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  1. To be completely fair, SWO started after Universal posted about ice breaker not opening. The "tired" joke in that one article from SWO is deserved. I've thought it since the beginning, reveling in another parks misfortune doesn't help them and if they want to pick on someone their own size take on Disney, now I'd get a kick out of that. Two giants that are doing well would be much more interesting. I'll admit I chuckled at the last tweet from Universal, but the "feud" thing works well for charities, sporting events and things like that, bullying not so much.
  2. I work a ton so my time as I've gotten older is limited with my companies, so I normally buy them unless the park is dead. I'd rather have a good day and enjoy myself than missing out on the rides I went to ride. Even if I'm not re riding a bunch, the extra time saved gives us time to explore areas we otherwise wouldn't of appreciated or known about. Even though I control my own schedule, weekends are naturally more open so we're at parks on the busier days, fast lane, fast passes, VIP tours, etc give us the ability to use our time wisely at parks.
  3. I don't think it's completely crazy to assume something will change, just a question to what. Could be a line re-route (which given the coasters history probably should of happened sooner), which kept similar issues with Kingda Ka at bay. I'm sure something will be different, just will take time to know what. The ride is very high in maintenance, is iconic, popular and has all of these positives and negatives surrounding it. Maybe a retrofit would fix some of these issues, maybe more can be done with what's already there to expand it even more. It's an interesting situation which I'm sure will result in some kind of change or removal, time will tell though. I'm interested in what's to come, but I really hope the person injured pulls through and relatively speaking ends up being okay. I couldn't imagine how I'd be feeling if it was my loved one or even witnessing something so traumatic.
  4. I think you nailed it on the head, these seem more of issues of wear and tear and stress fractures (for El Toro and Dragster) more than anything else. I think that poses the question what is TTD's service life given the ride does produce some extreme forces to the train, structure, etc. El Toro being that many of the parts are easier to replace it's not as much of a concern, but there's a reason after consistent use for decades some rides need re tracked and others torn down (Hulk and Volcano respectively). Of course it could be an issue with the parks inspection process, but I think what we're seeing has more to do with things getting old and worn out in high stress environments as you've pointed out. I'd expect new procedures to be put in place for PM before we see it operating again at a minimum.
  5. It is running a bit faster, the only page that gives me issues is clicking into "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, & Donkeys" the rest load normal now. Seems like whatever change you made helped a ton!
  6. Yes, I've noticed that it's been loading slow. I run a few high traffic sites and I've noticed that it's isolated to this forum and not the others on the site. My best guess without seeing the internal workings is that the the database tables since they're so large might not of been indexed properly and the SQL server/service is having a hard time processing the large amount of data and nested data. Just an educated guess from my past experience with this sort of thing, but I'd look into it. If it's indexed properly it'll also save you a TON on server resources.
  7. I suspect this park will end up in a similar situation as Williams Grove, which now makes this the second park in PA I missed out on even though I had every opportunity to check it out. I suspect the coaster won't be demolished, but wouldn't be surprised if it just ends up SBNO to the point it's not salvageable.
  8. I don't want them to remove any history, but every ride in it's current location has been moved from another location after Wicked Twister was built. I have no clue what they're going to do, but I do see the ferris wheel being relocated freeing up a ton of potential space. I don't really see the dodgem moving, but who knows, Cedar Point has a way of relocating rides around that park that I've never seen before from another park. I don't see them touching the frontier trail, I think the park is self aware enough to realize it's a necessity to have these calm and shaded areas. The area around Wicked Twister as it is, is not one of these areas as it's essentially surrounded by Gatekeeper anyways and concrete paths. I'm all for a nice proper beach restaurant though! I also wouldn't mind a launch coaster of some sort around that area. Time will tell what happens, Cedar Point has always been one of those parks I'd swear one thing would happen (like demolishing Mean Streak) and then the thing gets the craziest RMC makeover I could of ever imagined. Cedar Point is interesting because it's the only park that I've been to that every employee, visitor, etc is a self proclaimed "Coaster Enthusiast", and I hear everyone complaining about the "GP" obnoxiously by every other person in line... and they don't see the irony which is quite funny if you ask me. It's kind of turned into this weird atmosphere that I haven't experienced anywhere else. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing honestly, but the point is the park knows it's audience well.
