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  1. Thanks guys!! I guess I've never really understood the point of testers? Sure, in a park that has hacks and all of that I'm sure you'd want to see it but when it's a NCS park. haha I mean I'd love to have some people check it out and give me their feed back. If that's the reason? haha like i said always been confused on the point of 'testers'
  2. Just add some supports under the tallest part of the cobra roll and I have no complaints
  3. This is probably going to be the last picture update until I submit this to NE. So please give me your feedback on the park so far. enjoy!! SCR89.BMP party
  4. I'd have to agree. Of course I havent seen all of it to make that assumption yet but..
  5. A little idea I had while I was at work today. To make a Singapore Pirate ship that ran into a little bit of a rock formation. I'm fairly happy with how it turned out but I'd love to hear your guys opinions. Obviously There's theming and little things I'm sure I'll still work out with this but this is just to give you an idea of what I was going for. SCR87.BMP
  6. This is seriously fantastic.. I would ride this in a second. Just watching it I can say that it has to be one of the best looking flats I've ever seen.. and I mean that.
  7. Will work on the colors guys! In my mind I know which ones i'm going to pick.. i hope it looks as good as it does in my mind.
  8. What do you guys like better, this one or the one on the previous page??!! I kinda feel like i like this one better honestly...? SCR86.BMP ??
  9. Thanks guys!! But yeah it still is a no trainers park so I guess that's a good thing if it looks like I used some
  10. I need your guys' opinion on this. I feel that I exicuted it well I'm just not sure if I like the finished product or not??... So please! Let's hear your opinions!!! Oh and a side not yes, I changed the color of Samurai SCR84.BMP Grab a bite at the way to much trackicature chinese restaurant..
  11. Looks like the challenge is on And thanks for that!! I've never known about that. haha
  12. It's really not supposed to be a building as much as it's supposed to be a canopy.
  13. Got a little update for you guys. This is a little more of the Singapore pirate section of the park featuring a large B&M floorless coaster named Samurai. I've never been huge into trackicature or however you spell it so this is just me playing around with it a little bit. Themeing is coming on slowly but surely as there are very limited oriental pieces. Let me know what you think so far!! SCR82.BMP A little more theming has been done to the back half of the ride. SCR83.BMP Station for Samurai.
  14. Lovin how this is turning out man!! Do see some of my ideas from Atlantic Adventures in here?? ie; the beach towels and the cabanas? haha Either way it looks great and actually I see a few ideas I just might have to steal from you if you don't mind My only thing I would change that I can see so far is the size of the volleyball net is waaaay to large if you going for peep scale. Especially sitting next to those cabanas. What I would use is the glass piece with the crisscrosses in it. If you don't know what I'm talking about I did it in my Atlantic Adventures park and only make it 1 tile. Also as far as the letters go on the O, I would take off the bottom 2 pieces on the sides to kind of round out the bottom as well. Other than that this is really great man. Love finding another NCS gamer like myself. PS. What the heck is this 'glitch' that you can get the walls to be slanted??? I've never heard of that before and I'm sure it would come in handy. haha
  15. Actually fixed that right after I put that picture up. Using the wooden posts and it connects it. And absolutely you can use that idea!!!! I'd love to see it in more peoples work!!
  16. I have another teaser for you guys. Screen is unfinished. Just posting it for some fun SCR81.BMP Something big is coming..
  17. I'll do some reworking of it for sure. And as far as the Intamin goes I wish i knew what else to do for the main supports but for some odd reason I like how it turned out. And I have a few ideas for the islands as far as scenery goes. I hope I don't let anyone down.
  18. As you said I can see a few supports that are a bit sloppy looking other than that I really enjoy the way it turned out!
  19. Thanks guys!!! Got a little more work done today but for now i'm going to show you a new idea I had for making a 'wake' using NCSO. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Maybe if I do a little reworking it'll look right but I just wanted to hear your guys' feedback. SCR80.BMP need some feedback!!
  20. After months of laying dormant I finally busted out my old RCT2 disc again. And finally after months I have a small update for everyone. I fully intend to finish this park as I have extremely high hopes for what it could become. I'm not sure if anyone even has interest in this project still or not but here ya go, got a little teaser for ya. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to give some feedback!! SCR79.BMP Kiddy area almost complete.
  21. This is seriously shaping up quite fantastic. That car ride is amazingly executed. The only input I can give right now is maybe that turn around on the wingrider maybe put a fountain in the middle of the helix? Other than that I love it.
  22. I don't spy any? Granted I don't do hacks but I don't see anything that isn't possible with the way I play the game
  23. Yeah they started as all one color. Just trying to add more colors to the area to Make it feel more gardenish? haha I like the roof idea as far as the arctiteture is concerned. I'll agree it doesn't really fit the location. Which is why I'm asking for feedback and as far as the fences around the paths are concerned, like i said, its a very unfinished screen
  24. After 5 months.. I have a little update available for everyone!! It's nothing major yet. Minor things are being done throughout the park as we speak but so far all I have is this one little update. Its going in the shanghai pirate section of the park. Note: very very very unfinished screen. Any criticism would be greatly appreciated Been on a creative block since it's been so long since I've worked on this. SCR78.BMP Also needs a name. I was going for the whole chinese gardens look. I'm not sure if I like it..
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