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  1. Works slowly coming along. SCR16.BMP Just another view of the Immelman.
  2. Sad to hear we only have 5 seasons left.. I was really hoping to see the future of where Six Flags will go But in all honesty, this park is incredible and I know how much time and effort you've spent making it perfect. I know it holds a special place in all of our hearts here on TPR. Keep rockin' it CD5!
  3. A little more theming has been added to Trailblazer.. A fast paced out of control ride through the woods and around an old mining area. SCR14.BMP Being so close to the trees really makes you feel like your flying through at an amazing pace. SCR15.BMP Lots of work to be done on the launch/inversion over the launch track area.
  4. Looks like Cloverdale is finally getting a coaster with inversions... SCR13.BMP Really a good looking coaster.
  5. Looks like something big is coming to Cloverdale.. SCR13.BMP
  6. Good luck!! Many tried/failed attempts of making a roller coaster out of legos from this guy! haha
  7. I never have used the scrolling banner signs for anything but the top of woodies, so I wanted to try something different. It says Souvenirs From Cloverdale, or something along those lines. I wanted to line it up so it would like like they were scrolling into each other, if that makes sense. Perhaps I'll remove the two middle ones. Thanks for all the suggestions and I'm really glad you liked Gunner. I was going for the style of that new woodie in china and I love how it looks honestly.
  8. A little more work has been done. Nothing to spectacular. SCR11.BMP Pirates Den, a scenic walkway where guests can relax and enjoy an Iced Tea.
  9. Been a while since i've worked on Cloverdale. Since before Christmas actually. Finally got back to work. Just small details so far, nothing major. SCR8.BMP New souvenir building located by Cryptic Nile and Monsoon. SCR9.BMP Gunner is looking as fabulous as usual, you can also see a better picture of the new eating establishment. SCR10.BMP a little more theming has been added by Timberfalls
  10. Another one I spit out. I really need to slow down, this is my 3rd one I've finished in 2 weeks. haha Oh well its fun. SCR7.BMP
  11. Heres another teaser of something. It's basically done but, honestly, I'm not really sure how I feel about it. My other one that I posted screens for is done so let me know when I can get on this contest SCR5.BMP
  12. I'm really not sure how I feel about this yet. It's another design idea for the 15X15 challenge. The layout is terrible but thats about the best I got. Personally I like the other one I posted in the Micro thread much better. Feedback? SCR5.BMP
  13. Oh my I love that! You can't be done with RCT2 with your ability getting so good!
  14. Little something I'm working on for the new micro challenge. SCR4.BMP
  15. Honestly, I'm hoping for something like iSpeed. That would look breathtaking in this park.
  16. Thanks guys!!! And I do not have LL installed on my computer (the disc is back home) so I cant check out half of the entries, kinda bummed about that.
  17. As promised, this is a little something I whipped up in 2 hours yesterday. Still a few minor details to add but I"m fairly happy with how it turned out Let me know when I can submit this? I"m assuming Feb? SCR3.BMP just need to add a few more details
  18. Thank you!!!!! haha Now will I have to do this everytime I take a new screenshot or save a new file? Or will it automatically work now?
  19. So I just got a new computer so I could play RCT3 and RCT2 would run smoother. And I'm in the middle of my 15X15 park. I take a screenshot, it says it saves. And I go to where the screenshots always are and its nowhere to be found! I even did a search for SCR1.BMP and nothing came up. Than I look to find the saved game that I have and that's not in their either. Than I go to look up the track file that I saved and that too isnt there. So basically anything I save from RCT2 doesnt show up in the location, or even on my hardrive as I did a search on my whole computer. Does anyone have any suggestions!!?
  20. Just wanted to let everyone know (whos ever interested anyway) that my park got 4th place. Im happy with how my park turned out and had fun so it was all worth it! The downloads in the link http://www.nedesigns.com/index.php?showtopic=23578
  21. Just came across this thread earlier today. Actually almost finished an entry in 2 hours already so. Sign me up for whenever the next one is that I can get on. haha
  22. TPR offers spell check for a reason. Please, use it. On a side note, I rather enjoy the feel this park has so far. Hope to see an update soon!
  23. Real snowmobiles go 70 plus But I suppose it is the only means of transportation we have up in here in North Dakota.
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