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  1. I work on a rotating shift pattern, so I have some days, some nights and then a few days off etc. Having just woken up after 2 night shifts after only a few hours sleep this morning in order to ride the 'jet lag' (i.e. to get myself back into 'day' mode) and feeling pretty rotten, I think it's funny that you're intentionally messing with your body clock! Welcome to the wonderful world of sleep depravation!
  2. When you say you 'more than just guessed', I wonder if you also used this: http://www.usmint.gov/about_the_mint/index.cfm?flash=yes&action=coin_specifications and some Maths! I definitely think the final answer lies somewhere between $140 and $170! All the best, Robin
  3. It was OK in 1992; even repeat-rideable! But it was only 3 years old back then - not 17, and I was only 13 years old - not nearly 27! Goudurix makes me feel so old...
  4. ^ Well, in many respects X @ SFMM is a scaled-up version of Delirium with roughly the same elements (albeit in a slightly different order) and the addition of a 90 degree drop and a front flip, so in a way your wish has already come true!
  5. Look what I found... Delirium: http://web.archive.org/web/20021021193910/http://www.arrowdynamics.com/products/4D/delirium/index.php (1 thumbnail image missing from this page but large version works, layout and profile links work) Mayhem: http://web.archive.org/web/20021021194314/http://www.arrowdynamics.com/products/4D/mayhem/index.php (nothing missing from this page, layout and profile links work) Quantum: http://web.archive.org/web/20021021200131/http://www.arrowdynamics.com/products/4D/quantum/index.php (1 thumbnail image and its large version missing from this page, layout and profile links work) Octophobia: http://web.archive.org/web/20021021195557/http://www.arrowdynamics.com/products/4D/octophobia/index.php (no images work on this page at all - but I guess there's some sort of figure of 8 involved, and a frightening one at that!) General Overview: http://web.archive.org/web/20030312103820/www.arrowdynamics.com/products/4D/index.php (Links to other pages are a bit hit-and-miss as this was archived much later than the other pages) Rendering of Delirium as found on the archived S&S Arrow site!
  6. Well, they will be starting up again at the end of February apparently - just without any phone guests (unless they buy a telephone balancing unit or hook up some sort of skype/iChat equivalent to Clint's improvised home studio).
  7. I enjoyed Robb's contribution to this week's final 'In The Loop Weekend Review' podcast. It's a shame it's disappearing (at least in its current form) because I quite liked the fact that it was a show that didn't take itself too seriously - even if Will Holder did call everyone that posts on TPR a bunch of freaks! Shout going out to the Hammerhead Shark!
  8. How exciting! Fortunately the forum downtime means that a (now obviously wrong) comment I made suggesting that it looked like there was only 1 'X rail' after looking at the first pictures that emerged doesn't exist anymore! I think I got confused by a comment made by Arrow in retrospect about how they wished they'd gone with a single rail on the original design. The track type on this new one looks very similar to the original 'X' after all (it was the angle of the pictures and same-coloured rails that threw me!). That kind-of makes sense too due to the mysterious rumours about some sort of testing / goings-on with X-style trains by S&S at Magic Mountain. Thanks for sharing these new pictures!
  9. Is there any more news on the construction of this (hopefully 4D) coaster?
  10. Actually MTA have a 'Disney Bus' which stops at useful places like, er, Disney, plus Knott's, the Norwalk metrorail station (on the green line - the same one LAX is on) and Downtown LA. It is number 460. http://www.metro.net/riding_metro/bus_overview/images/460.pdf I used this in combination with the MTA metro rail trains, and the metrolink Antelope Valley line that runs from Union Station to Santa Clarita to get from SFMM down to Knott's but it took a long time (like 5 hours!) and wasn't the most fun journey I've ever taken. Plus I only guessed it was time to get off the bus because Supreme Scream was clearly visible! If you have the option to drive, a rental car is a lot less hassle. This other thread may be helpful : http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=103540&highlight=#103540 All the best, Robin
  11. Happy Birthday Robb! So I had a bit of time on my hands earlier today...
  12. Glückliches Geburtstag Sören! Have a great day!
  13. I think that's a little ironic. You can't go out of your way to deliberately try to change the results of a vote and then complain that (possibly genuine) ballots from people marking Expedition GeForce a little lower (as in not 'worst coaster ever!' like yours) were treated with suspicion, when the suspicion was only caused by ballots which obviously deliberately marked Expedition GeForce low (of which yours was one)!
