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  1. Hi! I am so sick of having to upload one picture at a time here on TPR, and I've heard that through Imageshack you can upload a lot of pictures at once. I was wondering if you can upload large amounts of pictures through Flickr, and if you can, which is better between Imageshack and Flickr? I was looking into making an account on one of them, so before I do, why not get some input from the TPR crew? Thanks! If there is a difference between Imageshack and Flickr, what is it? I am so behind the times, so any help at all would be greatly appriciated!
  2. ^A fake drop is when the car gets to the top, holds you there for a couple seconds, then drops only like 15 feet, stops, and then falls the rest of the way. It is very nerve racking! I don't think it is supposed to do any. I really didn't feel to much of a fake drop.
  3. What a cool idea! And you pulled it off nicely too! Great job! Now, I might have to make one...
  4. ^Good job. It meets all the requirments! I love the support work and the launch. Good luck in the contest!
  5. Nice! I didn't know you could do that much with just supports! You just put 1001 more ideas into my brain. Great job!
  6. ^Yes, but with coasterlover420's circumstances, it would've been the more practical option. You're definitley right, though. If anyone else wants some feedback on coasters before the poll is up, feel free to post them. Only a couple more weeks!
  7. ^That's a good one! Sounds like something me and my friends would do! We almost got caught by the cops once when we shot nerf guns at his car! I have another one. When I was about 9, we took our 3rd trip to WDW. We got to the resort (All Star Music) and made it our home for a week and a half. Before we headed out the door for breakfast (around 8:00), I thought it would be a good idea to take a quick bathroom break (#2). So I got all done "doing my thing" and it wouldn't flush. I told my parents, but they're all like "try it again!" So I tried it like 5 more times and before I knew it the whole bathroom was under 2 inches of poop water! I was screaming "the waters coming out!" So they finally came to look, and were surprised (duh!). We grabbed a crap load of towels from the pool (to soak it up) and waited another hour so the janitors (or whatever you want to call them) could clean it up. This all took place on the second floor, but we (thankfully) didn't get any complaints of leaking!
  8. ^Well, it's not quite fixed yet. All you have to do is select the brake run and click "enable transport device" and viola! The coaster then makes it through the course!
  9. ^^How can people be this stupid? I'd love to hear more of these stories too!
  10. Coasterlover420, your coaster passes, as I didn't realize the MCBR wasn't a block. Good Job! DBru, your coaster passes the tunnel test and E-stop test, but you are supposed to be running 2 trains, not just 1. Also, there are no rules about all the special power segments, so they are fine. G's are ok, but some places it still spikes. Where are the catwalks on the lift hill? Aside from all those things, good job! Fix some of those things and report back. Just some minor errors. Good luck with the contest!
  11. Yes, looking good! I also have a coaster named Leviathan. I just love that name!
  12. ^Nice coaster, but..... 1. I found a couple spots that need to be tweaked a little so they can pass the tunnel test. 2. The train did not stop on the mid course break run when I manually set it to E-stop. Anyways, work on those key factors, and you'll have one heck of a coaster! The layout is nice, and the G's are in order. Good luck with the contest! Tunnel test failure. Not a big one, but just enough...
  13. Today, my father was taking a drive on I 43 (near Milwaukee WI), and saw a truck with a piece of Deja Vu track on it heading northbound towards Milwaukee. Why would it be going that way? Any ideas? Painting maybe?
  14. I like! Since this is a "catalog", I have a question. Could users design and share rides in this catalog also? Like a person PM's you a design and then you post it? Anyways, if it doesn't work it's just an idea. I'm liking the first spinner...
  15. ^At least 2 trains, so yes, 3 would be perfectly fine if you can do so!
  16. My local news station gave a brief report on it. I would post a link, but I can't find it anywhere! It was only a quick thing, but it covered the story pretty well. Sad news.
  17. ^It's good that they got pieces there already, even though I don't think it will be up and running by opening. They still have a lot of work to do. Nice pics btw!
  18. Here are my pictures from earlier. Also, from what I heard the loop has been out now for about a week, so they must be working on gutting the station and removing all the mechanics to the ride. My bet is on the cobra roll coming out next. We'll just have to wait and see! I will be down there again in about a couple weeks, if it isn't down by then. Till next time. Farther away. Closer up. There is track on flatbeds ready to roll. I saw one with the actual cab on the trailer! More bull. (no pun intended) If you look closely, the 2nd spike looks to still have the lift cable. Good ole' bull. Close up! I couldn't help but take some pictures of ole' bull too. No loop! Kind of a bad picture, but as you can plainly see, no loop! It sure is a big place. Key Lime Cove is looking good!
  19. I got a chance to make it down there today, and the whole loop (supports and all) were on trucks ready to get shipped to Idaho. A couple looked like they were ready to leave very soon! Anyways, still no work done to the towers and the cobra roll, except that on the left spike, the cable is still on and on the right spike it isn't. I will post some photos I took in a few hours. Till then.
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