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  1. ^ Cool man, post more pictures when you drink it and let us know what you think. Also, it wouldn't hurt to review it on beeradvocate.com, it has only 1 review.
  2. ^ I have a bottle of that Boulevard Saison-Brett. You can get it shipped to you from Beertopia (The store I went to on my trip to Omaha, NE) Great people, well run store and they don't charge an arm and a leg for packing/shipping. http://beercornerusa.com/beertopia/ I also got Boulevard Imperial Stout and Boulevard Double-Wide IPA. Can't wait to try them
  3. ^ I've only had one RR sour, Sanctification, and it was awesome! The reason I liked Luciernaga so much was because there were qualities in it that I hadn't ever had in a Saison before, very interesting and complex. I hope to try more Jolly Pumpkin beers soon. If RR decides to ship their sours again within California I'd be happy to give you my address to have them send it to me and then I could forward it on to you like I did for Derek and Heath last year. This is a pretty expensive method though!
  4. What'd you think of it Joe? I've not yet had it but I really liked the only Jolly Pumpkin I've had (Luciernaga, The Firefly)
  5. ^ Nice Photo TR Derek. I am glad I have some insider info on Denver now because I'm going to the GABF with a few friends this year and we'll definitely check out the places around town when we're not at the fest. Not sure how we'll fit into the Great Divide taproom along with the other thousands of people who will want to be there, but we can make it work! Where else should I hit when I go? Here's some pics I've been saving up! I enjoy this IPA as a change of pace, it's got a lot of butterscotch and caramel malt backbone with a nice citrusy/pine hop kick, similar to Drake's IPA but a little more edgy and untamed. And tonight, I'm currently enjoying a Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA. This is my taken aback face. Wow, this stuff is good! I'd put it right up there with Franziskaner's Hefe or maybe even a little above it. Everything is here that you'd expect. The whole thing could be a little more pronounced, but it's damn good and very refreshing. Last night I had a Kapuziner Weissbier, which is a German import that I've heard good things about. Been a while since I've had the Weizen glass out. It doesn't hold a candle to Rasputin. Rasputin beat it out in every department. I love you for making this beer North Coast! I was kind of curious how it held up to Mr. Rasputin, so I tried a Rasputin next. It's a bit hoppy and a little thin. Quite bubbly as well and has some decent chocolate flavors with a hint of coffee. A well made impy stout but nothing great. Lagunitas' latest Frank Zappa release: Ruben and the Jets. An Imperial Stout. A little better than I thought it would be. It's quite similar to Anchor Steam in my opinion, and very easy to drink. Great session beer. The next night we'd finally try some Anchor Small Beer. My first Small Beer ever in fact. I really love this stuff. Belgian IPAs are growing on me as a style. There is a great balance of yeast, over the top west coast hops, and sweet tropical fruits from the underlying malt in this badboy. Sharing a bottle of the incredibly unfiltered Le Freak at my Uncle's. Their tripel had a longer name but I forgot it. I thought it was just alright, a lot of the flavor reminded me of apple juice, but it had some belgiany yeast flavor there too. Extremely drinkable though and not very dry. My food came, a cheeseburger with really great fries. Burger was decent too. I would start the night with their Red Ale. A very hoppy red ale that needed more underlying malty sweetness. But the hop flavor that was there was spicy/citrusy and nice. A picture of it from the back, there's a nice patio out there for better weather. Last week my mom and I went to dinner at the Firehouse grill and brewery in downtown Sunnyvale. Same brewer and location as the now closed Stoddard's Grill and Brewery I worked at. Easily one of my favorite seasonals, I love ESBs and this hoppy variation works great. I don't know if I prefer this or 2 Below. With the way the weather has been around here lately, it made sense to have an Early Spring Beer! I still think it's better enjoyed indoors so it can warm a bit, but it was still very good. Revisiting a favorite that is finally easy to get at Whole Foods near us. One of my Uncle's all time favorite beers. I think it's becoming a bit underrated because it's so readily available. Oh well, I'll keep drinking it just as much I'm sure. The Rasputin has been tasting extra good lately, not sure why! He liked the pine but wished he could taste the malt. I don't think this is one of his favorites. Sharing some Pliny with my Uncle, it's his first time! Nice stuff. I don't think I'll ever go a season without at least one of these bottles. The arrogance is on the back. "blatantly masturbatory and malicious ad campaigns" At the uncles, our bottle of Double Bastard for the season.
  6. ^ Dude we need some photos! I would very much like to see Southern Tier.
  7. ^ As posted in the first post of this topic: ADMIT EDIT: One simple rule about this thread: "If you are posting about drinking and you are underage, your account will be banned." You may want to edit your post quick!
