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  1. Thanks - looks like it's roughly 20/25 mins from Southampton (and about 40 mins from Salisbury) using the X7 bus. I should, perhaps, have looked a little harder on their site! All the best, Robin
  2. I can't say I'd ever heard of this park either until this thread! The layout looks fun - how similar is it in layout to the super-crazy-looking Heiße Fahrt? It seems to have many of the same elements from the pictures - i.e. helix of death and mad bunny hills. The 'running the lifthill at a slower speed to make it more family friendly' whole thing sounds like a bit of a let-down though. Their website seems a bit vague as to their location - does anyone know whether you can get to the park easily by train? Robin
  3. Excellent news!! I'm glad to hear that it should be opening next week on the 15th after all since I'd already pre-arranged a trip out there later in the week and had started to wonder if I'd done the right thing with the 'not until April' rumours! I'm really looking forward to it - I hope the airtime on the top-hat's as good as on Xcelerator! Have a great first ride, Inferno Insane and any other TPR members lucky enough to win or know someone who won the competition! I gather that the first rides are happening around noon - I guess it'll probably open to everyone after that...
  4. I received my Tussauds season pass through the post today (Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Chessington here in the UK) - I look a bit pale and yellow! But it's nowhere near as bad as the photocard I was allowed to use on London Transport before they brought in a new system! Robin It's a bit, er, dark and green!! It's a bit yellow!!
  5. I'm really enjoying the updates so far! I'm curious to see if you manage to get any information as to when Stealth will actually be opening when you're on your Thorpe Park 'construction' tour, Robb and Elissa. There seem to be so many rumours flying around the internet about whether or not it'll be up and running at the start of the season (15th March)!! Whilst I know that technical problems forced the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain to postpone a Stealth preview, it has apparently been testing on a regular basis recently and there hasn't been any information through Thorpe Park's website / Stealth microsite to suggest they are still having problems... Have fun on the rest of your mini UK trip! Robin
  6. Hex is a suprisingly fun ride - but less fun if you know anything about it in advance! Sadly I had already heard what it was all about before I went on it. Have fun on your tour!
  7. Walter (Bolliger) and Claude (Mabillard) actually used to work for Intamin. They were very much involved in the design of stand-up coasters and decided to break off and form their own company to further develop their designs. That's why Shockwave looks like a B&M coaster but is listed as Intamin! Edit - I took too long typing - Tom got in there before me!
  8. I believe that the UK school holiday dates for the summer are roughly 25th July - 30th August (all schools are slightly different). So, that means you'll be here whilst they're still in school for the most part. Usually colleges and Universities have their holidays a bit earlier, but you'll be avoiding the super-crazy busy season, at least. (Weekdays will be quieter during this period - as with most theme parks!) I'd say definitely try and get up to Alton Towers for Nemesis, Rita, Oblivion, Air, etc. And also Thorpe Park should be great for Stealth, Nemesis Inferno, Colossus, Rush, Slammer, etc. And, although I've not been myself ( !), Blackpool Pleasure Beach is probably a must too! Otherwise, any of the other parks on Robb and Elissa's itinerary for the big TPR UK trip should be fun places to spend a day! Robin
  9. I enjoyed the running theme of Berlin, Bears, Berliners (the people variety - as in "Ich bin Berliner") and Berliners (the doughnut variety - as in "Ich bin ein Berliner") in your pictures! Nice to see there are still lots of cranes about in Berlin - that's what sticks in my mind from my visit there a few years ago, but it's a lovely city and I'd love to go back there at some point! Hope everything works out for you Sören! Robin
  10. Those photos have a lovely 'retro' look to them! (Edit : removed incorrect comment about the year 1998, having realised that was when you took the photos of Mt Olympus in your other thread!)
  11. Glad you liked the photos! 'That' element on Silver Bullet was definitely the highlight of the ride for me - more of those on future B&M inverts please!
