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  1. That raft ride seems like fun! As does your whole trip around some of Germany's less talked about parks! Dank u wel!
  2. Dank u wel! Glad to see the prices and park map included in your report. I wasn't previously aware of Fort Fun (Edit: apart from Hanno's trip report earlier this year) - looks like you had a fun day!
  3. Glad you enjoyed our TRs, Ryan! GeForce was just ridiculously good!! The ejector air on the first two hills was just so sustained, and also - as a direct result of the first trim disappearing - really strong on every single other hill, including Stengel's Bückel S-hill! We just couldn't believe it!! GeForce is back on top form for sure. It was without doubt the best I've ever ridden it, and I've been there almost every year for the last six years. Here's hoping that it continues to run as well in 2011 - if it was running so well on a not particularly hot day (although the wind speed was really low for the most part, which does seem to make a difference), who knows what it'll be doing in the middle of next summer?! Spinning Racer is definitely a must-ride travelling coaster, I'd say!
  4. ^ Thanks- it's a Panasonic LX3. I don't actually like it all that much, but it does well in low light situations.
  5. Hey Larry, To add to the recent big influx of German travelling coasters to the TPR park index, I proudly present Oscar Bruch's Spinning Racer (as found at the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt) for you: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=56839&start=20 All the best, Robin
  6. Sorry for the delay - I've literally just rebuilt my poorly PC and can now post my part 2! When I returned to my hotel in Neustadt an der Weinstraße from Holiday Park (thanks for the lift to Haßloch Pfalz Bahnhof, Hans and EB - really sorry you later broke down though), the receptionist mentioned to me that there was a big fair going on nearby - the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt in Bad Dürkheim. At first I was a little put off by the title, what with being vegetarian (and Wurstmarkt = Sausage Fair). However, I quickly remembered that if Oktoberfest can be held quite happily in September, then what's in a name? I looked it up online and noticed that they had a travelling Maurer Söhne spinning coaster, "Spinning Racer"!! So it became my mission to head to Bad Dürkheim and ride it! It must have been one of the only travelling coasters not with TPR over at Oktoberfest! After a (packed!) half-hour regional train ride, I arrived in Bad Dürkheim and headed for the site of the fair, having scribbled down a rough map on the back of a random leaflet from the hotel. I needn't have worried as I wasn't the only one headed in that direction, and was kind-of swept along by the crowd! As soon as I approached the site, I could see a tall Starflyer-type-ride and off in the distance was Spinning Racer! I finally made it through the crowds and got on the coaster without much of a queue. I thought it was a really good, fun coaster and at 4 Euro, wasn't bad at all! It seemed to feature little elements from all of the other Maurer Söhne spinners I've been on too which was nice to see. An excellent bonus after an amazing day at Holiday Park! After Spinning Racer, I headed for the Starflyer-type-ride. This (after research a few days later on my return) turned out to be Van Der Beek's 'Around the World' which has since been rebranded 'Sky Dance' and taken over by Nülken. My understanding from various internet articles is that the makers of the actual Starflyers, Funtime, have been in hot pursuit of this ride over the years as it infringes their patent! And I can see why, as it is essentially exactly the same as a Starflyer, but with slightly different seating - which actually made it slightly more terrifying than a normal one, e.g. Lighthouse Tower, which I had ridden earlier that day! I felt even less secure, but was perfectly happy to have paid 4 Euro to experience the ride! Anyway, enough writing - here are some pictures! Spinning Racer overview Kasse Ride sign Spinning Racer is owned by Oscar Bruch (who also owns Alpina Bahn and used to own Eurostar). Check out more details : http://www.oscar-bruch.de/ Like Robb mentioned in the Oktoberfest reports, there's nothing like $ per person to incentivise loading and despatch! Operations were superfast!! Here returneth some happy riders! A spinny blur... ...and another! OMG, I'm the new Hanno! Ha ha - just joking. Hanno is the new Hanno and will forever reign as king of theme park photography! And here's Sky Dance! Sky Dance blur!! Back at my hotel in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. Expedition GeForce is somewhere out there a matter of miles away. Goodnight! What an AMAZING day!!
  7. Good work, EB! Nice to see my dutch shoes turn up in a trip report! I have a part 2 coming up soon, but my computer with the pictures all ready to go is currently broken...
  8. If you use the Deutsche Bahn website www.bahn.de you can click an option at the top for English. Holiday Park and Europa Park are listed as destinations and will show you train / shuttle bus options. The younger generation all generally speak good English, the older generation do as well but can sometimes be more nervous of getting it wrong. You really won't have too many language problems.
  9. Great work, Hans. I literally can't believe it's true that the trim is back... for a very good reason! It quite literally can't be true! Remember, dogs are prohibited from riding GeForce! The rides we pretended to go on (but didn't) were great - I particularly enjoyed the moment when the barriers didn't open for our boat! And that spinning bench ride really made me dizzy, I expect!