  8. Hey guys, let's get this show back on the road! Bringing a lot of pics from the last couple weeks. Including some pictures from the second BeerAdvocate South Bay Area Meetup and some rarer beers I've all of the sudden been able to find at the local Whole Foods. I told Heath I was brewing my Stout soon but it never happened, I am planning to brew this weekend since no football will be on TV. I will throw up pics of that next week. My mouth was like Drrrr, what just happened?!?!? Tongue numbing and tingling, the sensation is awesome. The malt is actually a little bit there too, way in the background to extreme pine tree punches to the mouth. And then last night it was time to bring out the big dude. Pliny the Elder. Smells so awesome. The hop profile makes my face crooked. It's a lot like Pliny, the flavor is almost identical, it's just played down a little in all aspects. Pine pine and more pine with a side of bitter grapefruit and lemony accents. No malt here to speak of. Oh also, very impressed at how the bottles hold up to the tap version! Monday night I popped open the first full serving of Blind Pig I've ever had. And then I'd follow that up with a Stillwater Impy Stout. Pretty decent, a little one note though on the chocolate/roasty end. First up, Frostbyte, a winter warmer. Actually very well done too. Enjoyed it a lot. We'd have a zombie movie night and play Left 4 Dead at my coworked friends apartment on friday. And while in Campbell, we'd hit up Rock Bottom. Not a great Rock Bottom for beer but they had a couple I wanted to try anyway. They are also selling 4 packs of St. Bernardus Abt 12 there for $19.99, seems like a decent value to me! My chopping block after the Whole Foods run the day I was clued in to Whole Foods all of the sudden having Russian River stuff. Well priced too at $3.99 each for pliny/pig w/ white cane and $5.99 for Damnation. You're jealous! Which brings us to the last beer of the night. Short's Mystery Stout. This was actually a rebottled portion from a growler that "bring" got in a trade. He even added a little priming sugar since it had gone somewhat flat. The priming sugar did its job too, bringing a decent head. Though I only had a small sample, the stuff was amazing, definitely up in the top 5 Imp Stouts for me. Strong roasted coffee flavor but it drinks VERY easy and is fairly light and bubbly considering the ABV. A bit of an overview shot of some more bottles. Newport Storm '06 was some weird American Strong Ale that was alright. To the right of that, Three Floyd's Dark Lord! This was definitely a treat, I need to raise my game as far as what I bring! I don't know if I'd put Dark Lord in my top 10, but there is nice vinous fruit flavor to be enjoyed. Complex and very good but I tend to like more roasty/coffee flavored Imp Stouts. Next up was some Green Flash Le Freak that one of my coworkers brought (as per my suggestion) They just started carrying this at the local BevMo, it was the best Belgian IPA I've had so far. I arrived a bit late, and they showed me the empty can of Surly Furious they had just finished. This made me Furious! But they opened a Lost Abbey Serpent's Stout and all was good again. Great Impy Stout. At first we thought it might be a little overcarbonated but it mellowed down pretty quick. Good well rounded flavors I'd expect. One of the plusses of having it at the Rose and Crown again, Bear Republic's Double Rocket Ale on tap. The double version of Red Rocket Ale. This stuff was awesome! Pretty much how you'd imagine it, deeper malt flavor, well balanced but very intense. Back at the Rose and Crown for the monthly BA Meetup. Only six people total this time and I didn't take as many pictures. Still a great night though. We were both very impressed. It exceeded my expectations which I had lowered because of the re-visitation. It's just an IPA that tastes like no other, tough to describe unless you've had it. It's almost mouth puckeringly bitter, but malt is there too. Great stuff. And I brought some Inversion IPA over to introduce to my uncle. It had been at least a year since the last time I had one of these guys. After a bit of a hiatus this one is always pleasant to revisit. All around very solid. Staple beer of the uncle, and a damn fine Porter. Deschutes Black Butte. I expected over the top hops but it didn't deliver that. It was also too thin in mouth feel and the malt backbone didn't have much flavor either. Dissapointing. First up at the Uncle's a couple weekends ago. Marin Brewing's Hoppy Holidaze.