  12. Hello again! Well, this is another belated photo trip report - this time for my visit to Cedar Point! I'm guessing that a large percentage of you have been, or have at least seen some of the other Cedar Point trip reports, so once again - I don't think you've missed much! But if you have ever wondered what Cedar Point looked like on a rainy day in 2004, then you've come to the right place! Inspired by my trip out to ride X @ SFMM, I just had to get out to Cedar Point to ride Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster! I flew from London Gatwick out to Detroit and then changed onto a flight to Cleveland. After staying overnight in Cleveland, it was time for a Greyhound Bus experience! (As I've probably said too much already, I don't drive so all of my trips have had to be via public transport). The journey from Cleveland to Sandusky Greyhound bus stop took just over an hour, although I had to wait in Cleveland for ages prior to my departure since (as you may or may not know) even if you purchase a ticket in advance, bus seats are given on a first-come first-served basis. I saw so many people turned away for their connections when they'd spent almost whole days travelling across America, only to be told to wait for the next bus... in 4 hours time! Fortunately I didn't have any such problems. I got a Taxi from Sandusky Greyhound out to Cedar Point and as we started to approach the park, I was blown away by the view of Millennium Force, Power Tower and Dragster standing so tall! Because I didn't want to miss out on any of the rides (and since TTD had been down every now and then) I stayed at Cedar Point for 3 1/2 days and had a fantastic time! It rained a lot on some of the days which was a shame, but I did have a lot of time there when the weather was good as well. These photos were taken on one of the said rainy days - I would have taken more on the sunnier days except I was too busy with the rides! Enjoy the photos! (By the way, that's me done with retrospective trip reports for now! Well, unless I drag out some pictures of Nemesis's first year, 1994. or some shots of Goudurix from 1992 when it wasn't rough...) Robin Goodnight Cedar Point! And thanks for reading this retrospective trip report! And finally, Wicked Twister - which I *loved* almost as much as Power Tower, TTD and MF! Or some surprisingly strong positive Gs at the end? Anyone for some airtime? (Although admitedly not as much as, say, Expedition GeForce) And the same again but from slightly further 'round! Millennium Force's insane 310 foot drop! More Raptor and the blue, steel monster that is Millennium Force lurking in the background! Yay! Vertical loop! It's Raptor! TTD's superfine 420 foot top hat! Dragster closed due to adverse weather conditions. However, I managed to get my fair share of rides by the end of my trip! Including a fantastic ever-so-slight overspeed moment when it reopened after having been down all day, resulting in some insane to What a fantastic view as you enter the park! (Ignoring the rain!) Power Tower and TTD towering over everything else - well, except for Millennium Force!
  13. And now Knott's Berry Farm: Anyway - hope you enjoyed this ultra-retrospective look back at what SFMM and KBF were like when I was there in 2003/5. All the best, Robin How about this? And, last but not least, is *this* an acceptable level of water?! A bit of helix action going on! I forgot to say 'Yay! Vertical loop!' a photo ago. Although I fear the moment has passed now! ...especially this nice airtime-y sort of element! It's Silver Bullet - not everyone's favourite new B&M coaster. Granted, there'll be no comparison between this and, say, Black Mamba, but I still enjoyed it... Let's not dwell on this picture for too long! ...or those S&S Screaming Swings! The larger one at Thorpe Park here in the UK is similarly good! (It's almost as if Thorpe is modelling itself on KBF!) Mmm... Supreme Scream! I can't get enough of those S&S Turbo Drops... Mmm... Xcelerator! I can't wait for Stealth to open at Thorpe Park here in the UK! It's Knott's Berry Farm!
  14. Hello, Well - once again, I should have posted some of these pictures ages ago! But, anyway - a lot of people on the forum have either been to these two parks or have seen Robb and Elissa's SFMM updates, so I guess you weren't missing out too much!! In 2003 I heard about X @ SFMM (when I discovered that rcdb.com existed after having kind-of forgotten about my coaster hobby for a few years) and just had to get out there and ride it! So I did - and it totally rocked my world! After visiting SFMM for a couple of days (to minimise likelihood of downtime on X), I travelled via Amtrak up to San Francisco for a few days just to have a look around. 9 hours in to the Amtrak journey, I decided that travelling there by train maybe wasn't my best decision. But, anyway I had a great time on that trip overall! Then, last year (2005!) a good friend of mine went out to live in San Francisco and I travelled out to visit him for a week. Afterwards, seeing as I was 'nearby' (well nearer than I am when I'm here in London!), I flew down to LAX and made a trip on public transport up to SFMM again! (This still took the best part of a day to do!). After that, I made a trip down to Knott's Berry Farm (once again on public transport using the Disney Bus line) before finally departing California via LAX! Anyway, enough text from me, here's an amalgamation of pictures from the two trips! Enjoy... First SFMM: One of the many B:TRs! And everyone's favourite parking-lot-themed coaster! And S:TE which sounds like a plane taking off at close range! One of the many Goliaths!! A general view from the X side of the park over to S:TE, Goliath and Colossus. And another picture of Viper. Yay! Vertical loops x 3! eXperience the Xtremely long queues for X (best get there early!) and the Arrow loops of Viper too! Did I mention the raven turns? ...and some more! A bit of raven-turn action going on... It's X, of course! And this is what lies at the top of the hill! You're not supposed to walk up Magic Mountain Parkway, apparently. Obviously that's not what I did or what this is a photo of, so everything's OK. Well, no prizes for guessing where this is! That's right - SFMM!
  15. Wow! Black Mamba just gets better and better! It's like around every turn there's another 'whoaahh - i'm about to slam into that wall / tunnel / building' moment! I've got to get over to ride it this year when it opens - just imagine what the front seat will be like! It's funny - I know it has 4 inversions - but those pictures deceptively make it look like it has so many more!
