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  1. Looking pretty good so far. The only thing that really stands out that needs fixing is the footers should be colored grey. Rather then coloring them the lazy way with the supports. Good luck with it, and being at Coaster-net for about five years now I get some of the jokes. So I found the park interesting. I like your spaghetti bowl interpretation a lot. Seems more interesting then your average one with the twist in the middle. Oh, and a bit off topic. Feel free to send a pm sometime if you wanna chat on aim again. Haven't talked with you, or anyone else in the community lately.
  2. Coaster Cow - Thanks! dmaxsba - Thanks, and the fence is made out of several differen't things and was an experiment that turned out great. That I also made the "ruins" out of that you'll read more about below. sayolala - Thanks, even though I have a feeling your a spammer. Since in your signature your advertising dvd's or something. An all new coaster is coming to Lands of Enchantment, and I have some pretty interesting concept art showing off the new coaster. Along with a press release including information on the story-line for the ride and some specifications on it. Press Release: Lands of Enchantment are pleased to announce that a "Striking new coaster" will be coming to the park opening day of the parks second season. With the success of the parks first year, the park has decided that it would be a great idea to expand to the second land with an exciting new inverted coaster featuring 8 inversions consisting of two corkscrews, a zero-g roll, cobra roll, and three intense vertical loops. All while flying through the ruins on a city destroyed by the "Mamba" that you as riders will be taking on. We'll give out more information on the coaster, and the story behind it, along with photos on opening day. Here's some of the concept art: A small side note to answer a few questions. Mamba was 100% inspired by Black Mamba, but only some things are similar including the name and color. The layout is also very dfferen't if you didn't read the news release above. Oh, and yes I'm starting a story-line now like I have with my old projects since it's a lot more fun and seemed somewhat successful before. This coaster really needed it too since I based almost all the theming around it.
  3. It'll work, while I've done slow downs for shuttle loops with chains. I've only thought about trying the banking method like you suggested. But it'll defiantly work to answer your question. All you'll have to do is merge a backwards chained hill and have enough speed to pass through the chain. But it would most likely only be one or two chain spots since it will slow down drastically. I might try it on my latest park since I wanted an Intamin Rocket in it somewhere.
  4. the ghost - Thanks! You've been following Epic Adventures from the beginning, and I've appreciated your support all the way through it. BelgianGuy - Thanks, I've started to give buildings more of a purpose, but a lots need to be slightly changed. dmaxsba - Thanks, It's not my most original building, but I like it a lot. Mastersax68 - I currently don't have them on the map, but I'll look into it. Since now that you mentioned it i agree. I would have never even thought of that, so thanks! A striking new coaster is coming.
  5. dmaxsba2408 - Thanks. I do appologize again for the spyware attack, and am VERY happy you were able to resolve it. I did go back and remove the link and added a message. This is not the only site I posted Epic Adventures at and I still need to weave out and figure out were my previous park has been posted. Then post a warning and remove the links. I'll give you a special screen of this park if you'd like since I owe it to you after you had problems from my topic. Here's a screen of some more progress going on. The two lands so far are starting to fill in a bit more.
  6. dmaxsba-I'm very, very sorry for your computer problems. I should have changed that topic sooner since all links and images are down from my old site. Also the current domain name is infected with a virus which means DO NOT GO TO BRANDON'S COASTERS!! I tried fixing the problem, and due to negligence from my server administrator I don't think it'll be fixed anytime soon. BelgianGuy - Thanks for the advice, I fixed up the screen which you'll see below. I still need to do that darn support though. Here's a picture of the new land being constructed. Also, here's an improved picture of the previous one from suggestions I got. (I know, I still need to add a support)
  7. dmaxsba - Thanks, and yes, due to popular demand I'll put up the most recent download of EA. Mastersax - If I get good reviews, or decent ones at ne, I may try to go for a bronze or silver, hmm, maybe even a gold if I can pull this thing together like I'm imagining it. Oh, and wow, I didn't know I inspired so many people. I keep hearing this and I really appreciate all the support I've gotten over the years from literally hundreds of people. You guys are the only reasons I post my parks, since I'd be content to play by myself like I've been doing since 98'. Stoksy - Not to be rude to belgianguy at all, and it's just because I've seen thousands of parks. I don't quite remember his parks. Considering I just got my password back for here, that may have something to do with it. But again, nothing against no one. I mean that with all respect. But I'd say BGE probably gave me my most inspiration with that screen. Oh, and Thanks! the ghost - Yes, that was my exact inspiration for that part of the coaster. Here's another small update of the coaster. Oh, and it isn't named yet, so suggestions are welcome. No prize this time though like in the past, sorry everyone.
