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  1. Robb, that WOULD create two classes.. Those that will spongebathe just about anyone, and those that would never spongebathe someone's "second class member." First class all the way baby!
  2. I tend to think the Busch parks are worth more, but that's just a personal opinion. I also think the writing was on the wall with CF. They got in to too much debt and it was only a matter of time for the bankruptcy filing.
  3. I voted no. I consider taking a TPR trip about as premium as you can get. So any premium membership, IMHO, should be included as part of that. (At least for a year after the trip) Of course, those that aren't paying thousands to do a TPR trip, may more easily come up with $40 to join the club.
  4. Is there some sort of Elevator there, or launch added or something maybe?
  5. Did they let you get autographs afterward and get your pic taken with them like yours truly? Yours Truly
  6. While I technically rode more coasters after her, I'm going to consider my hour non-stop on Goliath at SFOG my last "real" ride of the year.. She was such a sweet young lady with the finest of curves... Whether you took her in the back end, or up front, she always always left you breathless and wanting another turn. She gave me a ride like no other.. up and down, round and round, over and over..... Oh my sweet Goliath.. I miss you. Why don't you ever return my calls? XOXO!
  7. Brent, you've been to more U.S. parks than most but not one in your own country?!? Shame, shame!
  8. After weighing the options on which trip to take, I sent in my deposit for the UK trip. Lots of coasters and not a single one I've already ridden. Should be fun! Will we need an english to English translator?
  9. Thanks for the info Robb. So what's the approximate coaster count of UK trip vs Europe trip?
  10. Does anyone know the estimated coaster count for each trip? I haven't seen a lot of posts about pros and cons of doing Europe vs UK other than time/money... (Other than emails with Elissa) Anyone else have opinions on what they consider the better coaster trip?
  11. Snacky Snack Snack, Snack! Snack! Snack! It's Snacktime.. those on the latest trips might appreciate this.
  12. Goliath at SFOG has incredible airtime. Definitely worth the ride.
  13. It appears it's only the rides that are going and Cpyress Gardens is going to continue to operate the Botanical Gardens and Water Park. Well, I doubt I'll ever drive from Orlando to there again without being able to go on some rides.. I guess C.G. will never be the same.
  14. I really enjoyed Cypress Gardens when I was there a couple Christmases ago.. They had a couple fun coasters and it was generally just a nice park to walk around in. I would have definitely went back. The Ski show was great as well. It's sad to see this kind of stuff happen.
  15. Well, I'm on board for the Deep South Trip.. (But not Texas) Any of my Midwest trip pals doing the deep south and need a roomie?
  16. I was at the park Saturday and saw the large hole where the new wave pool was going. The sign there actually said it was a wave pool. It looks like it could be a VERY long wave pool, and looks to be fairly narrow. Or could just be the cabanas are going to be on one end, and the pool much shorter. Hopefully it will be something different then just a normal wave pool.. I'd like to see body surfing or boogie boards, but highly doubt that would ever happen.
  17. I just called to order tickets, and they told me that we'd have to get them on Sunday morning and they'd have them at the registration table.
  18. They're going to declare that all seats on the coasters are deemed "front seats", so everyone will be able to easily get a front seat credit! Woot!
  19. I'm for whatever happens. It looks like it will be great and they are definitely giving us a lot! I think the people who are "too bad" maybe are like me, it's too bad that I'm coming from MN and won't get to ride X2, but that sure isn't stopping me from coming and being overjoyed at all that's going to happen! I don't think there's anyone that doesn't really appreciate and look forward to all that's going to happen. We all knew X2 wouldn't be ready for this up front.
  20. Looks like myself and Rich will be staying at the Hyatt Saturday and Sunday nights. (We had a $100 off coupon! Woo hoo!) Then we'll be going to Universal on Monday, Disneyland/Adventure on Tuesday, and Knotts on Wednesday. Does anyone out there know where we can find some coupons or discount admission to any of those places? I hear many papers or tourist mags out there have coupons in them? Oh, if others are coming in from out of town (or locally) and want to meet up for some of the other parks we're going to, let me know by sending me a PM. Oh, We're staying at the Wyndham Anaheim Park, on Mon, Tue, and Wed nights. -Trent
  21. Anyone know of a reasonably priced hotel somewhat near SFMM? Or is there a hotel that others will be staying at?
  22. Basically at Disney we'll want to get the "credits", then hit whatever else we want. The main park is open until 11pm that week, so shouldn't be too bad. (Must be getting close to spring break!?) I doubt I'll be as tired as the Midwest Trip last year though. Plus Knotts and Universal are only open until 6pm. Plenty of time to relax and get some ZZZZzzs. Anything else in the area that's a must see?
  23. Ok, we're in.. (Myself and a buddy from WI). We plan on doing Sunday at West Coast Bash, Monday at Universal, Tuesday at Disney, and Wednesday at Knotts. Think we'll be able to cover both Disney's in one day being it's during the week?
  24. Bummer! Still think it's worth coming out from MN but missing X2?
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