  16. Well, I thought the very back seat was best to maximise the superb ejector airtime! Plus that first drop is even more insane when you're whipped over the top of the lift hill! But since I'm not allowed to say front or back, I'll say second from back!! Actually one thing to bear in mind is time of day as well. Rides at the end of the day seemed to be much more intense than those at the start of the day (and I thought it was pretty crazy then!). I guess it had a bit of time to 'warm up'. Robin
  17. Here's a link to Holiday Park's original information about this special promotion: http://www.holidaypark.de/newstool/news_detail.php?News_ID=1285&lang=DE&portal=1 which never appeared on the English version of their site! Please note that this only took place between 5th August and 15th August 2005 - although that's not to say they won't offer this again! As I say, the link is in German but at the time I did a (slightly paraphrased) translation. I've just found it so here it is below: So there you go! The process looked a bit like this... ...except it was Willi Franc of OLS Media doing the filiming rather than Robb!
  18. Those are some superfine pictures! When I went to BGT many years ago, out of all of those coasters Kumba was the only one standing - but it was fantastic! (I think Montu was under construction that year)
  19. Wow - I can't believe they stole Robb's idea! Right - here are the final pictures. It may have been better if I hadn't have just closed my browser window accidentally losing this page the first time 'round, but my first PTR has been a learning experience, that's for sure! Hope you all enjoyed the pictures! Robin Finally some airtime of a different type! Bye and thanks for reading! "Frankfurt" Hahn! Here's my plane taking off - but how did I take the photo? I lied. Vor uns liegt ein weites Tal... Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn. Er, anyway ... here I am back on a bus travelling back to "Frankfurt" Hahn airport in the middle of nowhere! Just passing through Worms! That's right - Worms! ...plus Holiday Park have a shuttle bus service that runs from here (as seen in the background) to the park. Here's Hassloch Bahnhof. All of my coaster trips have to be done by public transport as I don't drive. The train journey worked out fine... Of course EGF wasn't the only thing I rode at Holiday Park! I also rode the Intamin Freefall! Mmmm.... drop towers! There's just something about waiting to drop that gets me every time!
  20. But wait - there's more!! Here are some shots of the surrounding area - it sure beats a parking lot! One of the final bunny hills. I know it has been said before - but oh, to ride this without the trims!! That said, by the end of the day EGF was on fire compared to earlier in the morning - and I thought those first rides were pretty insane! And the airtime keeps on coming! Some head-chopping fun on airtime hill 4! Some more overbank action! The second airtime hill - ejector city!! The first overbank. The first supa-kerazy airtime hill!
  21. Now, my visit just happened to coincide with a special 'Film My Ride' promotion Holiday Park were running in which their media/promotions department offered to film your ride on Expedition GeForce using the same modified crash helmet Robb used to get some of his EGF footage last year! After a bit of fiddling on Adobe Premiere, they burned my DVD for something like 15 Euros (I forget the exact price now). Here are some cheeky stills from said DVD: ...before it's time to go and re-join the queue! [taken from Holiday Park's My Ride DVD] Picking up some final airtime moments... [taken from Holiday Park's My Ride DVD] ...and another! [taken from Holiday Park's My Ride DVD] An overbank... [taken from Holiday Park's My Ride DVD] ...immediately followed by some insane negative ones! That's the Intamin stuff! [taken from Holiday Park's My Ride DVD] A few positive Gs... [taken from Holiday Park's My Ride DVD] ...and zooming down the first drop that just isn't right! The guy next to me looks petrified!! [taken from Holiday Park's My Ride DVD] ...cresting the lift hill... [taken from Holiday Park's My Ride DVD] Let the expedition commence! (I am on the left in the Warp shirt) [taken from Holiday Park's My Ride DVD]
  22. Hello! Last August I made a special trip out to Germany in order to ride Expedition GeForce having been so inspired by everything I had heard about it! Well, here are a whole load of photos I took on my expedition in my first (if not slightly late!) PTR: (pictures will follow over several postings!) ...what?! No animals allowed on Expedition GeForce? The entrance to the ride along with the ride rules and regulations. Hang on... One of the most amazing first drops on a coaster...ever! The Expedition GeForce area of Holiday Park with some lucky riders getting some insane Intamin airtime in the background! ...the coaster of course - and what a great sight to be met with! Now, here's the reason for my trip - not the sign... I flew out from London Stansted airport to Frankfurt Hahn which, from what I can make out, isn't really anywhere near Frankfurt! But then Stansted (and Gatwick as another example) aren't really in London!
  23. Man alive!!! Well, despite being a bit spooked by how close that 'calculated guess' turned out to be (even if the proportions I guessed turned out to be a little skewed), I'd like to radiate "mad props" to ncf for using the same method I did to work out the total! And, of course, thanks to Elissa for taking the time to count up all of those coins! Robin
  24. This is a very good point - one which I almost over-looked in planning a similar German coaster trip for later this year! (Thanks for the reminder!) I would suspect (and I could be wrong here) that most people who travel out to Germany for the World Cup will stay there for the matches they either have tickets for or hope to get tickets for, and then go home again once it's all over in order to go back to work etc. So, I would imagine that the second week of July wouldn't be too bad in terms of large numbers of people travelling around in order to get to venues. It looks like the runners-up match is on 8th July in Stuttgart and the final is on 9th July in Berlin. Germany is a big country, so as long as you avoid those areas on those days, you'll probably be fine. Good luck planning your trip! Robin
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