  10. OK - time for part 1 of my contribution to this TR! In all my years of travelling to Holiday Park to ride Expedition GeForce, never before has it run so well! It was amazing!!! And it was great to see Peter, Hans and Eelke-Bart! Ich bin dein Expeditionsleiter, Doktor Robin Schroder! When we arrived at the park, there was a notice saying that both Expedition GeForce and Holly's Wilde Autofahrt were not operating. I was too distraught to take a photo (hence this drawing for the trip report). But the sign turned out to be completely wrong - both rides *were* running! Here's what we came here for! Superwirbel!! Peter managed to get the train in this picture of us - nice work! Next up, the Lighthouse Tower starflyer. As well as being a ride, the lighthouse tower also serves as a genuine lighthouse to the nearby Rhein river. Here is a map showing the region covered by the operating lighthouse. We all got a new credit on Holly's Wilde Autofahrt! Hans and EB got to ride with Holly, as you can see in this photo of their actual ride. Historical education time now! EB and Gabi are learning a lot in this picture. Crazy monorail ride time now. There is some discussion as to whether or not the downhill segment counts as a credit... ...The further back in the train you are, the less plausible it seems that this could possibly count as a credit. The duck made of flowers can only but look on as our monorail reaches the disputed downhill segment... Hans and EB get their credit! Hey it's the sunflower guys!! As we leave Donnerfluss, we spot a grasshopper!! Take a closer look! And, of course, we also rode Expedition GeForce! Here are Peter, Hans, EB and the flag of the European Union at GeForce's station. Some barrel theming! Here we all are on the ride! It was running the BEST EVER! I'll now trail ahead to some of the photos that you'll be seeing later in this trip report! 1. GeForce in the station! 2. GeForce in action! (Which some of you may note has been somewhat lacking in my contribution... Sorry!) 3. And finally: always start with a picture of the park map!
  11. Ha ha! Great stuff! I've just got back from Germany and can't wait for this epic trip report to take shape! Will endeavour to get my bits up in a couple of days' time...
  12. The goat encounter looked pretty crazy! Dank u wel!
  13. Hi Larry, Here are pictures of The Monster @ Walygator for the park index: www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=50337&p=931265#p931265 All the best, Robin
  14. I was at Walygator Parc briefly on Thursday morning and took a few rides on The Monster. It's a good ride - not quite as good as Katun @ Mirabilandia - and pretty much as I remember Raptor being. The other train was being worked on in the transfer area but even with just one train in operation, the queue was always less than 20 minutes long. Here are lots of pictures for the TPR park index! Park entrance The Monster's logo The Monster's sign Entrance to the queue Safety warnings You just zip straight through here...!
  15. Relaxing in the telephone museum looked like fun! Dank u wel! Edit: I forgot to say "Dag!" as well. And Vijf!
  16. Hi Davon! Great to see your pictures so far! I was also surprised to see the horses, Morgan!
  17. Hey Larry! Good to see your pictures from your bonus park day, and looking forward to seeing the rest of your extended trip! For the Walibi event, Robb and Elissa helped out in a huge way - I really didn't have to do all that much, but it still gave me a big insight into what it's like for them to run the trips! I don't know how they do it!!
  18. I couldn't agree more with Morgan! I think you deserve a medal for surviving your haphazard European adventure! This has been a unique TR so far, can't wait to hear how it all ends!
  19. Great pictures, Hanno! And a really nice surprise to see you on more of the Europe trip than I previously thought! Hope to catch up with you again soon.
  20. ^ Your post may be about 110 years too late...! Incidentally, here are some pictures I took of the abandoned Spree Park in Berlin - spooky! Credit!
  21. The park is really in the middle of nowhere - it's far easier to get to Alton Towers if you're driving, but it's really not impossible to get there via public transport. Take a look at Alton Towers' How To Find Us page. You can get buses to the park from surrounding towns / cities Stoke on Trent, Uttoexter, Derby and Nottingham. Out of these, I'd suggest that Stoke is the easiest option in terms of travelling up from London by train. You may find www.thetrainline.com useful for checking train prices - should be pretty easy to see where the cheaper but non-flexible (and reserved seat) tickets are still available. Buy sooner rather than later as there's only a small quota of the cheap tickets before they make you buy a more expensive ticket. As long as you get an early train up in the morning from London, you'll definitely be able to get to the park and get back in the same day - it'll just be a long day with an early start. But it's well worth spending a couple of days there if you have the time - make sure you check out the water park! I recently did the journey from Euston - Stoke and it's only just over an hour and a half. The staff bus from Stoke only takes 45 mins (Bus 15, although there is a bus 14 that takes longer as it stops off at local villages). Check www.traveline.info for bus times - they're not so frequent and you'll need to make sure your train gets you up in time to catch one. When it says 'Alton Towers Farley Gates' as the bus stop on that website, ignore that - the bus goes right to the front of the park. Have fun!
  22. ^ I agree on the Heide Park suggestion - if you're travelling by public transport, you might be able to swing it so that you take a train to Hamburg and then catch the bus from Hamburg ZOB (might be a bit of an early start to make it for this bus though). I've done this journey but in reverse (i.e. Heide Park to Berlin) - it's very straightforward; and not all that long.
  23. Galileo is my favourite show on German TV! Sadly, the link doesn't work outside of Germany (as with the rest of Galileo's online content). However, they do have a Pro-7 video podcast for Galileo which presents 10 minute segments from the show every now and then... maybe it might spring up in some form there (although this is unlikey if it was 27 minutes long)? Thanks for posting anyway!
  24. The Hamburg ZOB (Bus station) has a service that runs to Heide Park in the morning, and then back in the evening... did you investigate Hamburg? All the best, Robin
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