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  1. I made this Ikeda Works jet coaster, heavily inspired by this one. http://www.rcdb.com/4115.htm?p=0 Uses parkpack. Green Coaster.nltrack
  2. I have a Mac Donald cup that has water, piss, banana strings, and a plastic happy meal Night at the Museum toy in it. The toy is slimy and rusty. The whole cup of this smelly potion smells really bad like sewage. It is beneath my sink so that it doesn't stink up the top of my closet.
  3. I want to find a muffin in a can in America. Should I look in Washington DC or Tyson's Corner or what?
  4. What did those caution signs say on the Benyland Jet coaster, just before the station? Any thing in English or was it all in Japanese?
  5. Also try to include Jet Corster Discovery and Super Coaster at Lina World.
  6. Please try to include the Benyland, Sendai Blue Jet coaster, The Rutusu Resort Jet coaster, the Sendai Loop the loop, the Tein small coaster, The shoe coaster, The Saeki mouse coaster at Rutusu Resort, The standing togo coaster at Rutusu Resort, Tochinoki Family Land Jet coaster, Torokko Coaster, Wani Wani coaster, Loop and cork at Hokkaido Greenland, Coaster at Utsunomiya Zoo, Dinosaur Coaster at Suntopia World, See Through Coaster at Kamine Park, and Thru-the-Woods Jet Coaster at Pleasure Garden.
  7. How are you doing on the video of the povs of all the jet coasters?
  8. If you happen to never finish this, send it to me to finish.
  9. I would absolutely love a raw DVD of nothing but jet coasters. What a amazing idea.
  10. This looks like the worst coaster ever. http://www.rcdb.com/1890.htm?p=14716 Togo loop and cork = ultimate pain!!
  11. Go here next. http://www.rcdb.com/5249.htm They have a looping and corking TOGO coaster!! http://www.rcdb.com/1890.htm?p=14716
  12. A Mexican Wacky Worm coaster http://www.rcdb.com/1068.htm?p=11409 , a horrible sounding Orient Express coaster http://www.rcdb.com/2804.htm?p=10059 and a Flitzer coaster at the fair yesterday. http://www.rcdb.com/3911.htm?p=19581
  13. I want to ride a Flitzer and a Orient Express coaster,1 helix, at the Fredrick County Fair tomorrow.
  14. Please go here next. http://www.rcdb.com/5172.htm
  15. I am making two of the coasters you rode. Hurricane Coaster-090914195928001.bmp Benyland Jet Coaster-090914195845000.bmp
  16. Hope to see a front seat pov of Jet Coaster at Benyland.
  17. coastb2


    Are you going? I hope you get a front seat pov of Jet Coaster and Yigayama Cyclone.
  18. I will say the Cobra Coaster at the Montgomery County Fair was the roughest Wisdom coaster that I have ever been on. http://www.powersmidways.com/images/rides-all/rides-kiddy/cobra-web.jpg It was like a mini Manhattan Express it seemed. It sounded like it was falling apart.
  19. Come ride on my shop lathe and get wood worked up. This is a fantasy track. I made my lathe after this one. http://www.mini-lathe.com/Mini_lathe/Features/lathe.gif The Lathe.nltrack
  20. I am working on my lathe. The Lathe-090826131054000.bmp
  21. http://www.powersmidways.com/pages/rides-pages/kiddy-pages/cobra-coaster.html A terribly rough and jerky Wisdom kiddie coaster for all ages.
  22. The next place that I want to go with my girlfriend, hopefully with a coaster and good rides is, my town carnival who is now hosted by Snyder's Amusements.
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