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  1. I like a lot of stuff but I voted rock since I like a lot of rock in general, punk, hard, classic, soft, alternative, you get it.I might also possibly tie it with pop/R&B.I also like country and a little bit of rap and metal.I only like metal like Marilyn Manson, Kiss, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, and Deep Purple and maybe a little bit of other stuff.
  2. The only thing I want for Christmas this year is music CD's.I've got about 30 I want, but here are some of my most wanted ones. Silver Side Up-Nickelback Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge-My Chemical Romance Turn It On Again-Genesis Bad-Michael Jackson Linkin Park-Meteora, Hybrid Theory Pink Floyd-The Wall
  3. My favorites are constantly changing, except for the first few favorites.They have changed a lot and I listen to a lot more so here is an updated list of my favorites. 1.Nickelback 2.Genisis 3.Green Day 4.AC/DC 5.Maroon5 6.Bon Jovi 7.Linkin Park 8.My Chemical Romance 9.Foo Fighters 10.Aerosmith Others are U2, AFI, Rolling Stones, KISS, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 3 Doors Down, ZZ Top, Fall out Boy, All American Rejects, The Killers, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, PCD, and maybe some Fray.Now it's time to start listening to another band lol.
  4. All FM stations. Kiss-Plays current hits, pretty much the only station I listen to. Q 104-A Pretty good station that plays some good modern hits, as well as some songs from a few years ago. Mix 106.5-I relly never usually listen to this station but I have before and they play some good more modern stuff, but a lot of classic stuff. 99.5-A country station, usually we play it in the car, and usually I'm listening to my MP3 player, but it plays good country.
  5. This ride looks HOT!I don't think it will be as good as Maverick, but definitely fun.
  6. Nickelback is definitely my favorite, others are: Genisis Green Day Maroon 5 Bon Jovi Kiss Aerosmith All-American Rejects
  7. I am going to miss Geauga Lake.It was a fun park to go to and I'm glad we went on the 14th.I actually liked The Villain and it's my favorite woodie.I hope somebody gets Big Dipper because it's an important piece of history.I read an article today in The Morning Journal that said they wanted to relocate Villain, Dominator, Thunderhawk, Big Dipper and Raging Wolf Bobs.
  8. I doubt they will add another coaster but if they do, they need wood.I also think they need more family rides.
  9. I have two I can't decide on. The first time I rode BS at CP because it was my first "big" ride and it seemed very intense. The first time I rode MF.
  10. I think all of those are great and I also notice GADV is using footage from the boss for El Toro.
  11. I like this a lot and think you should go with it.It does look a lot m ore organized.
  12. This park looks great.I hope the new location is as good.
  13. I never thought this would happen!I never rode it(probably next year), but new trains will make the ride better.The bad side is now there will barely be any elements.I think they should replace it with a double-dip or a hill.
  14. I am actually glad it is getting retracked.I think it is the G trains that make the ride very painful, but this might help.Even though it is rough, it is a decent ride.
  15. I voted in the poll a while back about early November.This is the first time I voted and the instructions were confusing, so hopefully I filled it out right.I have been on Nine woodies and I ranked them by putting them in the order I like them.
  16. I would Take Revolution's OTSR's off, put Colossus' double-dip back in, and take the trim brakes off Mean Streak's first drop.
  17. Might not do all of these parks but: Kings Island Holiday World SFKK Worlds of Fun Valleyfair! SFST.Louis Paramounts Kings Dominion Paramounts Carowinds SFGA Michigan's Adventure Coney Island SFGADV SFNE Dorney Park
  18. Cedar Fair because -good operations -clean parks -great rides, mostly coasters -great parks. 8)
  19. I live in the mid-western United States.My home park is Cedar Point.I live about 30 minutes away from it.
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