  9. I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Thanks for keepin' the beer thread truckin' Derek. Nice to see the guys from across the pond chipping in as well, sure has been a while. Abyss actually made it down here pretty good this year Justin, I was able to purchase a good number of bottles. I also went down to Whole Foods nearby yesterday after work after reading some chatter on beeradvocate about them having a very limited number of Firestone 12. I arrived at 6:15pm and to my delight they had exactly 1 left, and I am now the proud owner! It's exciting that Whole Foods and BevMo are starting to get the stuff that is a little rarer near me it seems. These pictures are kind of old. Like before christmas old but I am gonna post them anyway, hopefully I will remember about the beers! I enjoyed this quite a bit actually. The malt backbone is light but has a toasyness to it and the spices are done in a complimentary way instead of an overbearing way. Also, mace was used in this beer, yeah the stuff the hot girls carry in their purse! How can you dislike a beer made with Mace? Moylan's White Christmas Spiced Winter Lager. Kind of a light one for winter, so I wasn't sure what I'd think. El Toro Oatmeal Stout. Picked up a sixer at BevMo Sunnyvale but it was skunked. Unfortunately BevMo doesn't take care of their beers so well lately and I've had some bad luck on the ones that are old inventory. The whole six pack is skunked =[ I had heard good things about this beer and overall it delivered. High bitterness with some pine and citrus, but I'd say the malt backbone is more amber in flavor and color than red. I think I prefer Red Rocket Ale because the super sweetness of their malt backbone balances things out a little better, but still, darn tasty! Green Flash's Hop Head Red, finally available to us Northern Californians. For a company who has never really impressed me, this was actually pulled off quite nicely. Tasted very similar to "We're only in it for the money" by Lagunitas Marin Brewing's Tripel Dipsea. Quite good. Not quite an Imperial Stout, lacking in flavor and body a little to be a big beer but the coffee flavor is nice and it's enjoyable. Redhook's Double Black. Stout brewed with Starbucks coffee.
  10. I got a Teal San Jose Sharks jersey with Captain Patrick Marleau's name on the back. It's pretty much the greatest present I have ever received.
  11. ^ That's good to hear because I almost went to City Beer for Black Albert's release party there. ^^^ Nice posts Derek.
  12. ^ Nice pickups. Gonzo and Yeti are outstanding.
  13. Mike and I went to Gordon Biersch in San Jose last night for dinner. Sometimes I wish I carried my point and shoot digicam in my car for unexpected stuff like that. I had the Winter Bock which was very tasty and somewhat Jubelale-ish. I followed that up with the Schwarzbier, which did not have all that much flavor. The Pecan Crusted Chicken was amazing, I love the food more than the beer at Gordon Biersch, which is pretty rare for me!
  14. ^^ Awesome Trip Report Derek. I had no idea you were going to SD. ^ Those pictures bring back memories, I took those same pictures about 6-7 months ago. Your Deschutes pint glass sure looks familiar! Good posts by everyone lately, nice to see Abra involved in the beer tasting pictures for once! I will post a few highlight beers I had at home first, then get to the interesting part on this 3,999th post of the beer thread. And I'll wrap it up with a picture of Napa Smith's Bonfire Imperial Porter. Which wasn't bad but didn't meld that well, it used smoked malts I think. By the way, I mentioned Kegatron and HopDerek to see if anyone had heard of you guys and bbothen let me know he thinks he had traded with Kegatron aka Heath! We also had some Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA and a traded, pretty fresh, growler of Masala Mama IPA. And also some Boulevard Sixth Glass, a good Quad. An awesome time was had by all and I can't wait to do more with these guys in the future. And here's a picture of me with about 1 ounce of Trappist Westvleteren 12, an awesome BA brought a small bottle of it. It's not much to take a picture of though, with no label. It was obviously outstanding and for sure the best Quad I have had to date. I loved how creamy it was and the flavor was magnificent. I brought some Hop Trip for the gang, along with the Hop Head Red from Green Flash and Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout. We just couldn't get to everything. An Alesmith Yulesmith that had been aged 2 years, still really tasty with no signs of oxidization. And the rest of the night we'd just pour small samples from bottles that were being passed around. I got to meet the local BA crowd which was really nice for me. Apparently they hope to have these meetups once a month. About 12 people there total probably. Here's Brewdog's Punk IPA, which was very light and hoppy. Mike and I also ordered some shepphard's pie, which was pretty decent. And my buddy J.T. would have the El Toro Oatmeal Stout, which he liked as well. I tried some of his and it was fantastic. My buddy Mike started off with some North Coast Red Seal Ale, a Pale