  9. Just to add a bit more speculation to what could be replacing it, someone in another group pointed out the past attractions book showed MaxAir in one of the photos as a defunct ride. So there is some speculation it was quietly snuck in as being removed as well. Now I do know they've been working on it on and off this year, so who knows. Maybe they're cutting their losses at this point or it'll be fixed. Leaves a lot of room for potential expansion if that goes and they relocate the ridea around that area as they've done before.
  10. Yeah, this is not advice I'd give to someone with or without FL. Hopefully people are weary of listening to going to SV first and we're not just outliers. Get there early, absolutely! Use this time wisely though, SV as you stated doesn't open until 10:15, with crowds flocking to it. Completely skip it during early entry, it's a waste of time. Instead, get on Raptor, Magnum or MF (You decide which) and Maverick (in that order). You should be done around 11 or 11:30, maybe get a few rides on SkyHawk and CCMR while no one's bothering with them yet. Then head to SV around noon to 1pm when all those early riders have gotten their ride and the line will likely be about half of whatever it was earlier. Or stand around waiting and miss out on rides to be the first on. Which if that's important to you, go right ahead, haha. For anyone reading this though looking to get more than a couple of rides in a day and the ability to ride everything at some point, this works with the current schedule very well. Also, never listen to the parks estimated waits for SV! I've seen it at most 2 and half hours opening weekend. It absolutely gets busy, but I've seen 45 minute waits listed as 2 hours more often than not.
  11. Here's a few of my favorites: Impulse at Knoebels, my fiancee and I ended up riding with another group. The one girl obviously terrified grabbed her hand as we all had them in the air. So we were all holding hands unintentionally straight up for the ride photo, we most certainly bought the photo. Over the weekend a guy that was extremely confused on how SV could go upside down and be safe as a wooden coaster. After talking him into riding it and explaining it's perfectly safe, explaining he'll have the time of his life and getting him to work up the courage. Afterwards he gave me the biggest bro hug when he saw me in the park thanking me up and down for talking him into it. A few wardrobe malfunctions always make for a good laugh, a bit embarrassing, but funny none the less. The most recent was a girl freaking out behind us on The Voyage and having a good laugh about it with us. Explaining the second half she couldn't get it under control since, well, it's the Voyage's second half. Plenty of stories of catching hats (since we typically ride in the back) and being the hero for ten minutes giving it back to the person that thought it would be lost forever. We've developed a skill for catching loose articles from other riders. I'm sure there's a million more stories I can't think of, the Impulse one was pretty hilarious to us at the time though. It's kind of crazy how quickly you can make friends with complete strangers at amusement parks and those are always the best (and funniest) moments.
  12. Not entirely true, the first few weeks had about half the staff at almost every attraction. Some rides were closed due to staffing. The melt also had major staffing issues as well. The poor waitress we had was one of two managing half the tables. She was really good and overwhelmed, but she was on the brink of quitting. Luckily morale is way up and doing much better overall everywhere around the park. The first few weekends we went was entirely different though.
  13. They’ve been over compensating wait times. Even today Steel Vengeance was 45 minutes and listed it as 2 and half hours. Many rides were walk ons and shorter waits. It was busy today, but CP is getting back to normal. Some hiccups and reduced hours still, but staffing is much less of an issue. EDIT: Also, do NOT go to Maverick or SV first. I know it’s tempting, but you and everyone else has the same idea. I would highly recommend Raptor, MF then Maverick and finally SV since it’ll be open and the crowd will have moved on. Noon to 1pm are really good times for it every day we’ve been there. Follow the same strategy with FL and hit Iron Dragon if you have FL on the way and CCMR earlier on. They tend to get lines later and don’t offer FL. Early entry does nothing for FL so Raptor is a nice easy walk on.
