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Two words that were formed by nine letters just sitting on a table somewhere, doing absolutely nothing, completely bored...


How did McDonald's come to choose The Golden Arches to represent itself?


How did McDonald's come up with the cultural icon known as the Golden Arches? With a little imagination, you could easily see the logo as a couple of flexible french fries placed next to one another. After all, the McDonald's mascot at the time did have a hamburger for a head, so the restaurant clearly wasn't averse to incorporating food into its designs. In reality, however, the inspiration for the Golden Arches stemmed from architecture rather than food.


After the initial success of the first McDonald's restaurant, founders Dick and Mac McDonald looked to franchise their operation. Working with architect Stanley Meston, the brothers designed a red-and-white-themed, walk-up restaurant with a distinctive slanted roof. Dick found the design a little plain and proposed adding two giant yellow arches, running from the front to the restaurant to the back, to both sides of the building. For good measure, they placed another arch sporting their "Speedee" logo to serve as a sign for the restaurants. For years, the arches remained only an architectural feature of the restaurants.


In 1962, however, McDonald's looked to modernize its logo (and, according to some, avoid unflattering comparisons of its "Speedee" chef character with Alka-Seltzer's "Speedy" mascot). When viewed from a certain angle, the arches framing McDonald's restaurants formed an "M," so the company incorporated the arches into its new logo. In fact, early versions of the Golden Arches have a diagonal line, representing the roofline of the restaurants, cutting across the middle of the "M." The new logo proved a huge success, and the company stuck with the design even as McDonald's began removing the architectural golden arches from its restaurants throughout the sixties.


STUPID QUESTION: How did Casper meet Wendy?

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