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  1. Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA, sorry forgot to take photos
  2. social distancing is the new normal, coronavirus anxiety!
  3. It's sunday and I'm listening to some religious songs.
  4. It will be better if all public and crowded areas will be closed for sometime to prevent the spread of the virus.
  5. Oh my, that's the one with the full rotation, right?
  6. how was your trip to Japan? any feedback and recommendations?
  7. set in the heart of the bigger and even better DUPLO Valley...do you think guys there is a new ride at Legoland?
  8. Everything was incredible, it is very nostalgic seeing those Disney archives.
  9. Some itineraries provided here are great, thanks for posting.
  10. Wonderwoman seems to be a little overrated for me but I love Gal's portrayal.
  11. Well, my friends and I tried to mix Vodka with Heineken and I literally went crazy for awhile. LOL
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