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  1. Except we know the price, and it's very cheap for what you get. It's only $499 for a 16GB model with no 3G.
  2. I don't understand? Obviously the text where the member's name is would change. Most of the contestants have Robb Alvey or some other name where the person's name would go.
  3. I see. I think the problem lies in the fact that fun is subjective. Personally, I think n7's design is fantastic and it's very good-looking but I don't really perceive it as fun. But it's up to you guys, when it's all said and done and you seem to have found some entries that you find suit you well, so I'll leave it up to the rest of TPR Thanks though!
  4. I figured I could add one of the most universal representations of a theme park ever- the ferris wheel! I hope this comes off as fun
  5. I see, I was trying to imply that the hills and valleys were the hills and valleys of a coaster without actually including a coaster in the image, because as you stated, TPR isn't only about coasters. Any suggestions on what would make it more fun?
  6. This is my attempt, I'm not going to upload a final .zip yet, because I'm open for tips! Merp! Club TPR Logo
  7. I really need to stop viewing this thread, haha. Every time I click it I seem to just be offended by what some people are saying. I want to reply and state my case, but I know that it won't change their opinion so I don't bother. To me saying you don't intend to offend anyone and then saying something that you know will be offensive to many that browse the site is like saying... "No offense, but I think you look like a whale, put the cheeseburger down, fatty McAcne Face!" Regardless of whether or not you intended your comment to be offensive a person that would be offended by your statement is going to be even if you state that you feel they shouldn't be. Either way the level of maturity in this thread always impresses me, usually threads like this don't go down well in public forums. PS: I wasn't saying don't have discussions about sexuality or asking anyone to not state their opinion, merely just pointing out that it's silly to tell someone not to be offended by something you say, because if they're offended by it, they're offended by it, even if you think they shouldn't be!
  8. I still don't agree with marriage as a concept, but I think every person should have the right to marry someone they love.
  9. I appreciate your guys' honestly, but gay marriage has nothing to do with religion. In fact, the concept of marriage has absolutely nothing to do with the catholic church, marriage was created with a monetary concept, not a religious concept. Look it up. Religion and law aren't supposed to have anything to do with each other, so I believe to the full extent OF the law there is ZERO reason gay marriage is illegal. And I think marriage is stupid! I'd never get married- the problem isn't that all gay people want to get married, it's that it's flabbergastingly stupid that we don't have the right to. Just my 2 cents.
  10. I would throw the corks in a food processor and then mash it together ] Looks cool though!
  11. I took my chances with a jumping rave/makeyouwannadoecstasy/ style techno song! I hope you guys enjoy it, I think it's one of my best! http://drop.io/plasticity/asset/jump-up-melody-mp3
  12. Lady GaGa- Bad Romance. This song is my drug. ALL of the Fame Monster is amazing.
  13. NEW DEMO! Scroll down for link, EP Intro video and EP Art! I sometimes struggle with trying to be more than I can be. I want to have a career in music but it feels like you've got to be perfect. I need to find out who I am on my own and become what the person inside of me is without people telling me who to be. That's what this song is about! It's my own personal battle it's just between me and I something I can handle It can't break me down to cry Let me fight my own fight Just let me live my own life Because this is my sight bleeding edge of the knife My aspirations are my disease in every nation need to succeed My aspirations are my disease in every nation need to succeed Yeah Got to be Perfect Per per per per Perfect Got to be Perfect Per per per p er Perfect I shape myself for my only goal Nobody's help only my soul Got to be Perfect Per per per per Perfect Got to be Perfect Per per per p er Perfect http://drop.io/plasticity/asset/perfect-demo-mp3 Listen there! ALSO: Here's a little at-home music video I did for my EP'S INTRO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUQxYBkbsSc This is the first 'song' on the EP introducing the lead single: So Confused! Hope you enjoy! Here's a little preview of the album art too, it took absolutely forever to design this in Photoshop!: DISCLAIMER! The picture of me isn't anywhere near final, I just needed something to put there. [/b]
  14. I still haven't picked out the singles yet, but I know So Confused will be one of them. My EP Title is UNIVERSE
  15. I second this. I will <3 you forever if you do make a downloadable version! OMG, NOOO! So Confused is currently "Unavailable" for me on Myspace. That song is my vise! I must have a dose a day. Ahh! Keep trying! Hold tight! Also- I will be selling So Confused on iTunes, if you want a download you can PM me but just promise you'll purchase it on release! Thanks
  16. Wow, thank you guys so much! The one thing an artist wants to hear is that people are enjoying their music enough to be listening to it and singing it on their own terms without prompt! Thank you! About Electricity Insanity- It will have a bassline, I'm filling things in as I go but I like to complete a melodic demo before I add finishing touches. About Electricity Insanity's beat- this can always be changed but the thing I was going for with it would be for it to sound like you're amidst the clouds- completely free. Let yourself go.
  17. Thanks so much! What did you think of the Electricity Insanity demo? [ http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=126389 ]
  18. http://drop.io/plasticity/asset/electricty-insanity-mp3 Here's a new demo! You can hear a lot of my best music at my music Myspace www.myspace.com/seantheandroid
  19. Family Guy and Friends! Guilty pleasure: iCarly.
  20. I have seen one in person (Diamond Back at KI) and it was FAST. Too fast to even enjoy watching. While I do appreciate the work that has gone into engineering CoasterDynamix rides and realize that in scale models gravity is not your friend I don't see how your doing yourself or this product any service by being a smart A$$ about it. Even worse when a MOD has to put his half cent in on it. If there was ever a chance in the future that hobbit was planing on buying a CoasterDynamix product I would say that sale is lost as is mine. The problem is that it's pretty much impossible to slow it down and still have it go through an entire layout unless it was powered, which would prevent you from having custom layouts. The only logical way to make it work is to record a video and slow it down in an editor. Even if his reaction may have been smart-alecy, it's easy to get annoyed about something that people constantly comment about when a fix is out of your control. Either way, super neat that one was in House!
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