  14. Hello! Here's a couple of pictures of me! Hi - I'm Robin Schroder! Here I am on EGF's first drop! (I'm the guy on the left in the Warp shirt)
  15. Hi, I'm Robin Schroder. I live in London, England and work as a radio studio manager for the language sections of the BBC World Service. This essentially means that I press buttons and move faders about on live news and current affairs broadcasts in languages that I don't speak! I also write electronic music using synthesizers and mad noise making software (such as Reaktor), although I play electric guitar and electric bass too. My favourite bands tend to be 'Post Rock' (whatever that means) or electronica-based e.g. Tortoise, Town and Country, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Sigur Ros, Bibio, Pullman, Chessie, 33.3, etc. etc. I'm a big fan of comedy (who isn't?!) such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais's work e.g. The Office, The Day Today, Alan Partridge, Lee and Herring, etc. I guess you could describe me as a 'fair-weather coaster enthusiast' - I'm mainly interested these days in the big steel coasters and also the tall drop towers, and tend to avoid anything that's going to bang my head around too much or cause my back to shatter (such as the feeling I had on Mean Streak @ CP!). As a young child I was fascinated by a picture of Moonsault Scramble in the 1987 Guiness Book of World Records and also by footage of Corkscrew at Alton Towers on a children's TV quiz show for which a trip to Alton Towers was the prize. It wasn't until many years later that I actually rode my first proper coaster when I was about 12, SuperGerbil at Holiday Park, Germany on a school trip and then I was hooked! The year after I rode Goudrix at Parc Asterix, age 13, after having seen a picture of it in a French magazine and also being on holiday near Paris at the time. It wasn't rough back then, so it was good! And then I rode Nemesis @ Alton Towers when it opened in 1994, which totally rocked my world! Although I went up to Alton Towers a few times over the years between then and more recently, I kind-of forgot about my coaster interest until one day in 2003 when I stumbled across RCDB on the internet and also realised that there were a whole load of coaster sites out there! I found out about X @ SFMM and just had to get out there and ride it, so I made a trip out to California especially (and also managed to see San Francisco too). I don't drive, so I had to negotiate CA by public transport! Then, after that I was desperate to ride MF and TTD at Cedar Point, so I arranged a trip out there in 2004 - again using only public transport. I had an amazing time! I made another trip out to SFMM plus also Knott's Berry Farm last year, because I had been visiting a friend who moved out to San Francisco, and figured it wasn't too far away. This year I just had to get out to Holiday Park again and ride Expedition GeForce to see what all fuss was about - and I wasn't disappointed! Now I find myself immune to high positive Gs but craving more of those negative airtime Gs!! Anyway, I have been visiting Theme Park Review for a while now, but haven't really posted that many messages on the forum. So, er, hi! All the best, Robin
  16. Cleveland is probably the closest large airport to Sandusky (for Cedar Point) - that's where I flew into, at least.
  17. You could have a look at this topic for details of a journey I made in 2005 (and also 2003) : http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=103540&highlight=#103540 Getting around by public transport can be done, but ultimately you'd find it far easier just to rent a car to cut out all the hassle (unless you can't drive like me - I really should take some more lessons and another test!!). Good luck! Robin
  18. Ha ha! For a moment there I genuinely mistook Mark Shapiro for George Shapiro! As in the George Shapiro involved in the Seinfeld show! It was George Shapiro that arranged for Jerry Seinfeld to meet with NBC - which resulted in Jerry talking about the meeting with Larry David and the show being born. The production company behind the show was run by George Shapiro and Howard West.
