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  1. Heh.. I'd rather have you work on the trips Robb than the videos.. Especially since I'll be on one of the trips! Oh, I forgot to mention Dragon at Adventureland. I can see why people have given it a few negative comments about it being too rough. When I was in the back, that thing was swinging us around so much, the shoulder harness was just NAILING my neck, like someone was punching my neck with their fist. I almost felt like telling my buddy to just punch me in the neck a few times and I could pretend I just rode the Dragon. The funny thing is, I thought Dragon was rough until I rode the back car of the Timberwolf at WoF the next day.. now THAT is one rough MO FO! For those wanting to chance the roughness of the Dragon at Adventureland, my only advice is to hang on tight! No hands is just too rough. They really need to find a way to smooth out the Dragon and the Tornado. Outlaw wasn't too bad, but could have used a bit of smoothing as well.
  2. I visited WoF yesterday for about 6 hours. I initially had some issues getting in to the park since I was "absent minded" and forgot my Cedar Fair MAX Pass that I had purchased from Valleyfair. It took 30 minutes to get cleared up and to get someone from VF to give someone at WoF my pass number. Ugh. But a WoF employee actually gave me a free drink coupon for my troubles, so not horrible. (You'd think Cedar Fair parks would be able to look up Max Pass clients from other Parks.. we have these thing called "computers" and "networks" which would let them do that.) But in the end, it is my own fault for forgetting my pass. During that time, I have to say that the ride crew on Patriot was top notch. They really seemed to take pride in their work, and were working as quickly and efficiently as they possibly could. It actually seemed like they had some sort of internal/fun contest going and who could get a record number of trains through in a certain amount of time. They had 2 trains going, and the lines were minimal throughout the day. They kept up with nearly all the people that kept coming to ride it, and it was only a 5-7 minute wait for the front row! Anyway, thanks to their hard work, my buddy and I were able to ride Patriot a minimum of 20 times. The crew working here at Patriot was by far the best in the park. We were also able to get on the other coasters, but it was quite a bit more hassle. First, on Boomerang, which we rode twice, (front and back), the staff was lackidasical, and mostly standing around chatting and not paying attention to anything. They easily could have gotten an extra ride through for every 3 that actually got out if they were paying attention. But still, the lines weren't bad, and it was only a 5-10 minute wait. Second, on Timber Wolf.. they had only 1 train running. Claiming it was too slow in the park to run 2 trains. Well, from a customer standpoint, standing in line for no reason, because the park doesn't want to run 2 trains, was a complete joke. It was a 15-20 minute wait because of this. The first ride up in the front area of the train was fairly enjoyable. The second ride, near the back of the train, was PAINFUL!!! This might be the worst ride I've ever had on any coaster. It was so shaky and rattly, and at such a high speed, it would have to be considered a health risk. It was HORRIBLE. I would advise do not ride in the back part of the train! Only ride in the front car (or maybe 2?) I shutter to think that this was even worse (from what I have read and heard) last year. This is just a violent, violet ride, and not in a fun way. Mamba.. Actually a fairly fun coaster for an out and back, and had good speed and airtime. Better than Wild Thing at Valleyfair, (my home park) for sure. The only problem, they were only running 1 train. It was literally 4.5 to 5 minutes between trains, and the wait was up to 30 or more minutes. One reason it took so long between trains again was the staff. They stood around so much in between trains, they weren't paying attention to when a train would come. They were standing around, joking with each other, and not paying much attention to the customers. It's a shame how different these people were compared to the people on Patriot. If the whole park had a staff like the group on Patriot, you'd be running much better. Also, the park should be running 2 trains at all times. It's ridiculous not to. I would hate to run a business and have my staff literally standing around doing nothing for 3 or 4 of every 5 minutes. Because of the wait, we only rode it 4 or 5 times, but we wanted to ride it probably another 10 times. The line on the Spinning Dragon wasn't too bad, only 5-10 minutes wait when we went, and the staff there did a decent job. It wasn't anything spectacular, but definitely worth a ride if you can catch it with a short line. The one ride that was kind of a surprise was their version of the Trabant, which at most parks has been slowed down to to take away most of the fun. Well not here. They put it inside a building, put it on steroids, and incresed the speed and intensity of it. It was actually quite a blast. I think they called it Cyclone Sams. It was an inconspicuous building that my buddy and I just kind of stumbled in to, without any idea of knowing what was inside. But it was definitely worth the ride. Go ride it and see how a Trabant really should be! Anyway, the trip to WoF was definitely worth it, getting 20 rides in on Patriot. But we were disappointed we couldn't get on Mamba more times, because of the line. The park really needs to keep 2 trains going on Mamba and TimberWolf at all times. Especially when you have up to 30 minute waits for them!!!
  3. Renegade was closed for the day with a maintenance issue. They had a broken part, crossed wires, and a train that was stuck on the lift hill. Robb, if you didn't see my note on another post, Andy from the RCCGB said to say HI. The RCCGB was at VF today to ride Renegade, and I don't think they got the chance.