Ale, on tap, which he enjoyed very much. So I'd start off with some Drake's Hopocalypse Double IPA on tap, which was outstanding. The malt backbone is incredible with layers of caramel, and the citrusy hops are good up front. As you can see, everyone brought a lot of bottles so we wanted to make sure we gave the establishment some business for being gracious enough to host us. Here's an overview shot of our table of BeerAdvocates as we arrived. We were encouraged to bring bottles to share and boy, I was blown away by what some people brought. I didn't know how hardcore these BA'ers would be and they were damn hardcore! Ny the way the guy in the grey sweatshirt on the left happens to be Pete from Pete's Wicked Ale. My coworker friends like craft beer but are not advocates, so I brought them along to show them what beer can be and to expand their horizons. The bar of choice is the Rose and Crown, an English pub through and through that also rotates some local goodness in the craft beer scene. Sort of hard to see since it gets dark so early now and my flash isn't so strong, but this is the Sunnyvale Caltrain station. I'd take it to meet up with my coworkers on the train at their respective stops on my way to downtown Palo Alto for a south bay area BeerAdvocate meetup! A really well done Barleywine. It has a little bit of hops but focuses on a heavy malt backbone with a great chewy mouthfeel and lots of caramel decadence. Perhaps not as much complexity as I'd have liked but still really good. More special stuff from my dad's Birthday package. Upstream brewing's Batch 1000 Barleywine. Upstream is in Omaha (You may recall a Photo TR from me a long ways back of Upstream) I had the Double Daddy before with great results but this was my first try of the single version. It's a very hoppy IPA with LOTS of pine. Good stuff. Some local goodness from Speakeasy Ales. Big Daddy IPA. Maybe not quite as great as I remember it being last year but still really solid. Lagunitas Cappucino Stout is back in town. I sort of expected more sourness from the Brett. There was actually very little sourness, if any. The funky taste was nice though and the malt came through beautifully. Also, another great beer to look at, and very tasty! Back at home midweek I would enjoy something a little special from my dad. De Proef's Flemish Wild Ale, this is the Surly Bird, which is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale. Certainly tastes like bourbon, infact, it's pretty hard to get any other typical stout flavors. Still, I do like the bourbon flavor. Goose Island is finally distributing a beer around here. 4 packs of Bourbon County Stout. But the beer is the same, absolutely delicious. Probably my favorite winter seasonal. The Jubelale season is upon us, though I must say I prefer last year's artwork. It was just okay. Decent porter flavors but the mouthfeel seemed too watery and the flavor was pretty watery as well. Kona's Pipeline Porter. Deserving of the Bubba face, this beer was great on tap in Portland and did not dissapoint in the bottle either. Over at the uncle's we had some Deschutes Green Lakes Organic Ale. The six packs of this stuff finally made it down here. A beautiful beer to look at with a very creamy mouthfeel and a nice saison like funk. There are also some citrusy hops there to balance out the yeast and even some background pineapple. Tasty stuff for sure. Starting out with La Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel. Been a long time coming for me to try this.
  15. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post in for general forum help, but I couldn't seem to find anywhere else that fit. I am wondering if I can search for text in the caption of a picture. I would think that this would just work as a keyword but I am trying to search for a post I made quite a ways back and I think I used the keyword I am searching for in a picture's caption. It doesn't seem to be turning up so I am guessing this isn't possible right now? If it's possible, please let me know. If it isn't, I would suggest it be added! -Kevin
  16. Philrad: I believe he has visited EBC and I maybe even remember him posting pictures of it in this thread a ways back perhaps. If you use the search function you should be able to find it.
  17. Hi Soren! Glad you liked Cold Hop Derek, seek out more Boulder, you won't be dissapointed! Hazed and Infused is very good too! I'll highlight some from my last post that got deleted and then move on to the stuff I've been drinking as of late. It smelled decent and a small amount of yeastyness was there, but the malt backbone fell way flat and it was hard to taste anything. Aww, poor BevMo guy. And we'd end the weekend with a Kapuziner Schwarz-Weizen, a suggestion from a BevMo employee who knew his German beers. My uncle states this is his new favorite Belgian style beer, and it's definitely Top 5 for me. The end of the world! Oh no! Perhaps the most well rounded stout out there I've had, all the flavors are there to savor! Mr. Shakespeare himself will bring you back into the kingdom of awesome, Rogue! A pretty good amber, great mouthfeel and appearance, but not too special, I want me