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  1. A bunch of good ones have been mentioned so far. Mine are Airplane, Forrest Gump, The Matrix, The Lion King, Sideways, 20 Dates, etc. I can't think of anymore right now.
  2. ooh i wanna go there...they have like a million flavors of icees and milkshakes and ice creams...sounds like heaven to me
  3. on a two liter soda bottle: "caution: when opening, point cap away from face or other people. May cause serious injury." I think they had one too many lawsuits, because I'd never seen that before!
  4. you know you've been spending too much time on TPR when... -something funny happens to you and you think "hmm, I wonder what Robb and Elissa would think about this.." -you look forward to trips that involve the digital camera so that you can make a photo TR -you can't see meat, plain pasta or McDonald's without thinking about Robb and Elissa
  5. I start Aug. 22. But I'm in band camp from now till then, so in a way it won't be as big of a shock i suppose. my school isn't as strict as your guys' schools..yeah we have a dress code and everything, but you can pretty much do whatever you want..we play cards, watch movies on each others mini dvd players (hooray for violence!), throw food at each other, take pictures, play video games, and all sorts of stuff like that. Just whenever the narks come around, we stop what we're doing until they turn the corner
  6. It depends, we have different schedules depending on needs/classes. you can either go per. 1-6, or 2-7, but if you have a performing art, you can add an extra credit class for 1-7. Most Freshman and some sophmores are on 2-7 base, but most of the school is on 1-6. (haha, confusing) Period one starts at 7:20 and period 6 ends at 1:50. For 2-7 add an extra hour. This year I have 1-6 because I'm in advanced band. I'm not an early riser!
  7. He also owns a zipper, wipeout, bumper cars, ferris wheel, carousel, and giant racing slides
  8. 1. go back and warn the parents of my peers to raise their kids better. otherwise they'd either become druggies, go to jail, or end up pregnant with minimum wage jobs. 2. go back and warn Michael Jackson of what he would become with so many crazy antics and face alterations 3. appreciate everything my friends & their families did for me that I took for granted (ie trips to theme parks that I never would have done, things I never would have discovered) 4. Just see what all the different eras were like.
  9. Valhalla High School, class of 08
  10. aww, im so sorry rattums was a good pal and all our hearts go out to him and your family in this sad time.
  11. I decided to do a photo TR on our trip to Santa Barbara and Ventura this past week. unfortunately no ride credits, but lots of scenery! We actually stayed in Ventura county in a little, tiny place called Sleepy Cat Inn. here is the view from the courtyard. the owners had a very, very sweet dog named Cassie. you can pretty much see every room from this pic..I slept on the floor to the left. ah, isnt the countryside beautiful? No really, for some reason I really liked this painting. well that's enough of our living quarters...on to day one: Mom goes back to the part of Ventura where she grew up. This was the elementary school she went to (aww) me and mom looking into her kindergarten classroom. Me in front of the playground. I haven't seen a kindergarten classroom in 10 years..wonder how long it's been for Mom looks as though mom is feeling adventurous today! Here's an analogy for you kids: Aria is to Lion King, as Elissa is to Chip & Dale! moving on, Mom then decided she wanted to see the house where she lived. We then headed over to Ventura Harbor and walked around on the pier a bit. I saw a few classic beach scene photo ops. This bench was there as a memorial to someone killed in the La Conchita landslide. I never see these at the beaches in San Diego! some lounge chairs and a refreshment stand. On day two, we drove into Santa Barbara. It had a lot better upkeep than Ventura and San Diego, and had beautiful Spanish style. This is the church my Mom went to, West Mission. I asked to stop at the Santa Barbara Courthouse next. "wow, is that a giant clock tower?" The inside of this place and the ceiling had some awesome tile work. this is one of my fave pics...dad took a picture of the hall and I think I was walking down at the same time. On day three, I begged my parents to go into wine country Santa Ynez Valley (towns Santa Ynez, Los Olivos, Solvang, Buellton) because Sideways was filmed there and it just looks really beautiful. They finally gave in, and we drove the extra hour and a half to get into the mountains. We stopped for a photo op overlooking, Lake Cuchama I think it is. for some reason, I look really sad or something in this picture. ahh thats better...happy me..with my dad. Mom and Dad together. We stopped in the little Dutch town of Solvang, which has a lot of great shops. Mom and I split a root beer float, and i bought a pair of tiny Dutch shoe earrings. Here's a big windmill at the end of the town square. for this last picture, we stopped at the Santa Ines Mission while trying to figure out our map. Here I took a beautiful shot of the Santa Ynez Valley. I think this is my Favorite picture.
