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  1. I base mine on the best rides I have experienced because you could have rode a ride recently but have not liked it. The first couple of times I rode Mean Streak (2005) it was very smooth, but the last couple times I rode it the ride was very rough.
  2. I like the holidays because of the different atmosphere of the park and there is more stuff to do like haunted houses, haunted trails and rides etc.Plus you get more of your moneys worth.You can also get rides in during halloween and the parks are open later.My favorite I have been to is Halloweekends at Cedar Point.
  3. HI!My name is Dale and I just joined.I am from Ohio.My home park is Cedar Point.I have ridden 31 coasters, at 7 parks. My favorite wooden roller coaster is Thunderbolt at Kennywood and my favorite steel coaster and my favorite of all is Millenium Force at Cedar Point.Other coasters I rate highly are Phantoms Revenge, magnum x-l 200, and Jack Rabbit.Another thing I enjoy a lot is drawing.I am happy to be part of these forums!
  4. Of course I haven't ridden it, but it was KNOWN to be a very intense ride .I have rode Raging Wolf Bobs at Geauga Lake and I didn't care for it either.The turns on Raging Wolf Bobs were widened from the ones on the original Bobs.But anyway back on topic, is there any other good pictures/sites?
  5. On Coster-net.com, I believe it was 9/29/06, on their forums in the general coaster and ride talk section, there was a post that Kingda Ka's structure collapsed due to a multiple bolt failure. I was wondering if anybody heard about this. That was the only thing I heard about it. Did anybody else hear about this? The picture looked a little fake because a lot of the top was straight but it also looked like it ripped on the ends.
  6. Ginzo is right. The bobs was more intense than many of todays larger rides.
  7. WOW! This really looks creative, I couldn't do something like that!
  8. I was just wondering, is there any where you know of with pictures of the Bobs at Riverview Park? I would like to see some photos of it.By the way, I am new here and I am glad to finally join!
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