  19. Actually it's just as well you're planning on going by car - I've just realised that the Metrolink Antelope Valley line has much more limited services on Saturday (of which 17th December is one) and seemingly no service on Sunday which might upset your plans! Oops!
  20. Hi, I have made the pretty crazy journey on public transport from LAX to Magic Mountain a couple of times, including earlier this year, but this was mainly because I can't drive, so a rental car was out of the question. If you are insane, or can't drive like me, then: From outside each LAX terminal you can take a free shuttle bus (Bus 'G') to the Aviation station on the Metro Rail Green Line. From there you can head east on the green line to Wilmington Imperial. At Wilmington Imperial you can take the blue line north to 7th Street Metro Rail Station. Then from there you can take the red line west to Union Station. At Union Station you can catch the MetroLink Antelope Valley line train to Santa Clarita, at which point you have to ring for a taxi using the payphone (Yellow Cabs 661-260-CABS) to come and pick you up as the station is kind of in the middle of nowhere. From what I've worked out, if you stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Six Flags Valencia, you can get to Magic Mountain without having to cross some incredibly dangerous roads that you'd otherwise have to if you stayed at the other surrounding hotels (doing so would be illegal, and most likely fatal in any case!). You can use a couple of pedestrian crossings from the Hilton Garden Inn to get to the Magic Mountain Parkway where you can walk up* the road to the park. *Again, I'm sure I have read that you're not strictly supposed to do this somewhere. There is no sidewalk (although there is a grass verge), but it's not as dangerous as it sounds - if you walk up the exit side in the morning when people are entering the park and walk down the entry side in the evening when people are leaving the park, you won't be in as much danger. Although don't tell anyone I said this. If you do decide to take any of this advice, please do so at your own risk, although I've done this a couple of times and I am still alive. This journey will take at least 3 hours each way and cost me (for one way): $3.00 - MetroRail Day Pass + about $8.00 - MetroLink train + about $15 for the taxi? (I can't quite remember) I also headed down to Knott's Berry Farm from Magic Mountain using a combination of the Metrolink train, Metro Rail and the 460 'Disney Bus' and then from Knott's Berry Farm back to LAX. But that took a long, long time and wasn't the most fun journey I've ever made! Plus a year ago I managed to do Cedar Point without a car via Cleveland, a Greyhound Bus to Sandusky and a taxi ride out to the Point. Again, an insane journey, but it's encouraging to know that these things can be done even if you can't drive a car... I really must take some more lessons and another driving test before any further Stateside visits!!! But living and working in London means that I just take the tube everywhere - plus you wouldn't really want to drive in London... Robin
  21. Ricky Gervais is probably best known for 'The Office' and more recently 'Extras', but I have long been a fan of his radio shows on London local independent station 'Xfm', together with his regular co-writer/co-director Stephen Merchant and Xfm's Head of Production, Karl Pilkington. Having finished a run of Xfm shows, the three of them have now embarked upon a series of 12 x 30 minute weekly podcasts available from here as of today: http://www.guardian.co.uk/rickygervais ! (Although be warned that there is some swearing, so don't download it if that might offend!) The most important thing is that it includes their regular feature, 'Monkeynews' which has to be heard to be believed! All the best, Robin
  22. That's true enough! I was at SFMM earlier this year when the park was really quiet! STE was a walk-on and with only 2 of us in the car, we got really close to that 'before' mark! When we arrived back in the station, the ride-ops even asked us if we wanted to launch again - we approached that 'before' mark a second time. I think one of the problems with the ride is that because it's a reverse freefall you have no real perception of how high you are off the ground when you reach wherever it is between those 'before' and 'after' lines. Robin
  23. The Steel Coaster Poll is now up and running too on the same page: http://www.ushsho.com/woodpolloptions2005.htm (Although I noticed that Silver Bullet @ Knott's Berry Farm is missing from the list - I've e-mailed Mitch)
  24. The latest news is that the next edition's release date has been pushed back from October this year to "February 28, 2006" according to Amazon.co.uk Interesting to hear that the first edition can be found in the Victoria and Albert museum's library of all places in the UK!
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