liked Stone's Russian Imperial Stout better, and thought it really didn't have much on Ol' Rasputin or Victory's Storm King either... With that said, it was still quite good, I just wish I had shared it with someone... So much for getting a picture of this that wasn't blurry! Oh well, we all recognize the bottle right??? The current #9 beer in the world, Alesmith's Speedway Stout. As you can see by his facial expression it was an utter dissapointment, as it tasted a lot like other fizzy yellow lagers. My friend Ray brought himself and I some brews from his recent BevMo run for us to enjoy when we were in Vegas... He brings himself a Rogue Kell's Irish Style Lager... Pretty insanely flavorful all around... I'd have to say I get a little more Arrogant Bastard flavor than Ruination, but that's just fine! And yes, I did have a hangover the next day... And now for something I have been looking forward to for a while, the double bastard from Stone! Ewww, there's my neighbor's Bud Light can in the background, it's all he drinks :[ Their top rated variety according to BA and I'd have to agree. Excellent balance of pine/grapefruit hops with a nice malt backbone that makes it quite well rounded. My uncle liked it a lot as well. Part of my birthday gift to my uncle, his favorite craft brew company's new seasonal... Mendocino's Imperial IPA. Not many companies have Imperial IPAs as their winter seasonal! Holy smokes this was really nice!!! My uncle was tentative at first because he's not big on the whole beer brewed with anything besides malt/hops/water/yeast thing... But he loves coffee and really liked this as well... It doesn't even really taste that much more pronounced, it just helps accentuate the normal coffee tones that come from some stouts. Hey look it's the Lagunitas I was always jealous about seeing Derek and Heath enjoy! The cappucino stout. My uncle agrees it tastes almost identical to the porter... oh and GO EAGLES!!! Now over at my uncle's that weekend, we'd each enjoy a bottle of Anchor Christmas... I'm going to be honest about this, I had it ten days ago and I can't remember as much as I'd like. It was very complex, and all the flavors came together in a rather glorious balance. It was one damn fine belgian style beer. Deschutes' own 19th anniversary ale. Also marks the first time they've ever bottled a belgian style of theirs.
  21. ^ I want Troegs :{{{ ^^ Yeah they played really well last night Rick, I was rooting for a shutout but Ehrhoff totally missed that one timer pass to his man. Still Nabokov should have had at least the 2nd star of the game, don't know what they were thinking there. ^^^ Funny you should mention that, last night I had a Brown Shugga at 1am, and then followed it up with the Imperial Hefe you see below. It was the drunkest I have been in quite a while. Pretty awesome! I love hefe's that aren't flavored with lemon. This has some nice subtle hop characterists up front and then brings some serious wheat. The yeasty flavor is definitely there as well. The alcohol comes through a lot though, maybe too much... But overall it was still really good. Pyramid's Imperial Hefeweizen. Mountain View BevMo had this and I've been wanting to try it for a while. 7.5% ABV and a beautiful pour, as you see here. It was quite good, but honestly I had a lot of trouble finding it any different from Anchor Porter. I got a little bit of spice/coriander perhaps but it really was hard to notice. Anchor's Special Christmas Ale 2007. Every year they do something a little different apparently. 5.5% ABV.
  22. Hooray I'm going to the Sharks game tonight. Hopefully they won't lose 7-1 like they did against the Sabres saturday... Why do they play so much better on the road??? Onto the beers from my latest BevMo trip... I found a lot of good stuff I didn't expect to find at all. Hooray Mountain View BevMo, boo Sunnyvale BevMo Woo, this is a winner. Some awesome hops up front bring balance to a very sweet caramel and brown sugar backbone. Also, I could session this stuff, where's the 9.9%??? Lagunitas Brown Shugga' A winter release from Lagunitas at 9.9% ABV. It's an American Strong Ale that has fed its cultured brewery yeast some brown sugar! And holy crap it's a good batch! The other batches seemed kind of diluted or something, and a little bit of twangy flavors got in it. This batch is just pure pine, which is why I love it in the first place. After a weird six pack and bomber of Racer 5 a little while ago, and being a little dissapointed in those, it's back! It was okay. Not much special about it really. It also kinda reminded me a little of the amber I had from Full Sail that I didn't like. Full Sail's Wassail. A Winter Seasonal with 7.0% ABV. Yeah, starting to get pretty bitter without the floral hoppy flavors, so it has gone downhill a ways. Sierra Nevada Hop Harvest Ale. Perhaps my last bottle of the season? Wowza, smells really hoppy! Okay so basically it's a hop monster. Awesome rich hop flavor. I think the hops used are different than the ones I am used to for hop monsters, but that wasn't a bad thing. This baby was good, my Uncle agreed. So I had seen this one around for a while and held off on getting it because I didn't think it would have much flavor since it's an imperial "pilsner" Heath convinced me otherwise though, so I had to try.
  23. ^ actually, it appears that was an ESB cubed! Also, man it was heartbreaking to see that Akers FG get rejected by the right post.
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