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Concrete. So Tatsu was moved to Canobie Lake Park as "Screw the Locals, this ain't Alton Towers", and Riddler's Revenge moved to a ghetto parking lot fair as "Carnie: The Ride". However, Carnie: The Ride proceeded to...

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An amazingly bad crash happened, completly re-setting the time-space continuam. Robb, Elissa, and Derek are back at Knott's, in line for Xcelerator. However, now aware of the catastrophy that would cause the madness detailed over the past 77 pages, Derek convinced the Ride Ops to switch places with SFMM Ride Ops, and the following breakdown gave maintnence just enough time to fix problem that would result in this thread's events. After safely disembarking Xcellerator, Derek wanted to ride Sierra Sidewinder, so they got in line just behind a fat ACEr who was stuffing his face full of Tacos, but then...

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