  12. lmao!! thats a hilarious idea! I think some people might actually go for this!
  13. I think that the 21 age drinking minimum is pretty ridiculous..it's so easy to get liquor at any age, much less when your 18. They should just make it easier and just give you everything when you turn 18. But hey, I drink occasionally, and I'm only 15 . Champaigne at weddings, sharing a daiquiri, margurita or pina colada with my mom. She even told me she was so desperate to get me to sleep when I was a toddler she gave me alcohol...and it didn't work!
  14. let's see... For Anchor/ long-running shows: The Simpsons (self explanitory) Malcolm in the Middle (hilarious) Desperate Housewives (a must for anyone!) Judging Amy (my mom and I can relate to her) Fox News Channel stuff (like the slogan says, "fair & balanced") For Seasonal shows: So you think you can dance?(love dance, hate idol) Brat Camp (oh how it reminds me of my school mates!) Amazing race (great fun)
  15. pshh, cd's are soo yesterday's news...along with video cassette tapes it's all about the ipod now. Anyway, I'd say my ipod consists of about 65-70% Michael Jackson stuff (please tell me there are more people on here who appreciate Michael! I don't know a single person that does anymore) and the rest is random stuff that i happen to aquire on the net. I do have quite a bit of The Verve, Maroon 5, and Outkast.
  16. YAY! finally a post about band geeks. Band camp starts Monday for me, sounds like your band directors work you guys a lot..My teacher's philosophy is "quality not quantity" which is really helpful. I have so many band stories...I remember last summer we were playing our after dinner game (this time it was duck duck goose), and the drum major decided to have 2 people going at the same time..in opposite directions...I saw what was coming...slammed right into each other! then there's also the time my friends and I were watching & reciting The Lion King during dinner... I love Lion King like Elissa loves Chip & Dale.
  17. I am in Santa Barbara County. Ventura is dang cloudy. This "bungalow" we're staying in has 2 rooms and my air matress has a leak. I don't want to go back to dump-hole wimpy San Diego. I just went to Santa Ynez Valley and Solvang and I just realized that's around where Michael Jackson lives. Definately a random photo TR to come, "going back to mom's roots, Michael Jackson, and Dutch replica towns"
  18. pie!! homemade pumkin' pie is probably at the top of my list (seeing as my birthday's in October ), then probably tie between apple, boysenberry and cherry.
  19. What I like about Costco: free samples on every other isle. You could practically go in there and get a free meal . We never shop there though because we don't need so much food in bulk.
  20. I'm a coke person. I used to like pepsi a lot better when I was younger and they still had the old packaging (red and white), but it seems as though everytime they change the packaging it gets worse and worse...hmm..same goes for coke too...not as good...but still better than pepsi
  21. hmm...favorite toy...I don't know if I really had a favorite toy... I did always have one stuffed animal I'd drag around with me everywhere at one time or another. I watched tv a lot...and I was obsessed with the Lion King. I had clothes, lunch boxes, stuffed animals, pillows, figurines, soundtrack, you name it.
  22. I went to a certain Subway several weeks ago...it pretty much ruined our whole day. The particular one we went to is usually understaffed and busy all the time, but they have the best sandwiches. This time though, the two people working there on a Friday at 6 pm were pretty dumb IMO. First of all, the line was wayyy too slow, and the foodmaker dude was pretty much deaf and kept saying "what?" the whole time. I suppose I can't blame him for being frazzled, but honestly. He kept misunderstanding what we wanted on the sandwich, and what took the cake was when he asked if we wanted oil/vinegar, and before we could answer he drenched the sandwich (resulting in a very large NOOO! AFTER we had told him 2 times we didnt want them!). They were out of important food supplies like tomatoes and pickles. AND the soda machine was broken, no ice and the soda was flat. We ended up taking 2 bags of chips to make up for the horrible service. ^ haha I just read your post on Subway, and wasn't surprised...ALL the Subways need better management.
  23. by seeing what most of you eat on a daily basis and looking at pictures of your fridge, I'm not surprised anymore at why so many people are unhealthy. Not to say I'm being biased or anything... I've just read too many books that have titles like "the cure to all diseases" or "living in a toxic world"
  24. ^ wow, you have A LOT of soda and drinks. and where does everyone keep their fresh vegetables?!? jk. we have a lot of organic stuff in our fridge...when I was looking at all your guyses fridge contents I was thinking "wow, I havent seen that kinda stuff in our fridge for a while"
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