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  1. Breaking news folks…. welcome back, Hangtime!
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  2. I've posted this many times before, so why not once more! What the park REALLY needs is a traditional log ride. The other water rides in the park (Snake River Falls and Thunder Canyon) get you soaked. A no-brainer: build a replica of Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride. 1) Great ride and has been for 50+ years 2) Perfect theming which would fit in with FrontierTown 3) Small footprint would fit perfectly in the empty space DO IT!!
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  3. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Even more happiness in the front row! The rare Christmas/Halloween decorations photo. I wish you a Scull Mountain Xmas
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  4. El Toro update: There are new black steel ledgers on the first drop, first two camelback hills, and the rolling thunder hill. Work has been progressing non-stop since the ride closed. Photo credit (best I can tell): Joel Noufe from the CJ's Crazy Coaster Crew Facebook group.
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  5. isn't this the same area that they use for Sleepovers during the "stay in the park" event? (can't recall the name . but I remember reading a Trip Report (from Prozach?) about staying overnight in the park, and they camped in the Antique Cars area). so yeah. . agreed..will probably become a "rest area"
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  6. In a move that probably surprises no one.... https://fox8.com/news/cedar-point-changes-skyfox-captures-something-missing-from-the-park/ Click the link for flyover video and a still capture. 500 foot coaster that spans the entire park, from the old Wicked Twister spot to Frontier town, all but confirmed.
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  7. Well if there's a weight limit involved might as well forget about it for Gatlinburg.......
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  8. Heres a little teaser/promo clip on their Facebook page. https://fb.watch/94dWACzgJq/ Also in the press conference announcement they said they were going to preserve the landscape and trees as much as they could and incorporate the creek running thru the property into the park's attractions. So yeah lets hope they follow thru by not clear cutting all their trees unlike some parks as of late. (looking at you Dollywood)
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  9. It just seems that the company has been successful with delivering a far inferior product (no shows, no FastPass, no atmosphere) and yet people still pay to come. It's sad, but once a show is cut, it's rare for it to be brought back since it costs money and the pencil pushers don't see the value in spending money if it's not to make money.
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