  4. Hey Jerry, I was out there today with a buddy of mine.. As we drove in to the parking lot, they had signs everywhere, "RENEGADE IS CLOSED FOR THE DAY". My buddy had to seriously think if he wanted to pay to go to the park today, since that is one of the big reasons he wanted to go. He eventually decided we'd go in, so we did. Before the park actually opened though, we noticed a big group of people riding Wild Thing. I kind of wondered who was the group getting the ERT, and later found out it was the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain! Poor guys came all this way and wanted to ride Renegade. Well, it was still broke at 2pm, and I had no idea if it got fixed the rest of the day. Hopefully it did and they made it on. (My friend had to leave, and since I was driving, I left with him.) Robb, Andy from RCCGB told me to say HI for him. That group looked very disappointed about Renegade. Anyway, it was a TOUGH day at the park today. I counted over 70 buses in the parking lot at one point, and the park was PACKED!!!!! I honestly don' remember a time I have seen the park more busy in the past several years. It was so busy, they actually had 2 trains going for High Roller and The Corkscrew, which I haven't seen in a LONG, LONG time. That didn't always mean faster lines, as some of the staff seemed incapable of operating the rides in a timely manner. This was especially apparent on the Big Swing. That ride can be so fun, but to sit and watch the employees literally take so much time to do their ride checks, and to stand around and talk to each other, was almost too frustrating to bear. Each ride that should have taken about 3 minutes to run and load, was taking at least 6-8 minutes per load. VERY frustrating. Other than the employees that acted like the customer was an inconvenience to them doing their jobs, and no Renegade, things were actually going pretty smoothly for the park being so packed. The line for High Roller was actually faster than normal due to 2 trains, (though there was still a lot of standing around by the employees), and even Steel Venom was only a 5-10 minute wait. (Though an inept imployee was controlling the entrace to the ride and was not paying attention to the actual queues in the ride area itself, and rows of seats were going out emtpy because he wasn't allowing people in to the ride to get in those rows! Ride waits would have been even better if not for that guy.) Ride times on Wild Thing during the peak periods were about 20-25 minutes. It might have been possible for them to put a third train on to reduce that ride time, but it seems parks are really hesitant to keep their employees actually busy. But in their down time, it seems the employees start chatting, and not paying attention to the next car coming in, so it takes longer than normal to load a train since they didn't notice the train was ready to be checked. Very few rides seemed to have operators that were really taking pride in their jobs and trying to get as many people through, quickly, and safely, as possible. I guess they get to come on off-days, and off-hours to ride so don't seem to think about standing in line 25 minutes for something. (Yes, that is quite short compared to many parks, I know.) Ok, now I might officially be rambling.
  5. I managed to visit Adventureland this past Sunday and have to say I agree with the earlier posters. The staff was great. Very friendly. Also, the park in general was a nice little park, with fairly short lines for just about any ride. Though I have to say that the coasters DO beat the heck out of you a bit, but compared to some other coasters more famous for beating you up, they weren't bad. And actually, I was surprised that Tornado had a spot that had excellent airtime, as I was literally thrown up out of my seat, to an almost standing position, when coming up over one of the hills. Oh, the circus they had there was pretty decent as well. Definitely worth the 30 minutes out of your day to see it. Oh, and Outlaw wasn't a bad little coaster.. Definitely a much little brother to Renegade at Valley Fair.
  6. ^ Great, thanks! I'm hoping to kind of hit the park and all the best rides a time or two in just 3 or 4 hours. Sounds like that might not be a problem?
  7. I'm headed here this Sunday, June 3rd. Can anyone tell me what to expect for lines? I read somewhere that Outlaw only had 1 train, is that true?
  8. I usually go to the fair a couple times a year, and I would almost say that the non-midway parts of the fair far surpass the midway part of the fair. Sure there are lots of rides, but most Minnesotans go to the fair for the other parts of the fair. The animals, the trade shows, the 4-H building, the people watching, the concerts, the crafts, beer school (some years), and definitely the food and drink. If one was to just go to the fair for the rides, I think you'd be missing out on what can be a far greater experience of doing and seeing all the other things at the fair. You really only need 2 days at the fair if you want to experience all the other things at the fair other than the midway. You can easily hit everything you want for rides in a day/afternoon.
  9. Ahh, cool. Take your time. Just wondering since usually you have them up so quick! Plus I might actually be in them. I had to leave before most of the other pics were taken it looks like. Where's the next trip going to take you?
  10. The Cedar Point blog says that it opens this Saturday, the 26th!
  11. The blog says it opens this Saturday.. have fun all you CP'ers!
  12. Hey Robb, I didn't see a non-pov video, did you do one?
  13. We can only hope it will be an invert.. it will take that in order for Robb and Elissa to get back out here! Or maybe it's the new coaster next year at the MOA that might do it.
