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  1. Well, any type of floorless coaster would be better.. Those that have ridden Kraken, know how good it is.. and there is no way this new wooden Valleyfair coaster will be anywhere near as good.
  2. I don't think people are enthused, because if you live here in MN, you know what Valleyfair does to us.. they made the Excalibur out to be something great, but it's nothing more than mildly fun.. Wild Thing could have been so much more, but after the first 2 hills, it's pretty tame... they took out Wild Rails to put in the Mad Mouse.. they could have gone taller on Steel Venom as the ride in other parks is, but chose not to.. they have a way of making a fun ride less fun and exciting than it easily could be... What they really need is an inverted coaster, or something like a Kraken type of ride.. But I guess this is better than nothing.
  3. Hmm, would be nice to have that as one of the saved/top notes in the ask Alvey forum.. Since it seems multiple people are asking the same thing, of maybe saved as a FAQ?
  4. Well, I sent my deposit for the Midwest Trip today. Even though I technically live in the Midwest, (MN), I rarely get a chance to get to these parks as I don't have another coaster enthusiast in my group of friends. So I thought this would be a good chance to meet people and get to some of the parks. So I'll see the other 99 of you there! -Snork p.s. If there are any Minnesotans (twin cities area) wanting to take a couple day trips to hit parks in IA and MO (At least Worlds of Fun) next year, let me know.
  5. The big wooden ones at Cedar Point are some of the few I don't dare go "no hands" on.. my back just can't take it.. sure was fun though!
  6. Ok, sorry for the dumb questions, but I'm new here, and searching hasn't really brought me the information I'm looking for.. So what the heck are Coaster Credits and why are people talking about them so much? And is there a way for someone to post all the theme park acronyms? For us newer people we see tons of people posting about SFMM or other places, but have no idea what they're talking about. I would suggest the first person in a post to use an acronym, post what it really means as well, so any new people coming to the board don't feel so lost. Or at least have a list in the FAQ part of the forums so we don't have to spend so much time trying to figure out what each thing means here. Example: Hey, I went on this great coaster at VF (Valleyfair) the other day. Perhaps when you've been around a while, this isn't a big deal, but for a newbie, trying to get in to the flow of things, it's a pain in the butt. Thanks, and maybe see some of you on the midwest trip next year! -Snork
  7. They would probably be better with adding to the water park, more slides and things there, than another wooden coaster. They seem to make some bad decisions at VF.. like taking out the Wild Rails and putting in the Mad Mouse.. If the new wooden coaster is anything as violent as Excalibur, nobody will ride it, as they'll all end up with neck and back problems.
  8. Dueling Dragons.. ok, so Fire and Ice = 2 rides, but both awesome. Kraken comes in close 2nd/3rd.
  9. Dueling Dragons, hands down.. Too bad Kraken wasn't considered inverted, it would beat out many of these others.
  10. After the first 3 or 4, they all are a blur anyway... 1) Dueling Dragons.. Rode over 20 times one day and EVERY time was as fun as the first time. 2) Kraken.. same thing.. awesome. 3) Top Thrill Dragster.. just the mental aspect of riding such a tall coaster gets ya! 4) Montu - Fun! 5) Orient Express - Can't believe they tore this thing down! 6) Mean Streak 7) Gwazi Other good ones.. Millenium Force, Mantis, Raptor (though definitely not as fun as the top 2 I listed above.)
  11. Ugh, it appears that it will only be a wooden coaster at VF in the near term, and I'd MUCH rather have an inverted coaster. I actually have a season pass to VF, and the rides just aren't as exciting after you ride them a few times in a row.. They really need a ride in VF that you can ride 100 times and still enjoy it like the first. I know they are limited in the height of rides in VF, but a good inverted coaster in there could sure bring a lot of excitement back to the park. (Raptor isn't as good as Dueling Dragons or even Kraken in my opinion, so they'd need something better than Raptor)
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