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Americana/LeSourdsville Lake Photos or Videos?

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Here's some of the best I have, sorry most have me and my brother in them, but I tried to include the most ride-oriented ones I could find (my dad was the one with the camera, not me, I didn't start taking pictures until 2002. These are from August of 2001, at Screech Fest, Regional ACE event.



The crack the Whip ride



I believe this was called the Serpent or something like that, fun little coaster


You got soaked on their Log Flume, but man, was it ever fun


the Station at night





Screechin Eagle


The Belle of LeSourdsville and the Lake in the middle of the park

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Robb, I probably have a bunch of pics if I can dig them out. We were poor growing up and living near there, we went there alot!! Also, I probably have pics of Fantasy Farm, a little kids park located right next to Americana, I know I have some pics from there.

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Oh, Here the link for Americana/LeSourdsville Lake




Only one found on used ride is Reverchon Explorer also named Wave Jammer used to operated at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. They sold to LeSourdsville Lake but never operate. Here link.




and one at LeSourdsville Lake




Thank you TPR

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