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  1. Thanks for all of the detailed advice! We'll probably go with a car if it's only 50$ or so, I've spent enough time dragging bags of records around public transportion in the last few months, plus I think driving on the freeway system around LA will be an entertaining experience, much like crossing the road apparently is. One last (actually that probably isn't true): Where is the closest Denny's? For some reason I feel that it is essential to eat at Denny's while in LA, although I have no idea why. Thanks again, Matt
  2. Hey there, This seemed like the best place to ask this sort of question, seeing as everyone is always so friendly.... Me and my girlfriend are returning from Japan on our way back to Eastern Canada but we've planned a stopover in LA so we can check out MM. However, as Japan is quite expensive we are quite broke, so are in need of some advice on the cheapest way to get from the airport to the park, and where we can stay for cheap around there without getting shot (just kidding, sort of). Both of us can drive and we have enough baggage to sink a boat but don't mind making bus drivers load it for us. And if you are feeling extra generous, some advice on how to tackle the park would be great too, although I don't really expect crowds to be too heavy. Thanks for any help eh? Cheers, Matt
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