some Santa's Little Helper instead! Rogue's Santa's Private Reserve is now out. Christmas came early for us! It had been a while since I had a saison and I must say, I dig the funk! Good stuff. Lagunitas' Sonoma Farmhouse series, Saison! It's a lot more subtle than Harvest Ale, but that's not a bad thing at all. I really like the fact that while the qualities of the wet hops are all there, the malt backbone makes itself known and it's in balance. Very good. And this year Hop Trip actually made it to a BevMo near me, whoopee! Couldn't wait to try it, as I've only had Sierra Nevada Harvest when it comes to Wet Hopped beers. Interesting up front with a lot of funk and some mild sourness. I was expecting more sour from the Brett, but the yeasty quality was well done overall. Unfortunately after the initial kick of yeast it fell a little flat in the blackground flavor department for me. Still worth the pickup for sure! Following Joe's lead, Ommegang's Omegeddon! A farmhouse ale with Brett! A very tasty little lager with some nice hop presence. My first time trying Longboard Lager from Kona surprisingly enough. On the way to the Sharks game in San Jose my Coworkers and I stopped in at Tied House for a few beers. Pictured is the awesome Ironwood, a Strong Brown Ale. I also tried the decent hoppy Oatmeal Stout, and not so malty Oktoberfest. Okay so not really the right setting or glassware for this beer but it was still very good. My uncle really liked it as well. Kinda rough not being able to find this anywhere too close by to me, so my dad sent me out a big bottle. St. Bernardus Abt 12. When I told my uncle I wasn't planning on picking/drying my hop harvest this year since I didn't get many, he picked them himself and put them in a jar! Smells good! Seems about as good as last year. Which is dang good! Sierra Nevada's Harvest Ale. Just as awesome as I remember it being, and my uncle thinks it's the best Imperial Stout he has ever had, so yeah... Another lovely birthday brew from my dad. The only one I requested as a must. Great Divide's Yeti Imperial Stout, look at that new label! Great as always, Go Sharks! And celebrating another Sharks victory with an Obsidian Stout after the game. Enjoyable but not really special in any way. Paulaner's Oktoberfest Marzen. It surprised me. I had tried a couple other Belgian IPAs before, but this one actually worked and achieved a nice balance of yeast and hops. Another beer from my dad that he sent out from Omaha for my birthday. Urthel's Hop-It! Very nice up front and then falls a little flat in the malt backbone department where Hacker-Pschorr excels, a little bit grainy. Still good stuff! Ayinger's Oktoberfest Marzen.
  18. Wow that's like the 4th time I've made a post and it's been deleted due to forum connection problems. Looks like they did a restore from the 30th. So annoying when you spend like 45 minutes on a post and then you can't even replicate what you said because it's gone.
  19. Hey guys, long time no see! Looks like you guys in Pennsylvania have been up to your usual awesomeness. I am very jealous about the Sculpin. Really glad we got stickied again too because getting unstickied and feeling like the beer thread may struggle because of it made me realize how important it is to me. I am going to make a much bigger effort to contribute more frequently than I have been because I feel like I get too much enjoyment out of the thread sometimes without contributing much in return. I wish there were more good pumpkin ales out my way to try, but I think it seems to be more of an east coast thing or something as far as seasonal releases go. I am happy to report I've been enjoying Oktoberfest seasonals though! They taste like Autumn, though the weather here has still been like 80 degrees, ugh, cool off already! No one wants a warm halloween, it just ruins the spirit. Anyhow, here goes some catching up over the last 3 weeks up until last night. They make good beer all around really besides the Winter Seasonal and this Oatmeal Stout is just a pleasure to drink. 'Til next time! Wrapping up last night with an Anderson Valley Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout. I like supporting these guys. I wanted to pop this right open since I just got it from Omaha and was concerned about freshness. It was just how I remembered it. A hugely malty backbone with citrus and piney hops and one of the most bitter finishes I've had in a beer. Much like 90 Minute IPA. My uncle liked it a lot too. Ahh, some over the rockies goodness in the form of Hercules Double IPA courtesy Great Divide Brewing. It's too bad they don't distribute out here yet. Decent flavor for a beer this light, but I don't know how this is considered a Marzen/Oktoberfest beer. Lemony hops with a smooth bready flavor. Doesn't remind me of a fall beer, rather a summer beer. Still pretty decent. Weihestephaner Festbier. Another BevMo pickup. I was surprised it was this light in color. While it seemed like they did add some more malt since it's darker, they didn't tone down the hops from the IPA AT ALL. I really can't call this a pale ale, it may be a little more balanced than the IPA but it is still hugely