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Oaks Park (Portland Oregon) Has just announced on their Facebook Page that they're replacing the Screaming Eagle (KMG Afterburner) with what appears to be a Zamperla Discovery Revolution


Here is a link to the post on their page with a video of the ride in action: https://www.facebook.com/oakspark/videos/426436424743322/


There's no press release, so no official details and/or stats just yet.

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Something here appears to be manipulating the links improperly - it's doubling the HTTPS:// part. No idea why. Just copy and paste it into a browser instead of clicking; that should work.

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Considering they're pressed for space, I'm not shocked they had to remove something to add a new ride. This is definitely an upgrade since Scream'n Eagle had a terrible cycle.


Sometimes it had a terrible cycle, and sometimes a good one. I think the operators had control over how it ran.


The more I look into this, the more I can see what an upgrade it (more than likely) will be--it's a similar ride type, but more than just a "same but different and new" replacement, one that would also be worthy of a bigger park.

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Small update: footers have been poured. But no visible ride peices on site yet.


I am glad to see they are now going for permanent 'park' models rather than the portable models they used to favour. Overall I'm glad to see the park looking a bit less like a carnival in a parking lot.



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Ride pieces have arrived and they are assembling them. These photos are from the Parks Facebook page but I will try to get down there in the next few days to get some photos for myself.



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^ I was definitely surprised most of the park felt like a carnival considering their name, so that's a positive sign to have a permanent ride added.


That's a good sign. Playland(PNE) was also like that (a traveling midway?) for a long, long time. Then, they put a permanent foundation down for AtmosFEAR (the starflyer), and started adding landscaping (i.e. shrubs and more trees) around some of the other flats.


Definitely an improvement. Hope it continues that way for Oaks, too.

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The one at Silverwood is an SBF/VISA maxi dance party 360, whereas this one is a Zamperla. The SBF model is about 2mrters taller, but I Can't say how the ride experience will compare.

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(taken from the parks Facebook page) I really love the color scheme they chose


A picture I took from the bluffs overlooking the park bear my house. You can make out the ride just below the tree line.


Construction has finally gone vertical so it looks like they may be planning to open the ride this year. The park is still closed but may be reopening in a few weeks depending on what happens with our Covid case load here


(taken from the parks Facebook page)

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