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  1. Just working with trying to get supports of an S&S woody. NCS of course SCR50.BMP SCR51.BMP still unsure on it. feedback??
  2. Oh theres plenty more to come dont your worry! SCR48.BMP Brand new 'retro' style restaurant. SCR49.BMP a little more work has been done.
  3. Still need a name for the coaster if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!! SCR47.BMP lots of work still to be done.
  4. Hey guys, Corky here again. I started a new project 2 days ago after I finally gave in and tried custom scenery for the first time. I'm liking how its turning out so far honestly. Feedback is definitely welcome and appreciated. I want to get better at using custom scenery and trainers (still haven't downloaded any though) So onto the pictures, some of you may have seen some older ones in the preview thread. The coaster still needs a name by the way. SCR44.BMP Entry area. SCR45.BMP Another view of the season pass building. SCR46.BMP
  5. Hopefully get an update up this week sometime. Maybe tomorrow. Started another project 2 days ago, my first attempt at custom scenery Actually making a thread for that after I post this comment so you guys should head over there and check it out!!
  6. DJ that is looking sooo good! Why don't you make a separate thread for it??
  7. Added a little more to this little area I've been working on. Please remember, this is my first attempt at custom scenery so don't be to harsh on the criticism. SCR43.BMP SCR42.BMP simple yet effective.
  8. I finally broke down and tried messing around with custom scenery for the first time Still a lot of work to be done. SCR38.BMP
  9. Old Joke is old. I see the humor in that, but, c'mon be serious here he's asking for help. That was my help
  10. Hello Texas Giant!!! Only thing Im not to sure on is the red track on top. I get the point but it just seems cluttered? Can you put those trains just on the wooden coaster track? Than again just an opinion, and I'm not even to sure how I really feel.
  11. Thanks guys! Really glad you all like the new additions. Personally I love the feel of Trailblazer. Can't wait to get some more work done.
  12. I would love to do this! I'd have to be on a team with people who can hack because I've never even attempted that stuff. haha. But I also don't have internet at all times, (my girlfriend has one of those usb mobile connection things so I only get it a few times a week) So it'd be rather hard to keep sending files and working on this smoothly. Never-the-less I really like the idea of these!
  13. Haha, I know. I felt like I was the only person within all these surrounding states even that was on this site.
  14. Yeah, when I started this park back in August it was my first ever attempt at a full scale amusement park with RCT2. And as I'm going along I'm getting better/ having more patience for building so I've slowly started the process of rebuilding and adding hills. All the new sections I have have a lot of landscape changes the only thing not affected is the paths. I've been debating if I want to go back and try adding elevation changes which would than entitle me to have to rebuild rides/buildings to fit into the landscaping. But, other than that I'm really glad you guys are liking this park!
  15. So on Monday I finished this up and my lack of internet till the weekend has prohibited me from sharing this with you all till now and I've been very anxious to see what everyone thinks. It's an amphitheater with NCS and I absolutely love how it turned out for a practice one. The original idea came to me at work which was the base blocks and the headstones as back rests. And from there sprouted this whole amphitheater. Medora Musical is a fun family filled musical that put on shows multiple times a day. But going to start out this update with finished pictures of Trailblazer! Also, I strongly encourage any and everyone to steal my idea for the amphitheater. I feel like there's so many possibilities for making so many different and unique things with it. As I was building it I kept having ideas for different themed ones and designs. I would love to see some more of these pop up in peoples parks SCR21.BMP SCR22.BMP SCR23.BMP Since this picture was taken I added a building and transfer track over the break run. SCR24.BMP SCR25.BMP SCR37.BMP Station and gift shop SCR28.BMP Love this.. (Thanks to Coupon for the sky/wall idea ) SCR29.BMP Another angle. SCR30.BMP I think it looks much more realistic when you don't look directly at it. haha SCR31.BMP SCR32.BMP Areas looking nice. SCR34.BMP Wider angle view. SCR35.BMP Outlaw's looking as good as ever. SCR36.BMP Really a unique park..
  16. Took some time but I made an ampitheater with NCS! SCR26.BMP Expect more pics in Cloverdale in a bit.
  17. Dear god I just saw this over at NE, I cannot wait to check this thing out ingame.. Truely is a work of art..
  18. I've tried the standard brownish/green color schemes, and like I said, I don't want to be so traditional with the colors. Something a little different than would be expected but also fits the theme. Alas, the colors should really be my last concern right now, gotta get the themeing finished!
  19. I think I might just change the color of the supports to a different color.. I'll get on later and mess around. Got a few screens for ya here. Hope you like. SCR17.BMP Messing with colors.. SCR18.BMP Original color. SCR19.BMP Attempt at NCS roof objects to make it look more realistic.. let me know what you think! SCR20.BMP Added a pirate ship to the scenic walk-about. C=
  20. I'm with you guys on the colors not really going along with the theming but, I felt that browns and darker greens seemed to cliche' and I wanted to go at it a different approach and really make the track pop out of the woods and scenery. I'll put up 2 pictures in a bit comparing these colors and a different scheme. If anyone has some other color suggestions, please, let me know!
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