hoppy and bitter. Good stuff but almost identical to the IPA. Santa Cruz Aleworks Pale Ale this time, also from my Uncle's friend. We expected this to be similar to the IPA, just more balanced. It still gets the awesome stamp of approval from me. We then ended the night by dropping anchor with a Ryan Sullivan's Imperial Stout, my uncle's favorite beer. The head on this beer was a bit out of hand. Excellent sticky foam that lasted forever and gave great aroma. The malt backbone had excellent caramel tones, and the hops were pine needles and citrus. It reminded us a lot of Drake's IPA, but with more awesome flavor from the hops, not quite so subdued. A real winner from Mikkeller. Here's Mikkeller's Stateside IPA. This was the same night that my birthday beer shipment came in from my dad. (It was actually this past friday) I had him send me some stuff from Beertopia (that awesome beer store in Omaha) If you guys are interested, they actually ship stuff out now! http://beercornerusa.com/beertopia/ I still maintain that Trumer Pils holds up to Reality Czeck, and that the only reason Reality Czeck rates much higher is because it is rare. I know I know, bold statement. Trumer Pils, a common pilsner around here that rates pretty dang good. This is my Sharks Game beer. It was no good last time, we think maybe the last one we had was skunked or they changed the recipe, because this one was quite good. It tasted very fresh and extremely hoppy. It's more like a double IPA but it doesn't have the malt base to be high alcohol or heavy mouthfeel. A friend gave a bottle of this to my Uncle. We can easily find it at BevMo, and this will be our 2nd try. Santa Cruz Ale Works' IPA. We can find six packs of at BevMo all year for $7.99, so I was even more pleased this was on sale for $6.99. That's just absurd value because I think this is my favorite American Stout. The complexity of the roasty malts and coffee is superb. I bought Obsidian because my uncle always complains about how we don't see enough Stout on the shelves out here. He always forgets about this one though. The face pretty much says it all, it's back and just how I remember it being last year, amazing. My uncle and I will probably slam a lot of this stuff while it's still at its best. The 12th year of Sierra Nevada's Harvest Ale is on the shelves everywhere here now! And just look at that beautiful pillowy head. I was quite impressed with this Oktoberfest, it's got awesome malt flavor with a full flavor profile, yet it's awesome as a session beer as well. I made a little BevMo run to pick up my Fall Seasonals, mostly Germans. Including Hacker Pschorr's Original Oktoberfest, which I don't think they had last year. My first 401k deposit bought me a couple shares of Samuel Adams. I figure I may as well have fun micro-managing my portfolio for a couple months before I diversify. I wonder when Imperial Pilsner comes out... Hey look, the new Beeradvocate magazine came, and Racer 5 is on the front! We'd enjoy a Sam Adams while listening to the end of the Sharks loss to the Ducks. More alcohol warming factor than I remember, but all the crazy huge hops and extreme bitterness are still there. Great stuff, but strong! Now that the more mild beer is out of the way for the night, let's wreck our palates for the next week. Moylan's Hopsickle Triple IPA... A nice easy drinking winter seasonal that has good flavor all around and is highly satisfying. Welcome Winter! Oh wait, it's 80 degrees out and it's fall! Samuel Smith's has it all wrong. BeerAdvocate has this one as just a B+, but I must say, I absolutely loved this beer. I'd give it something like a 4.5 on BA. It had everything I want in a great all around Barley Wine. It was balanced perfectly, great look, smell, mouthfeel, the works. Seek this out if you haven't had it. I think I picked this up in Portland. As you can see, this beer pours beautifully. It's a little lighter in person too so the ruby abyss is just excellent to stare into. Still as good as we remembered it, but now that I've had Peche Mortel it kind of pales in comparison. It's Cappucino Stout time of the year again for Lagunitas. Strong stuff with heaps of flavor that do shine through underneath the yeast. I must say I like this considerably better than 07/07/07 Now for some more Stone Vertical Epic 08/08/08. I'm glad we ended up giving it another shot though because I liked it this time around. There's not much malt here but the hops are floral and tasty. Lagunitas' Maximus, My uncle also bought this because he didn't remember that we didn't like it so much the first time around. Lived up to how we remembered it, tremendously malty and sweet up front with a lot of bitter hops in the finish, outstanding. Bear Republic's Red Rocket Ale was up next. Also had been a while since we've had this. We hadn't had this for a while and I thought I remembered it being a little mild last time we tried it. This time was different, it really surprised me how flavorful I thought this was. Great stuff. I want to try some Double Dead Guy soon. Over at the uncle's garage for the weekend lineup, he bought a Rogue Dead Guy.
  20. ^ What happened to your pictures from SF Joe?