  14. We had this exact concern with SWO back in October and it ended up being dead, they refunded our Quick Queue before we even had to ask and told us to just come back if it gets busier. I'm imagining they should handle it similarly at BGW if it's dead. I would expect for the park to be packed though regardless and they do occasionally sell out.
  15. The Pub is very nice and during the crazy lines of Covid provided a nice break to sit at and get some quick bar food and to cool off. Bartenders were good and clearly had tons of experience handling a lot of people at once. Highly recommend it when the restaurant is closed and you're looking for a similar dining experience (just with a lot less food options).
  16. From what I remember they do comp tickets when they close early. Likewise, if the park is particularly crowded, they will also extend their hours. One of the only parks I've been to that I've seen extend hours beyond posted closing. I haven't been post Covid though, so policy might be slightly different.
  17. Wow, they actually pulled off making the situation WORSE than opening day/weekend. So they were separating the lines after the lockers and the FL line was typically shorter opening weekend. Still highly inefficient, but not as bad as what you described. I saw many many people screaming at the ops when we were there. I just truly don't understand why CP is putting their employees in this situation. Employees lie and say the lines are "2 hours standby" when they're actually 20 to 30 minutes and it just creates this distrust. I hope they go back to just closing the lines with the park. I do get why so many are upset, people wait an hour for a corn dog so they don't pass out then get turned down 2 hours early for two of the most popular attractions next door on already reduced days and hours. If the park closes at 6 or 7, just close the park then. My favorite quote I heard from a SV employee was "don't put your bags behind the railings, this isn't six flags". Well SFGAdv and SFSTL both had awesome operations, staff, cleanliness and so on. We put off using our season long fast pass at any Cedar Fair park because it's still miserable compared to Universal, Herschend, Six Flags and every other park we've gone too this year and last year.
  18. Sorry for the delay, just saw you asked this question. I would not go again on a Saturday under the same circumstances, Friday and Sunday were still hectic but manageable. We're going again in a couple of weeks and hope to see how and if they've improved.
  19. So to answer your question, they closed SV about 2 hours before closing on Saturday. They closed Maverick around 1 hour and I believe the same went for MF. Now, for those wondering, did these lines finish out before the park closed? Yes, they did and yes they did open them back up since they extremely over estimated the wait times to push guests to the front of the park. When they opened back up for Maverick they did not reopen FL (many people with it just jumped over to it anyways and they let them on). SV is easier to open FL so it did open back with the line. This resulted in essentially no waits for both so if you were patient and risked it, you did get to ride. They would close the lines back off about 15 minutes before so they would have a strict 8pm closing on both rides. It was a rocky start and as usual rides weren't open, some were broken and they had typical opening day issues. The biggest frustrations I saw from employees and park goers were these new ride line closures and guests becoming extremely upset especially with FL. The persistent ones got to ride though and if you were reasonable the employees gave a "non answer" of sorts if it would open and appreciated reasonable guests just looking to get a few last rides in. Hopefully the park changes this policy since this was definitely the straw that broke the camels back for many people. Customer Service lines were insane with FL Saturday, haha.
