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  1. So I see from Rob and others that doing Solace isn't worth it, so I'm coming out from MN for this and a quick run to other parks in the area. I couldn't find in the SFMM update link, but is X2 going to be running for this? -Trent
  2. I was on it this past Thursday and have to agree with the good things others have said. The theming of the ride was excellent. They did a great job in just the 2 weeks they had to get things ready. I didn't see the original movie, but understand it was just cuts from the movie. But they all seemed to work, and the ride was pleasant. Well, TOO pleasant for my tastes, because I preferred the more extreme theme it used to have, as it was my favorite for the motion simulators I had ridden in the past. Oh well.. Can't win them all! (And Kraken was down for Maintenance for 3 weeks at this time as well!) But if you want just a pleasant ride and great theming, you'll be quite happy. And your kids would be happy too. If you were looking for a more extreme ride, you'll be a bit disappointed.
  3. I'm on a trip to Orlando this week and just saw that news on a flyer today.. I'll be hitting Seaworld either Wed or Thu and post some reviews when done. It looks like it should be fun! Tomorrow, it's off to Busch Gardens.
  4. Have fun guys, I just got off a cruise so know how much fun you'll have. I'm in Orlando this week for some re-rides, and a few new counts. And a first ride on Sheikra. Bon Voyage!
  5. Mean strike might have gone 65 in the past, when it was fast and rough as can be.. I'd be surprised if it reached 35-40 mph now. That might even be a high estimate.
  6. Mean Streak isn't rough.. they've slowed it down so much that it couldn't be rough if it tried. It's merely a Mild Streak now. You could probably call it a family/kid friendly coaster now, it's that slow.
  7. I rode Thunderhawk in August, it was actually a really fun ride, and much better than another SLC I had been on. I think those in MIA will be happy with it.. (As long as they have both trains working.. this is just so slow with only one train running.)
  8. Damn! Most I've been on just do 5 or 6 in a row if you're lucky. I'd be happy with 10 to 12.. but 107.. OMFG!!! Puke-o-rama!
  9. ^Dude, wtf.. I was just saying I had wanted to do the Texas trip. I (and others mentioning Texas) didn't give them any guff for not doing Texas next year.
  10. Ahh.. I was looking forward to the Texas trip as well. It's much easier to do extended weekends than 2 week trips for me.. Oh well, there's always 2009!
  11. Kind of sad to hear of a closure of a park with so much history. But I guess life moves on. I'm glad I took a Sidetrip to the park during the TPR Midwest Trip. It really wasn't a bad little park. Would have been even better without those 2 rides missing. Dominator was a great ride, and the SLC was actually really fun as well. Oh well, at least I can say I was there, and I did get a few credits. Oh, Villian was horrible. Riding it was like someone punching you in the kidneys continuously. Ouch! I doubt any of the rides will come to VF.. Certainly not El Dorado when they just took out a similar ride.. It is hard to believe they couldn't make the park work though..
  12. Ok, I found the link on the web site about "Garden Days". It seems they're only doing it in September for whatever reason, as it says nothing about any other times. Possibly because of Oktoberfest coming, and then the holidays?? Or maybe just the bankruptcy. http://www.cypressgardens.com/whats_new/2007/08/garden_days_are_here.php
  13. I see on the web site where it shows only operating 10am to 5pm most weekdays now through November, but don't see where it says they won't be operating any of the Rides. Where does it show that?
  14. Well, hopefully it will stay open as they said in the news piece.. I'm scheduled to go there in December to check it out. It's a park I heard a lot about since I was a kid, and seems to have gone through a lot of changes. (Some good, some bad..) But from what I've seen, I've only planned half a day there, (or less). The Christmas lights sound like they should be seen though, if they still plan on doing that.
  15. That's good.. It's a great ride and would be really missed.
  16. This sucks.. I was just on in Saturday and was going back in the next few weekends.. It was probably the 2nd or 3rd best ride in the park, and will be missed! It was also one of the most frustrating rides in the park, with how dumb people are that ride it. (People try to take loose items on the ride, so they have to unlock seats to let people take items back to the bins, then they have to re-check all th seats, etc.) It really slows the lines down a LOT. I say anyone dumb enough to try to wear flip-flops on the ride, or gets in their seat and is holding a purse, camera, bag, etc.. should just be escorted from the park for being stupid. I actually saw a woman have to make 2 trips from her seat to the bin. Once to put her shoes there, after the ride ops told her. Then to put her ipod there when she sat back down and was holding that and the ops caught her holding that.
  17. Did school already start out there near Knott's? I didn't realize the park would be so dead at this time of year.
  18. Well, I'm glad I made the side trip to GL during the Midwest trip before everything was completely gone.. Dominator was easily in the top 5 I rode on the trip, and Thunderhawk was actually quite fun, and relatively smooth compared to my other SLC experience. Easily in the top 10 I rode on the trip. (out of 80+ coasters on the trip) I think the other parks will be happy to get them.. heck, I would have liked either here at Valleyfair except I'm hoping they put in something like (or better) Patriot in a year or two. Thunderhawk was the only line there was at GL when I was there. And that's because they only ran one train, instead of two. I can't imagine what the park will be without those two coasters. Why does a family park have to be so lame? The poor people in that area who had a nice park and are having it ripped out from under them. At least they will still have the waterpark???
  19. You would almost have to guess 16 rows of 2. 8 rows of 4 would probably be confusing. I'm hoping there is some real airtime on those hills. If not, it's just another generic out and back hyper.. and being a CF park, we know they'll trim the heck out of it so you'll always feel it's lacking something.. but I'll hope for the best. I'll say this, if it is really $26 million, it's nice that kind of money is going somewhere else other than Cedar Point. But will we ever see that kind of money spent on a regional CF park inside the states?
  20. I look at it from a taxpayer standpoint.. I'm paying to have that school open, so having it empty while the kids are off playing is a waste of my taxpayer dollars. I'm paying to have them in a chair, learning. Not off riding amusement park rides. I would have no problem if the trips were organized after the school year. From the standpoint of someone visiting the park, I've been there when there were 40+ busloads of kids.. the lines were long, the kids were rude, and it just wasn't a fun day.
  21. It might be when you've last ridden a coaster what your opinion is of it. I heard people say that Voyage was smooth as silk last year, and it was awesome. Having ridden Voyage, Legend, and Hades, within the past 30 days, I have to say they weren't smooth, but were rough, painful, and not really easy to enjoy. On the other hand, Kentucky Rumbler and Renegade really kick butt, are smooth, and a lot of fun to ride. (And not painful in any way!) So I have to go with GCI. The coasters, at least the ones in the same class as Rumbler and Renegade, and the trains, rock. Then again, a thread like this is pointless, as there will be so many different opinions, there won't be a clear winner.
  22. I was on the same trip, just not part of the posse, and was just behind them in line... 8.5 hours. Not sure if we were insane, or just had nothing else to do since there really weren't a lot of rides going at the time due to rain.
  23. I think I was one of the few people on the TPR Midwest trip that actually enjoyed Vortex. Sure it was old, but I thought it was one of the better coasters in the park. What should they do with these old coasters that can still be a fun ride? I say keep them going. I guess you know a park is bad when they have to take out a top coaster from another park and move it there. Oh, I actually liked Firehawk more than Superman at SFGA. Much better ride. To all those waiting in line for Firehawk, let the employees know you are a single rider and you can usually get on in 5-10 minutes.
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