  21. Happy Birthday Derek! I too celebrated a birthday about a week ago. Pretty uneventful though. These pictures go back a ways, I feel so guilty for not being very active, and especially guilty for lagging on sending Heath his box of goodies! I did finally get hired on permanent with salary/benefits at my new job though so hopefully things will settle down and I might even take some time off with my paid vacation now that I'm not hourly wage anymore! Oh and, I'm super excited about the fall season. Sharks Hockey, great Fall seasonals and german beers are soon to come! I'm even playing Fantasy Hockey this year which should be exciting. My uncle bought me some Filet Mignon for my birthday, so that I could barbecue it for my Mom and I later in the week. So on Monday I barbecued it. I must say I cooked it perfectly Medium, just the way I like it! Yummy stuff, just thought i'd make you all drool before I head over to the uncles to take some more pictures... Til' next time! An unbelievably good Barleywine. I need to go tour Anchor's Brewery sometime soon. The last of the really old Anchor Old Foghorn six pack I found hiding away in that local liquor store that was priced by the new owners at just $6.99. Good stuff too, I think I gave this a little bit too harsh of a report the first time. Maybe it does deserve the A-. Plus, don't I kind of have to support a brewery that originated in San Jose? Gordon Biersch Dunkelweizen, part of a six pack we've had laying around. And I am happy to report it held up wonderfully. Seriously, not even a touch of oxidation. Fantastic stuff this doppelbock was, really loved the dark fruit tones that developed likely from the aging, mixed with a nice dark caramel backbone. Thanks Heath! Enjoy by July 27, 2006. I think Heath had mentioned he found an old bottle of this laying around for me and was hesitant about sending it, but I told him to go ahead anyway because I fathomed 8.5% Doppelbock's would age okay. But wait, I found another one I hadn't yet drunk from the Heath shipment! Victory's St. Victorious Doppelbock. Think of it as Stone XI light. Business in the front and party in the back. One of the more interesting beers out there. Drake's Expedition Ale. A Stout/IPA sort of concoction. Astoundingly good and worthy of this Bubba face. This English style Barleywine gives Old Foghorn a run for its money, and that's saying something! Thanks Heath! The last beer in the Heath Shipment that he sent to me. Weyerbacher's Insanity. A Barleywine. Oak aged infact. Oh well, I love this beer and will be buying another sixer the next time I go to BevMo, so it will be even fresher for when I send it to you Heath! Consuming Heath's can of Big Swell IPA... My bad, I accidently drank this guy forgetting I had set it aside for you! Come with me if you want to live. The staple. It wouldn't dissapoint though. A nice hopped up belgian tripel, really kind of unlike anything I've had. This one is arriving a bit late to the party. Infact, we couldn't even get our hands on it until a couple weeks after 8/8/08. Also quite nice! Midnight Sun is pretty solid all around it seems. Another little something something I picked up while in Oregon. Midnight Sun's Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter. Pretty good standard stout to have lying around. My uncle picked up a sixer of Samuel Adams Cream Stout. Superb. The bitterness it brings is very nice. More Stone XII. Not sure if I already said so but my uncle and I went in on a case of this. Excellent piney hops, with a light mouthfeel. Hard to beat Alaskan IPA bombers for $2.99, a special at BevMo. I picked up 5. This stuff is flippin' good man! Wow. It's as advertised, a crazy version of Black Butte, an awesome Porter. I think I enjoy this more than Abyss. A little something kinda special... Deschutes Black Butte XX Porter, a little something the guy at John's Marketplace got for me from the back after I proved my beer geekyness to him. Remains one of my favorites in the double IPA world. It's been a while since we've ruinated our palates. Really different and yummy, which seems to be what Dogfish Head is all about. Palo Santo Marron I like it! When is Harvest coming? =[ The last of the Anniversary Ale six pack. It seemed a little bit more flavorful last time around, but I absolutely adore the flavor balance. I really hope I get the chance to try Brutal Black at some point. Was able to find some Rogue Brutal Bitter at BevMo which I really loved the first time I had it.
  22. Yeah I know about those hop bags, I just haven't purchased extras yet. Thanks for the tips... Will probably be a while before I try another IPA with the current hop situation and this dissapointment.