  8. (logo does represent some things not announced yet, I'll also make a better one later) Welcome to my all new park, that will feature several different "lands". Hence the name "Lands of Enchantment". This is probably my most detailed park, and one that I plan on using a lot more hacks, and special building methods not seen in my previous work. It's been about six months or so since I've updated my old park, but I did not stop working on it intill now. So this is kinda my outcome of years of practice with Epic Adventures to create something I hope to be pretty amazing (for me at least.) To start off I'll give a small update of the parks current main attraction. Later tomorrow once I touch up a few details I'll give a slightly bigger update.
  9. It's near the fury, but goes along the backside of the park with a whole new area extended. It doesn't really interfere with the fury at all, and they do not intertwine with each other. The only ride it goes over was the empty looking ferris wheel.
  10. Thanks for the responses and feedback. I understand where your coming from with the supports, but you have to remember that its a lot of track, and coasters in one area. Which makes it appear that way with supports towering over buildings. But if I removed them, it would easily make it look under-supported. So I don't really know what to do there, I know I could remove coasters, but what fun is that? lol. The Huss Frisbee has been improved with the theming around it, and in that tiny bit of space that used to be just trees/decorations, I got a lot of theming and a quality ride out of. It's turning into one of the first rides that I'm actually completely happy with. Which currently I'm not 100% satisfied with all my others. But I think I'm catching onto something here. It's just small details/windows changed from the original, but trust me, it's a huge noticeable difference. Oh, and it is working. But does not have a station since I need to hack the entrances. But I'll get to it soon enough.
  11. I know I slack terribly at all my updates, but this update will be slightly differen't from all my other ones. I'm going to categorize this one as a "Construction Update". Pretty much an update to represent all the stuff thats being constructed, or nearly finished. Or it's done, but other updates come first I'm lazy enough. So I'm going to show that I'm not just bluffing when I'm saying I am working on it still, and actually a lot has changed. I'll also leave some teasers for the future. Anyways, hope you all enjoy. I'm looking for some advice, and criticism with just about all of it. Not a single thing shown is finished, and I've been finding myself constantly changing my work lately to keep up to par with other ares of the park. Thanks, -Brandon
  12. No, all pages have been taken down so the virus couldn't attack anyone trying to view any pages. It added source code that redirected you to another site, that had a virus. So I just think its better to put the entire site offline just in case. Also I added a bunch to the coaster last night. I'll give you guys here another sneak preview before the official launch of the ride. Since you guys give me the most posts .
  13. I'm not sure which one is it, and it's also old. All the files that are listed do not have a virus, and my site is virus free. I just haven't updated it with google, and won't in till I can put the entire site back online without any security issues. Also, I've been working on the coaster, and 99% of the supports are done, just need to add a few details. Started on the buildings and city. I'm kinda going with a weird color scheme, since some buildings are normal looking, while others are black. It'll sure be differen't, but I think it's looking good so far.
  14. It is safe, but since I put the site offline it really doesn't matter anyways. I'll put the site back up once the virus is completely gone. And if your idea Daniel was to change the fury to the Black Plague that kills off everyone, then yes sir, you did. I couldn't remember who said it, but I knew someone did. But I still kept the fury, just incorporated this too.
  15. Nope, this is more of a story add on to that area that I've been planning for awhile. Also not to give to much away since its still being built, but this is the largest addition yet, and adds more then what the fury has. I designed around A LOT to keep from removing anything, and I have more space then I actually thought I did doing this. I also have a couple other coasters built and finished coming after this. But maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself .
  16. Sorry for the long delay, been very busy between school and working on a virus thats effected my site. So I've had zero time for RCT2. I figured this little teaser update has been long over due.
  17. Thanks guys, yeah the trims on The Beast are annoying. But its still a great ride unlike what they did to the Crypt.
  18. No, the Crypt was even more lame this year then last. I asked an op on why some of the doors that used to work didn't, and he just replied there all broke You go upside down maybe twice, and its not the fast flips like on all other top spins.
