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In The Loop's Guide To The Midway

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^Good! You didnt forget that its not a hill! Clint, I want to thank you for putting up all these ITL podcasts, they are really funny and interesting and have been a great addition to my iPod's podcast list. But anyways, another awsome podcast, makes me want to get to SFMM even more next season.


Colin"All I need is a place to stay...and money, cant forget money"C

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I had a blast hanging with Robb and Elissa. Fun times and big thanks to Robb for helping make our premiere episode of the new podcast a success. Glad Robb enjoyed Sue making fun of me in the show, going back and listening to it, it was pretty funny.

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Very good podcast of SFMM


The Disneyland podcast is up. Robb is not on that one but we do talk about hanging out with them and how crazy they are in person.


Are you hoping to boost your listeners by mentioning Robb in your shows?:-P

Or does he pay you for mentioning his name/website as advertise... maybe he uses sublimable messages in his DVD's for you guys



Maybe he is.... I'm hooked on the podecasts and heard most of them in one week time


hehe, still good podcast without him though.



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I cant tell you how much he is paying us but all I can say is that its to much.


Dont forget to listen to the next podcast as we talk about robb and how cool he is. We also chat about what makes him cool, and if there was a cool club how he would be the cool prez.

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You know, my only favorite podcasts so far have been the one retrocrush.com puts out, and one called "Drink till We're Funny"...but now, ITL has become a new favorite of mine, and it's all thanks to this episode.


I was glad to here some detailed information about SFMM, as well as get some park tips from the masters. It was also nice to hear that SF is going to be making more of an effort to attract families. Even though they're gonna attract even more people with Tatsu opening soon, they sound like they want to make an effort in keeping the place as clean and friendly as they can keep it. And as much as I enjoy coasters, I think that's important.


I can recall many trips to CP in the past, and though I did enjoy their coasters, the overall experience was rather lacking, with the overcrowding, the shortage of clean tables and benches, and also not enough real entertainment to pass the time between rides.


Then I decided to have a break from CP, and visit BGW instead. I'll never forget my first day there. I took a ride on The Loch Ness Monster first, and then walked over to Italy for an early lunch. I sat in that piazza, just eating by myself, in such a well kept and lovely place, run by such likable staff, and this feeling of absolute awe came over me. I was in love with the place from that moment on. It didn't bother me one bit that this park only had four coasters. There was much, much more in there to appreciate than thrill rides.


I think this is the approach SF is trying to go for, and they think they should at least give it a shot. The thrills will always be there. They've established their great reputation with thrill rides. Now the time has come to start looking at other things.

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