  23. Sorry it's been so long guys... I've still been drinking good beer, just haven't had the time to hop on here and post all of the pictures. And there are lots of pictures. I might break this up into two parts if I get too tired halfway through. After the ho-hum reviews on BA I thought I'd be underwhelmed but I think most reviews are downright wrong. It's a GREAT robust porter with wicked complexity, a great mouthfeel, and full flavor. Great Divide is a company I wish I could find around here, their entire lineup is insane yet no one seems to talk about their beers. The last beer of this post (more to come later) will be Great Divide's Saint Bridget's Porter. Got this in Portland too, yay Portland trip! You just can't get a much better deal that Lagunitas' bombers, which sell from between $2.99 to $3.49 a piece. They did a really great job with this beer too. Picked the right yeast, all the flavors are there, if this came from Belgium I'd say it's a really solid tripel that I'd like to have again. You're going to need some help on this one since the label is a bit insane. It's Lagunitas' latest Zappa release, We're only in it for the money! A Belgian Tripel. We wanted to see how it holds to Ryan Sullivan's since we had been having lots of that. It's better in my opinion. I know everyone's jealous I get 4 packs of this at BevMo for $6.99. As close to hard alcohol flavor as you can get from a beer. The main flavor is, well, bourbon. Huge flavor is imparted from the Oak. Lots of vanilla too. I really like it! Had to pick up another one of Dogfish Head's offerings that have made it out here. The BevMo's here are now carrying 4 packs of 90 Minute, Palo Santo Marron (pictured), and Midas Touch. This beer was profound at first, with all sorts of flavors I've not yet encountered in any beer. Has some hoppy edge, followed by vanilla and bourbon, followed by anise and licorice and coffee and chocolate and roasted malts. By far the most complex beer I've had and will probably ever have. I liked it a lot, but I enjoyed the overall flavor experience of Peche Mortel a lot more. Still a solid top 20 all time for me. Thanks so much for this one Justin, I owe you bigtime! And now for the highest ranked beer I've ever had, courtesy Justin, who was able to spare one of his bottles so that a fellow beer threaded may stare into the Abyss. Ranked #5 on BA. Their yeast always produces that crazy rocky head. To be honest, they use a pretty crazy yeast strain that always imparts lots of weird flavor into their beers. It works though, and makes this pale ale quite interesting, different and worth the try, good stuff! Hair of the Dog's Ruth, from Portland as well. It's their Pale Ale. No wonder this is a breakfast stout, it's coffee on top of coffee on top of coffee! Bitter coffee dominates with no chocolate or malt flavor to be found. A rather light mouthfeel for the flavor. A good beer from Mikkeller but it didn't blow me away or anything. I didn't have this for breakfast. I thought about it though! Picked it up in Portland, my first Mikkeller offering. Beer Geek Breakfast! And it delivers that. Intensely deep malt flavors do hide the alcohol a while but it does warm on the swallow. Still, was actually a little bit surprised how much I liked it, didn't expect to like it quite so much. I'd give it a solid A. A special beer the next week... Bell's Expedition Stout. Sent by Heath, who promised a VERY heavy mouthfeel. Crazy how good it was too, extra hopped up yet carries an overwhelmingly awesome malt backbone to boot. Can't wait for Shutdown Ale to come back and give this a run for it's money. Lagunitas' Lucky 13. Another one of their big ass amber's basically. Very nice too. Every flavor imaginable for this style is there and in the right quantity. Still remains fluffy all the way through and surprisingly easy drinking. Highly recommend it! Midnight Sun's Le Maitresse Du Moine. It's a Belgian Strong Dark Ale I picked up when I was in Portland. 9% ABV Beneath the weird feel I was searching for some good flavor but I really don't like it and may dump the whole batch. It was a changed recipe cause they didn't have the hops I needed anyhow. I feel like I kind of let myself down on this one, could have been much better organized. Trying the IPA for the first time at my uncles. It's full of hop trub because of the dry hopping. I need to figure out how to filter stuff out in the boil/dry hopping process if I plan to do another IPA. Sure why not, still pretty good stuff but not on par with Big Bear Black or Rogue's Chocolate Stout. Is this stuff any good? Been about a year. I was happy to have shared it with my uncle this time. He also loved it. 2nd Favorite Imperial Stout now... Still awesome, thanks Heath! Old Heath sent some more Old Heathen my way as per my request. A good english beer, very complex while remaining extremely drinkable. Never a bad time to revisit Hobgoblin. It tasted like oranges and berries. Weird weird stuff. The body also did not seem porter like. Not good. Also from Trader Joe's, Kennebunkport Porter. Just a low flavored pilsner, not bad but nothing interesting about it. Joseph's Brau Hopfest Pilsner. Picked up from Trader Joe's. Astonishingly good. Like, favorite Imperial Stout by far to date. BY FAR TO DATE! Coffee is dominant but it's just so dang complex within the coffee layers. This was a real treat that I did not expect Heath to send, and I must thank you for many moons! Alright no more messing around, it's time for a heavy hitter. Also from Heath, Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel's Peche Mortel Imperial Stout. #13 in the world. Unfortunately this also had some "skunk" in it. Inky tones especially present in the head. It wasn't a drain pour though as I found myself still able to taste as intended once I let the head dissipate some. Seemed solid but the skunky tones got in the way! Troeg's Scratch 11. Also sent my way from Heath. My first Scratch beer. Unfortunately it was a drain pour. Not sure what happened here but it was way skunked/inky. I could tell by the smell of it before I attempted a taste as well. This is the first skunked microbrew I've had from a can. Shucks! Uh oh, too foamy coming out on the pour... Sly Fox's Phoenix Pale Ale. Also from Heath. Good stuff, reminds me a lot of Trumer Pils, which is a very good thing. Nice clean crisp hoppy goodness. These beers start from almost a month ago all the way up until this weekend. First up Sly Fox's Pikeland Pils, sent my way via Heath.
  24. Bleh, I woulda shown up! Oh well, doesn't sound so competitive anyways!
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