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  1. Very cool coup. The details on those buildings are amazing. And I for some reason rather like the flat umbrellas. and the layout has a very small GCI feel. I love it.
  2. Make sure to check out all of the other H2H parks at NE!! Seriously some amazing stuff there guys.
  3. I'd just add some sort of fountain at the top of the waterfall, otherwise I don't think that amount of water would last very long
  4. I would discover this topic/contest a few days before the deadline.. and my PC is in storage until I find a new place to live.. haah Good luck to everyone!! -Josh
  5. ^ how can you argue with that logic. Except you provided no feedback as to why you would do that. Just that it's your 'personal' preference for colors for a ride you didn't make..
  6. Love it man. I would definitley add a seating area/restaurant to the right of the coaster in the open area. Just to add more depth to the area. Maybe make it elevated and have a nice patio by the turn? either way. I love it. -Josh
  7. haha it's not a MCBR. It's like a pre-drop meet up for the trains. Kind of exciting for the riders.
  8. I think if you lowered it down a bit that it would look fantastic. Low enough to where it goes through the supports of the yellow coaster. Seems to me that would be a good height?
  9. Few more shots of my duelie.. SCR97.BMP Totem Pole Drop .. SCR98.BMP mmmmm sexy
  10. ^Oh hey I appreciate the in depth feedback. But just for everyone else's sake, why don't you go ahead and maybe explain to them why I shouldn't use and s-bend...
  11. Yeah it's definitely the only building that uses it. haha
  12. Just a few random tid bits from a new design I'm working on. SCR93.BMP this area has changed quite a bit. SCR95.BMP new use for the side friction track?? SCR96.BMP more random goodness
  13. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and honestly yes, I think it deserved silver but depends on who judges it and so on.
  14. After over 3 weeks of waiting.... I'm proud to present to you.. NE's newest bronze accolade.. http://www.nedesigns.com/park/2269/atlantic-adventures/ Thanks to all of you for your input and feedback really! This park wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you at TPR so from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Don't expect this to be the last thing you see from me Oh, and yes I will be submitting this to the database here very shortly. aint it purdy..
  15. I don't know why anyone hasn't commented on this already.. this looks great!!! I'm really excited to see some more screens!!
  16. This is my kind of thing!! All I do is NCS. Wouldn't mind doing a little either. I do enjoy showing what I can do with NCS.
  17. Suicide- thanks man that means a lot!! Coupon- I sense some sarcasm there..
  18. That's sick dude.. Congrats!! Also the picture is absolutely amazing.
  19. Well hopefully you won't have to wait much longer... Just submitted this to NE about 5 minutes ago!! So hopefully we'll see it on the front page in a couple weeks!! Not really sure how long they take to judge but either way I am very excited about this and want to thank all of you so much who have been following this park since it started almost a year ago. Your guys' comments and suggestions are really what drove me to finish this park so from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Here's to getting my first accolade at my first real submission at NE!! Cheers!! -Josh
  20. I'd add interior to the hotel like baths maybe some planters or bushes or something. Just so it doesn't look empty.
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