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  1. hehe the blindfolded pianist. He's very good. Your pathétique isn't very good on the other hand: using far to much legato-pedal and it yust doesn't sound good as a whole. The other pieces are much nicer cheers
  2. Well it's the first round nothing to tell yet who's going to win... Some teams stay with defending the whole time and hope there 1 attacker will score by chance. ex: Trinidat & Tobago vs. England/Sweden Costa Rica vs. Germany Paraguay vs. Sweden +.... That's the way Greece played and won the EK without playing 1 good match, it's not suprising that they didn't qualify for this. even Germany is playing offensive this time Best match was Argentina - Ivor Coast Best upcoming match: Netherlands - Ivor Coast Join the chain: Joga Bonito
  3. Very good podcast of SFMM Are you hoping to boost your listeners by mentioning Robb in your shows? Or does he pay you for mentioning his name/website as advertise... maybe he uses sublimable messages in his DVD's for you guys edit: Maybe he is.... I'm hooked on the podecasts and heard most of them in one week time hehe, still good podcast without him though. cheers
  4. lol already saw it once but still a great laugh
  5. I like the animation The elivators go faster than some part of the tracks, I'm looking forward to rocketeer those hills
  6. hehe, I thought it was a documentary at first this was so funny: "I want to go in the army, but what if you get lag on the field?" already saw them all but only found this http://media.putfile.com/PurePwnage-MeetFPSDoug one hilarious
  7. @ imbordisux= hehe nice video especially the 2 cooks I'm going to buy a Nintendo Revolution merely because they are (trying) inventive with there new consoles. (such as their DS) PS3 and 360 are particularly focussed on the graphics part. They both try to profile the most "realistic" graphics on their machines. I alreday have enough EA-sports games and i'm not going to buy a new console to merely see stunning grass on the football fields with no change in gameplay. I will rather subscribe me in one of the local sport clubs to get uber realistic events + practicing sport is more healthy, hihi Other examples of better graphics without any other major change = Killzone 2, Formule 1, Fifa 2006, NFL 2006, Ghost Recon 360, Morrowind: Oblivion,... etc. etc.
  8. some soccer related videoclips: world class missers http://media.putfile.com/buts-immanquables random streaker scoring a nice goal in spanish league ( some explicit material therefore only for adults?) http://www.holylemon.com/content.php?id=442 nice actions/dribbels: Nilis:http://tnor.no-ip.com/dennis/PSVMovies/Nilis-Utrecht%201997.WMV Cafu: http://www.fclembeke.be/downloads/cafu.mpe
  9. I rate Sevilla Betis- Liverpool the best match of the evening hehe nice bocakey: I only know the "You ' ll ne-v-er waalk alone" part the rest ot the song i'm yust "NA NA-ing " Watched Chelsea-Anderlecht but it wasn't a nice match so changed to watch Lyon-Real Madrid (wasn't that good either) but the goals on Olympiakos-Rosenborg were very funny
  10. Ludwig Van Beethoven - Hammerklavier (opus 106) eta= 41:40 min
  11. only 1 hour left Chelsea - Anderlecht btw: It's nice that all the Liverpool fans hold there scarves when they sing, it gives a great view.
  12. roeterich: isn't the new stadium of Bayern München -Die Allianz Arena- better? It looks far better http://www.wdr.de/themen/forschung/technik/wettkampf_der_arenen/_mo/foto.jhtml?bseite=9 I wonder how long the cube will last untill a keeper kicks a ball to it (or some other player)
  13. hehehe very nice report Don't see a connection between a bridge and surfing... but ... lovely bridge And what Do you excactly drink on your work a little comment: I think that the Beatles walk in the opposit direction
  14. well I think the slapping is yust fun to do? ....but it is more an admonition like some people shout "Come on" or "here we go". Meh they yust do it all the time: after a goal, after a fault, during a substitution (sometimes half the team slaps the replaced player) even the coach does it regullarly
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