  20. Lines were bad, but FastLane made it bearable. Every coaster that I saw for the day for standby had an hour plus wait though. As we were leaving people were planning their days for the rest of the weekend so they could ride 3 coasters in one day. Fast Lane kept lines to about 15 to 20 minutes on most major coasters. Most rides listed wait times for longer, but many times we got on in five minutes with it. I would not plan a day without it and on days like today. They do tend to sell out later on. Operations were good though, some slow areas. For opening day though they got through the lines fairly well. Rides were down though. TTD ran but never opened to the public, appeared it was under going an inspection of sorts since they kept cycling trains. Rougarou didn’t have a train on the track, MaxAir was torn apart, Windseeker appeared to be going through inspections as well. A lot of the rides were slow to open with the park as well. if you want to ride any of the big four, do it early! The park closes both fast lane and the stand by line an hour before park closing. Millennium had an estimated 45 minute wait at 7 and they closed it regardless. I don’t think this is going to last though, a lot of people were upset including employees over it. Guest relations said that they weren’t supposed to close FL and are working to get all lines open to park close. Not in the generic Covid sense, but that they have a meeting setup this weekend to hopefully lift the restrictions. (Be polite and don’t be a Karen, but if you’re at the park try giving your feedback on the early closures!) The ride attendants pretty much said the same thing, that they don’t agree with it but it’s the rule for now and they asked us to leave a comment to guest relations. It’s interesting and kind of cool how the employees themselves at CP stand behind tradition within the park. They gave us passes for another day though so we definitely appreciated it and didn’t expect it. Hopefully this is a very short lived change to park operations especially when it’s so difficult to ride many of the coasters already. Covid doesn’t exist really at CP. I was shocked the vast difference in procedure closing day to opening day. Masks are not required in the park or on rides, only in buildings. Even in buildings it’s very loosely enforced as many people weren’t wearing masks. Social distancing is also non existent. For us, it’s not a huge deal, but if this does concern you just be aware when visiting the park. Ride operations also do not have Covid procedures or cleaning anymore. This was also a big reason people weren’t okay with the policy change on the major coasters early closing since operations are all normal and all rows are also open and they do seat separate groups together as well. The last note, SV lockers! So the new system is strange. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t repurpose snd add to the existing lockers due to the extreme operational increase, but here’s how it works. FL and stand by go through as normal, before the SV structure now they merge both lines similar to MF. You get placed into a short line for just the lockers and metal detectors, you put your items in the locker then they rejoin and separate you out based on FL or stand by again. When you exit the ride you have to go back to the entrance and walk back to the lockers on the opposite side it’s strange to say the least and slow, we saw rows go out empty at times as they filled the lines back up. Growing pains Im sure and I doubt this will last. From what I saw this required 4 extra team members for this system. I’ll say this though, having your phone with you is nice. I personally need it for my diabetes since it operates as my monitor. Today in particular I didn’t realize I was going low and had to leave the line and wouldn’t of known otherwise. While my situation is a bit unique, people do rely on their phone for more than social media and I do appreciate this system allows me to keep it on me.
  21. They were giving out Quick Queue as a pass incentive at the end of 2019, we still have a couple. Curious if it'll be honored this year. Other than that, both Busch parks typically don't included their new coasters on Quick Queue initially.
  22. Fortunately it doesn't matter all that much since Dollywood gave us a refund for this exact situation no questions asked (we opted for a transfer). We admitted it was our fault and they actually let us apply it to the next day which was much busier. SWO is another park that's also been really good about this kind of thing as well. I don't have it in my anymore to wait hours on end, so it's not a risk I take anymore when planning trips especially over 5 hours away. Dollywood can easily be a park that it's needed for when it is busy.
  23. I think what I like about this overall is that it will be a completely different experience than traditional sky coasters. While certain aspects might not be as tension building. I still think this is going to give a very different type of ride then we've ever seen before. Hopefully a park takes a chance with this and it works as advertised. This reminds me a bit of the Terror Dactyl in Colorado. It's still hands down the scariest (and one of the best rides) I've ever done and I feel this could mimic that feeling.
  24. It's definitely been over a decade, but early on they used to do two train operation with one station and I distinctly remember it only due to the glaring sun on the brake run and sitting for what felt as an eternity with their operations. Also, these comment on Adventure Park USA have me cracking up. The owner is, well, interesting of that place. He used to run "Put Put Golf" in Frederick MD before opening the park and he's had a reputation for decades on not paying contractors. They also attempted to crowd fund a water park awhile back by pre selling season passes. I rode Wildcat when it first opened and even then they had to manually release the brakes and push the cart to the chain lift. While asking each other if something was fixed on it yet, I honestly don't know how it made it back to the station from that ride. It's always been one of those parks that when I see a "only in Europe, never in USA" type of trip report I always think "well you've never been to Adventure Park USA", haha. It really was and I feel still is a nice facility for what it is visually, but I have zero faith in their safety and maintenance of the rides. The only reason a major accident hasn't been reported is likely due to it's small size and that the rollercoasters are down a lot of the times and don't see too many riders.
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