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I'm going to NYC!!


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I married my husband at the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art, so that's a special place for me. Also like walking in Central Park and Greenwich Village. It's cool on a Sunday morning, when everyone is out walking their dogs.


We had great huevos rancheros at Mexican Radio. http://www.mexrad.com/


We also had a nice, romantic dinner here, the night before we got married. http://cuisinenet.com/info/?v=237&/New_York_City/rest/627.shtml


There are so many amazing restaurants to choose from, it makes your brain hurt.


The Galleries in the Forbes building are really cool, and it's free! I think I read somewhere that they sold off the Faberge collection, though. I hope I'm wrong about that, because it was awesome. http://www.forbesgalleries.com/


Have a great time!! Dress warm!!!!!

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If you like seafood, then the Nautical Mile(Woodcleft Avenue) in Freeport down on Long Island is the ultimate! The resteraunts are top quality, I would reccomend The Schooner, Otto's, and The Mermaid. It also has a large gazebo-like shelter right over the water, with an amazing view. Back in NYC, there is a place in Greenpoint called Monseigneurs, with the best mozzarella sticks EVER! It also has a good atmosphere, it's not too fancy, and is great for families. I also agree with everybody who says to go to the village. That place is amazing!


Hope I could help!

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I just got back from a week in Boston and NYC. I had a freaking blast. My eating priorities were Benny's Burritos (lower east side location), Two Boots pizza (all over the city; 8 I think), Nathan's, and Max's (you MUST order lasagna if you go).


As far as the gay places- any of the bars around Chelsea are more the SoCal-ish gay bars with the buff tank top boys and plenty of drag queens. There are gay bars all over the city though- and pleasantly run the gamut in what they offer. I went to a great, chill place called Phoenix on 13th street, I think it was somewhere between 1st Ave and B.


A great dive bar is 7b, and obviously its at 7th street and B Ave. It is also pretty obvious that I'm partial to the lower east side. Most of the places I've mentioned are there.


PM me if you have any specific ?'s.

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Guess where I'm at!!!


uh huh..I'm here...in New York City!


it's great. I love it so far, I might not want to live.


though the 1-hour by subway commute to get anywhere sucks.


thanks for the tips and suggestions, peeps, keep 'em coming!


I'm in Brooklyn, btw, like south Brooklyn. It's a nice, safe area actually.

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Williamsburg is a blast. The "main drag" is the Bedford exit on the L train. It's a very young hip area with tons of cool shops, bars and such. Have a great trip! Watch out for the L being closed on weekends in the near future. There are signs in the station that let you know what weekends it will be closed.

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I skimmed, seems like you're having a blast. Make sure to get to Grimaldi's or Portobello's, look at my earlier post for locations. And if you go to Portobello's tell the manager (Tony, medium height Sicilian man, probably arming the cash register, see picture below) that Juancarlos sent you. You might get preferential treatment...keyword, "might." However, he is a very friendly guy, so you can talk to him with ease.


Tony is the one in the middle.

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