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  1. Why in word? You don't need to do that. Just press K to take a screen shot and click browse where it says Add Photo, Video or Other Attachment and find that screen shot. Make sure that your picture is not too big and fits the 800 by 600 size, and the 150k limit. Then click "Add Video or Other Attachment" to insert a picture.
  2. Take a look at this coaster in progress. Hyper Kid Coaster-090621221032000.bmp Hyper Kid Coaster-090621221043001.bmp Hyper Kid Coaster-090621221051002.bmp
  3. I really want to see a few pictures of the spectacular space spinning coaster.
  4. Watch out other contestants! Jakizle knows his tools, layouts and supports! He possibly may win.
  5. Post a picture of what supports you need help with, and I will try to help you. I am a custom support whiz.
  6. I couldn't register because my password wasn't made correctly. I cant seem to make a password that has numbers in mixed case? What does mixed case mean?
  7. Hows the updated version of Beach Blaster going? Any pictures of progression?
  8. I am currently rehauling my old Sphinx jet coaster. It showed how poor my track straightening skills were back then. Sphinx-090618140735000.bmp Starting from the station again with better trackwork.
  9. Heres my Twin Liner Prism jet coaster that I'm working on. Twin Liner Prisim-090618112305000.bmp Twin Liner Prisim-090618112357001.bmp Expansive isn't it.
  10. May I test? Ive ridden 2 GCI's at Hershey Park and seen videos of them. My email is Gutenson@aol.com
  11. Today I went to Waterford View and biked there, and had fun there. A few days ago I stopped at someones house in Waterford View and asked the people living there if there was a zipline around. The people told me that house behind them had a big zipline, which I wanted to ride. Today I stopped at a another neighbors house and met a few kids which let me go on their Rainbow System playground. The tube slide on it was not the fastest because I had on jean shorts, so I plan to go back to that house and try the slide again with slicker shorts. I want to fly down the big hill and see of the red van of the neighbors with the zipline is there, so I and ask them If I can ride their zipline.
  12. When the death swing snapped I got a very quick drop and a big bang on two cinder blocks and a brick on top, which equaled a sore bottom and scraped hand.
  13. I made a "death" swing behind my barn from an old swing off my zipline and attached it to the limb of a huge "tree of heaven." I was swinging a little on the swing, started to twist the swing up and just about as I was stating to unwind, the swing broke. The swing had two cinder blocks under it to to help me get on it, but when the swing broke, I fell and hit those cinder blocks. I ended up banging my bottom on the blocks hard and scraping a little patch of skin off my hand.
  14. I want to see Sasquatch's coaster. I hope his is done.
  15. Heres a new one, Train Glide Super Speed Coaster. A Meisho coaster with Ikeda Works brakes inspired by this one, http://www.rcdb.com/ig516.htm Train Glide SuperCoaster-090516174158000.bmp Train Glide Super Speed Coaster.nlpack :::Credit goes to Coasterkidmwm for his 3ds tire brakes:::
  16. I want to put a tube down my throat and push it to my stomach to blow air down into my stomach. Then fart it all out.
  17. I sticked a fat stout needle up through the bottom of the end of my tongue and out the top of it. It hurt badly and bleeded a lot.
  18. Last night I pushed a long thin needle up through the bottom of my chin and up and out of the top of my tongue.
  19. I like to pee in a foam rocket. I love to fill that little rocket up to the rim with pee.
  20. That's where people actually rated some of my jet coasters. They really liked the Blackhole Scramble one, cause of all the catwalks.
  21. Is this your start of your woodie? http://www.nolimitsdevcenter.net/p5671 Or is it some thing else?
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