  14. Hey, Great pics! I'll be looking forward to the Rumbler and a few of the other rides on the Midwest Trip!
  15. Those riding Renegade, did anyone else notice how the chain sound up the first hill is much worse/louder in the front than the back? Also, it seemed as if you had your arms up, and they moved too far to the side, you might hit your hands on the wood railing as you went around.. I never wanted to test that theory though and tried to keep arms up and in more. Anyone else get that feeling? The ride was definitely smooth, and is definitely now the best coaster in the park, beating Wild Thing for pure enjoyment. Though Wild Thing can still get some amazing air time. (The Air time is much more minor on Renegade, but the turns and twists definitely make up for it.) Top 10 on anyone's list.. hmm.. Not sure it would make it, it depends what you like. If you want a fun, exciting, smooth, woodie ride, it might. Oh, I rode in at least 8 different locations on the train, but got more air time with the most smooth ride in the 4th or 5th seat. But it was earlier in the day. I think you could enjoy the ride for nearly anywhere on Renegade though, as long as you fit under the lapbars. p.s. Great Video Robb! Can't wait to see the one you took Sunday.
  16. That might explain it Robb.. John Q. Public's perception of a ride, not the reality of it? I guess that's why Corkscrew is rated a 5 as well! Lol.
  17. Anyone on from VF know how they figure out those ratings? To rate Renegade the same thrill rating as Mad Mouse is insane. What we really need for rides is an "Enjoyability Rating", where fans can walk off the ride and push a button and give it a rating as to how much they enjoyed it.
  18. Great to meet everyone today too.. (And some of you yesterday as well!) Sorry I had to leave early.. Hope you stuck around and had a great time in a nearly empty park! After much testing in the morning, I have to admit that I DID find some airtime on Renegade. It seemed more noteworthy toward the front than the rear, possibly because it hadn't "warmed up" when I was on it? But it was there.. and row 4 and 5 seemed to do best at it. (Row 5 on the right side had the most forgiving lapbar for size that I found on the train as well.) The lapbars definitely were not created equal, and most clicked/locked the first time several inches below the side of the car, not equal to the side of the car. Some bars seemed to lock up to 5 or 6 inches below the side of the car, so it can definitely matter where you sit. (Another good spot is the row in front of the back row, left side.) But anyway, after about 10 rides on it so far, all were very fun and didn't seem to lose any of the pizzazz that some coasters seem to lose after a few rides. Odd that VF only rated it a 4 of 5 as far as how extreme the ride is. What's up with that!?!?!? Another fun ride today was the Extreme Swing.... definitely check it out if you go to the park. Did anyone compare the back side to the front side as to which was better? The back side was definitely good, but I never made it to the front side. -Trent
  19. Well, there might be some air time on Renegade, but it's minimal compared to other coasters in the park like Wild Thing or even High Roller. It certainly wasn't enough to go "wow" or make me think about it. Maybe after a few more rides I'll have time to notice it more instead of just noticing the thrill of it. I'll catch your ride count on it yet Robb! Wild Thing was giving some incredible air time yesterday, and the front of the train might have been slightly better than the back for airtime actually. It seems like VF might have trimmed Wild Thing a little, and potentially High Roller a little as well over last year. Or maybe that's just my perception.
  20. I think it could still be higher and still be lower than the side of the car though. Or the side could have been designed slightly different.. so it's only a safety concern due to the design. Personally, I fit and had no problem.. just sad to see a good coaster designed to handle mostly smaller people, with not much thought to any bigger clients. (And the ones I saw that couldn't fit weren't that big!)
  21. I'm not sure how it compares, but just figure there is NO airtime, and be pleased if you feel any.
  22. Well, I was at VF today and managed to get the first ride of the day on Renegade, and another ride shortly thereafter. The first was near the front, the 2nd near the back. It was pretty fun either way. There was little, to no airtime, but lots of swerves, curves, turns, etc. So all those that ride, I think they will enjoy. Most others on the coaster seemed to think it was a great ride as well. I did notice one major flaw on the ride though.. they had a seat belt, but the lap bars were really what was holding people in. If the person had thick legs, or a slightly thick stomach, they weren't able to make it on the ride because the lap bar couldn't come down enough. I personally thought the lap bar had to come down way too far, probably a design flaw more than a safety thing. The people I saw that didn't fit on this ride could probably make it on nearly every other ride in the park, so it wasn't like they were gigantic. I think the design also looked that if you were taller, you might not get the lap bar on either unless you really crossed your legs. If they don't give the lap bar a little more leeway, they're going to have to put a "test seat" out in front of the ride for people to sit in, like they have for Steel Venom and the big swing. I can see the huge disappointment of waiting in line for quite a while, only finding after you're in the car that you don't fit. Well, see everyone tomorrow! -Trent
  23. I guess many of us will know tomorrow just how it is.. and others will find out Sunday.. either way, it should be fun! Woot!!
  24. Well, I'll hopefully be one of the first in line on Saturday, so hopefully that treat is all you're saying it is! VF is kind of cool in that you can get in and ride all the big rides and be out in an hour or two, depending on how many times you want to ride something. I'm hoping they have multiple trains running on Wild Thing and Renegade. They never seem to on High Roller anymore, so it takes forever in line on that one. (High Roller can actually still be fun!)
  25. Hey Robb, I already told Elissa, but I'll be there on Sunday and already have your cell phone numbers. I'll also be out there on Saturday! Hey, Wild thing has some pretty good air time on that 2nd hill, and on some of the smaller ones too.. But yea, it can feel a bit tame after a few rides. Maybe next year VF will get an invert.
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