  19. To start off, the park seemed to be running very well at good capacity. No serious complaints except one and customer service was more then helpful with it, and we couldn't have been more happy. Diamondback was seriously awesome, all around a great ride. Even with a full line it was maybe 45 mins at most, and we only had to wait once that long. The ride had a good amount of airtime, and also a very good first drop. A good long stable ride. Probably one of the most fun ones we've ever been on. 10/10 Now time for one of the most mind blowing experiences. Beast night ride, now we loved Beast during the day, but wow, I mean WOW! I heard rumors on how good it was, and unfortunatly didn't get the legendary ride the last time we went. Theres absolutely no other feeling like it, riding through the woods with no lights or sense of direction is more mind blowing then I could have ever imagined. 12/10 I think you get the point. The park was running very well, and much better operations then last time we went. The only problem that stuck out was this "rude" operator you could say. But once we brought it up to Customer Service they were also surprised and appauled by the actions of this operator. No need to say his name or what happened. But I just really wanted to point out how awesome Customer Service was. They were more then helpful, and got right to it to find this operator and see whats up. We also got front seat rides on Diamondback *Shush*. But yeah all the staff except that one person were absolutely awesome. Everyone seemed to enjoy there job, and have a nice smile to share. Staff 10/10, can't let one bad apple ruin the bunch. Overall Experience 10/10, great park, great rides, even better then remembered. First Coaster you see arriving Kings Island. But the real reason we're here, Diamondback! Yep! Same picture with a train up the lift. Some sort of nerd shot. Yum. Helix. Beast! We got our first night ride this time, our lifes will never be the same. Yeah, I touched it! Lifthill. They make a great point. ... Crypts entrance looks even better with Diamondback there. Airtime! First drop picture. Stupid clouds, can never get a good clear picture of the Helix. ... Yeah, we rode this thing too. A lot more rough then the other clones. Success! We knew better to ride you this year. ... Ahh, so peaceful. This just might be my favorite picture of the trip. OH YEAH, a successful helix picture with a train. Sploosh. All those people seem happy. ... These people seem very happy themselves too. ... Another relaxing picture. Backside. Airtime. ... Ohh Ahh The last picutre of Diamondback, this ride is seriously awesome. Head to Kings Island now and ride it! Yep, Tyler's chillin on the train. Look, Kings Island even has a hidden village! We even rode Firehawk Sunday with no wait. Pretty average, but not bad. Fairly Odd Coaster yay! Tyler, and Me in line for Fairly Odd Coaster. ... Here's the last picture of Kings Island. Those fountains at night were very impressive. Yes, oh yes, We went to White Castle! Oh yum........ Thanks everyone for reading, we had a ton of fun. Diamondback was just as awesome as we thought. The park was also running very well. Thanks Kings Island for a great time.
  20. Sorry for the double post, but heres the update. Sorry for the few year delays, but the park hasn't added anything since Cavern Blaster. The hotel is still finishing up after all this time!!! But I just take the pictures, and report whats going on to you guys. So this leaves us at Season 17 with a new coaster named Stealth.
  21. Ahh, so someone did notice that. Yeah its the next update, I planned on getting that up sometime today.
  22. Welcome to Kennywood! On our way to Phantom's Revenge first. Getting Closer Pirate Ship Even Closer And we're here! Tyler standing out infront of the entrance sign. Also notice the awareness of the Ride Op. To be fair it is only the person that sits infront of the line. Weeeee! In all seriosness this ride is seriously awesome. The airtimes great, so is the second drop. Nerd photo. ... I like this photo a lot. Obligated lift hill shot. Phantoms Revenge station. Nerd Shot 2. Great drop, and headchopper. Airtime hill, helix, and Thunderbolt all in one. ... Intamin Drop Tower yay. Splashboat. More Phantom's Revenge. Weeeee!! We'll get back to you later. Giant Disco (Can't remember the correct name) Next up, Jack Rabbit. It was ok, but the history on all the old wooden coasters here are all very interesting. There's some ok air time on it. ... Love the logo. One last picture. Next up, Thunder Bolt. Nevermind Thunderbolt, it's all about Phantom's Revenge. It was ok, but to be fair I expected a lot. Also didn't it a few years back have working headlights? Shwoosh. Yep. I love this picture. ... ... Last one. Kennywood's one nice looking park. Yeah, one picture of me won't hurt this time I guess. Neither will one of Tyler Racer, neat due to the fact of one singe track. Hard to get many photos of it. The last coaster of the trip was exterminator, and it did not dissapoint. We expected the least out of it, and it was a lot of fun. But your still number one. Vroom! Just two more after this. Airtime That's all for Phantom's Revenge. We see you! Ooooh, Aaaaah. Paratrooper! And thats all! Stay tuned this weekend for Kingsisland! Thanks Kennywood for such an awesome time, way better then we both expected. Clean park, great rides, and staff. No complaints I can think of. Just wish I would have gotten to this park sooner!
  23. I've merged tracks before, I don't know what problem your having though. Is it the merging, or the "epic" white glitch? To solve the white glitch you need to rebuild the track over it or it won't ever go away. As far as merging, go to nedesigns.com or something. They have better tutorials then I could give.
  24. Thanks everyone, its really kinda like a Maverick/Megalite/along with a top hat sorta ride, lol. I'll put more pictures up tonight of the layout and the inversion feature.
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