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  1. Finally! Someone else with some NCS stuff. I'm diggin this man I really am!!
  2. Sorry for the bump but I was wondering who still had interest in this park. My bands been on tour all summer so I haven't really had much time to work on it. We're finally back now and I really want to sit down and get some more work done on this park. Just curious if there was still support out there for some sick NCS pirate stuff.
  3. That topspin is just... incredible really. I need to get back into the game it's been far to long since I've worked on my parks. This really is motivating me.
  4. Sad i just discovered this now. If there's still time I am definitely interested, as no hacks and no custom scenery seems to be the thing i do best
  5. Survived the 21st. I mean that as in my 21st birthday and the end of the world on the 21st. Anyway got some work done. For those of you that have followed my Cloverdale park you'll recognize this idea. Made another amphitheater. But since i'm taking this park a lot more seriously with my ability and actually plan on submitting this to NE once it's done, and if i feel its up to par. Honestly I'd love to hear what you all would think of me submitting this, as far as actually getting something. Anyway, back to the park. Added a smaller coaster near the front of the park as well as a few buildings and little rides. Once I get some more work done I'll show you the progress. SCR76.BMP seen it before I know. haha SCR77.BMP basically just a different backdrop.
  6. Thanks guys!! I should have an update up this week something. I turn 21 today (may 23rd) so it might not be for a few days Cheers!
  7. Woah, Your getting soo good. haha. Loooove the way that invert seperates the path like that, just gorgeous. And that cafe looks amazing as well. Beautifully executed. I agree with making the umbrellas multicolored though, might help break it up and give the screen more life. Just a suggestion though
  8. Liam, it's nice to see you showing off your amazing skills over here for the TPR community. Like I said on NE this is a gorgeous roller coaster in ever sence of the word. I can't wait to get home and open this baby up. Congrats on the design!
  9. haha No it's cool man, we all have our opinions on what we think looks better
  10. Very cool twist on a great ride. I wouldn't mind seeing this built somewhere
  11. Can't wait to see some more screens of this. As always its all looking really good and I can't wait to see how you pull this off!
  12. And what exactly is your reason why he should consider different colors for the track? I think it fits very well.
  13. Thanks guys for all the comments! Everyone is appreciated! Just to let everyone know I'm heading out to Utah for a week tomorrow so don't expect any updates on the park for a while. Cheers!
  14. Yeah I'm constantly working on the foliage here and there, but any advice on your ways to improve it would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Unfortunately there's very limited pieces I could use for a guardrail. And they don't even line up correctly anyway. My only hope is that the peeps will stay seated and not jump off the tram. Got another little teaser for ya just showing off the other side of the Tram. Also, if anyone has any name suggestions that kind of go along with the theme of the park that would be amazing. Right now it's just call Tramway. SCR75.BMP yes it took many times to get the trains to cooperate. haha
  16. Hey man its your park you can build whatever you want
  17. Thanks Derek, I've always appreciated your input with my work. And thanks to everyone else who's following this project. Working on a few details at the moment, nothing major. Cheers!
  18. Got 2 screens for everyone today. First one is basically a finished screen, just need to add a few more details. Second, is of Swashbucklers station. Now i'm not sure how I feel about it honestly. I tried reworking a few different times. Suggestions? SCR71.BMP SCR72.BMP
  19. Got a few more details added and a new shop, The Shack. Grab a bite and watch Castaway! SCR70.BMP
  20. Dude, I was thinking the exact same thing like a few months ago. I messaged him asking where he's been and nothing :/
  21. I am also liking the looks of this. Just a little input on the color, I agree the the supports should be yellow, also try some light blue on the train to emulate the blue chest piece iron man has? Just an idea Other than that no criticism here. I also agree the launch tunnel (if thats what it is) looks stunning.
  22. But like I said I'd love to see someone make their own design with the same concept and make it work. My main reason I don't hack is because the computer I play RCT2 on is crazzzzy slow. It takes about 10 minutes to load up a trainer and than exiting and entering the game itself is even worse. So.. Until I get a better PC you can expect NCS and no hacks from this guy Also I like to show how you can still make slightly decent parks with how the game was initially intended. I find it more challenging.
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