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  1. Ideal: Flying over from Germany to do a US road trip in June/July/August (Hershey, Busch, Kings Island, Dollywood) and another Florida Trip in October..... Realistic: Europe trip (Walibi Belgium, Plopsaland, EnergyLandia, Phantasialand, Alton Towers)
  2. Park President Jeffery Siebert posted on a Facebook group that wonder woman is awaiting a part. He said that it should be back open early this week....not sure if it has reopened already?...
  3. Thanks for your detailed review! Are they expecting to have the coaster open until Memorial Day, we might visit the park in mid June so I hope they have it ready?
  4. Hi Bert, thanks for posting regular updates of your park visits. We will visit Fiesta Texas in August and we are wondering if Wonder Woman has reopened? The website still says temporarily closed, but https://queue-times.com/parks/39 lists it as open. When I contacted Six Flags via Email regarding the status of Bug's Rapids earlier, they told me that it is open, despite their website saying temporarily closed. So I assume they don't update the website too often? Any info from you appreciated. Thank you. Greetings from Germany, Boris.
  5. Is has been on 2 train operation for the last 4 days, except yesterday from 10:30-2pm, and the day before from 6pm on. Standing in line right now. So even with 2 trains and a regular crowded day it's always around the 2 hour mark.
  6. I had a chance to experience Steel Vengeance over the last 5 days. Can anybody tell me why the pullout after the first drop is slightly shifted to the right before the speed bump? Is that on purpose or did it have to be like that to allign with the 2nd big hill?
  7. Does anyone have any insight why Wonder Woman and Superman have been closed for at least 1 week now according to the Six Flags Website/queue-times.com? Apparently they are waiting on parts from RMC but what's wrong with Superman? I hope Rattler won't go down as well for our upcoming August visit...
  8. Word is that Steel Vengeance got struck by lightning last night and did not open at all today. Anyone at the park to confirm? If true, I hope they fix it until June, 23rd.....
  9. Well I hope this doesn't mean that Millie has maintenance problems again, as she was quite temperamental during 2018...
  10. Are they really running 1 train on LR because of reliability?? I thought that they would have figured out all the problems after last years closure? Does the ride still go down for mechanical reasons if they are running 2 trains?
  11. What is TS? Did you mean Twisted Cyclone/TC? Is the red train really broken or just not ready yet because of the shorter off season?
  12. Do you expect they have Georgia Scorcher and Marthasville Railroad open until the beginning of June? We are flying over from Germany and would be happy to experience those rides.
  13. I get that they need to install more indoor attractions, but slowing down major coaster additions sounds bad for me. Although being from Germany, we visit the US every year because of their massive coaster additions (Fury, Leviathan, Valravn, Steel Vengeance,....). What do you guys think does "slowing down" in Cedar Fair style mean? Only one big coaster every few years for the whole chain, more midsize coasters?
  14. This is interesting because Cedar Point is very good about posting open and closed status and Maverick only broke down once yesterday for like 15 minutes which is an amazingly reliable day for that ride. Any other delay in operation was likely not mechanical and extremely brief. Corkscrew broke down twice during the day but only for like 10 minutes each time. Iron Dragon only had a few extremely brief breakdowns and then ran for 5 consecutive hours at the end of the day without issue. I feel like you had some really unfortunate timing where you happened to be near rides when they were down
  15. Just talked with Guest services and they told us that Millenium Force is undergoing some unexpected maintenance and they are not able to estimate a reopening date right now. - Bummer! Now Volcano, Lightning Rod and Millennium Force might be down during our coaster tour this time. Hope Cedar Point will fix the issues as soon as possible....
  16. Well there you have it: Quote from Instagram:“ According to Dollywood employees, Lightning Rod will likely be closed for the rest of the 2018 season, joining Volcano: The Blast Coaster on the list of rides that are closed for the rest of the season. The park is looking for a permanent solution to decrease downtime that could change the ride. I sure hope that this isn’t a lift hill, and I hope that it is just a new launch system.“
  17. Speaking of Lightning Rod, has anybody been in the park to get some updates? I thought they should have been finished with retracking by now? I’ve been here all week and we’ve yet to see any person or machines or anything in the rides area I guess they did not tell you when they expect it to reopen or anything like that? .... Seems there is a zero chance that it might be open in 2 and a half weeks...
  18. Speaking of Lightning Rod, has anybody been in the park to get some updates? I thought they should have been finished with retracking by now?
  19. Thank you all for your feedback! Seems like the majority prefers Kings Dominion. I still think we might go with Carowinds. For me Kings Dominion is not complete without Volcano. We definitely love giga‘s and hypercoasters which are rerideable. I think Kings Dominion has the nicer setting and the more complete experience with all the trees and relaxing rides like Blue Ridge Tollway or the ferris wheel, were are not much into flats or second tier coasters like FoF or Stunt Coaster. In conclusion: we are looking forward to riding the hell out of the 3 B&M‘s at Carowinds and save nea
  20. Hi folks, as we are getting closer to our US trip I, need your help/tips: Basically, we have to choose between Carowinds or Kings Dominion as our 4th stop on our road trip. We do Cedar Point at the beginning, then Kings Island, Dollywood (we would have liked to cancel this part because of Lightning Rod, but we have a cabin which is non refundable), Carowinds or Kings Dominion and Cedar Point again. We have been to Carowinds in 2015 and Kings Dominion in 2016 (Busch Gardens as well), and we will visit both parks next year again. It's a tough choice this time as we had planned to try
  21. Someone on reddit talked to a Lightning Rod employee and he was told that the coaster might be closed up to 2 months from now as they still haven't started track work - that's a real bummer as it would be the second time we might miss the ride during our mid August visit after the 2016 desaster.....
  22. So when did they actually close, at 6pm? Well, we thought about going to Six Flags Great Adventure during our yearly US-Coastertour, but hearing that they often close early makes us drop Six Flags and go for Carowinds instead...(we have been to Great Adventure 2016 and 2013). Cannot understand their policies, seems like a common Six Flags problem as New England does this as well quite often I guess. We are flying over from Germany and would be bummed if the park closes much earlier. After all these years we prefer the Cedar Fair parks over Six Flags.
  23. http://www.nbc12.com/story/38419337/woman-injured-by-flying-cell-phone-on-roller-coaster Maybe because of this story......
  24. This is the calendar of ERT dates for season pass and it still has LR as the ERT for Saturday August 4th but that could be wishful thinking on their part. https://www.dollywood.com/themepark/Guest-Services/Early-Entry Word is that the park handed the problem over to RMC again as there is still warranty going on. The ride might be closed at least for the next two weeks, the ERT yesterday was cancelled last minute.... Source: well its from reddit but better than nothing as the park does not say anything at all...
  25. Well, the park changed the Lightning Rod closure info, now it says: "NOTICE: Lightning Rod is closed for repair. We apologize for any inconvenience." instead of "closed for maintenance". Wonder what exactly went wrong...
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