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NEWS: Sea World Gold Coast reveals $50 million expansion

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The New Atlantis


Discover The New Atlantis at Sea World, launching from this December! Built upon the heroes and legends of the Old Atlantis, the lessons and culture of the past are the foundations of this new multi-million-dollar utopian destination. Get ready to enter the realm of The New Atlantis and concur your greatest challenges! Coming soon to Sea World.


A Sea World Gold Coast is expanding with a new "Atlantis" area including the following new rides for 2019 and 2020.


Vortex - a Top Spin to open in December 2019


Trident - a 52 meter high. Star Flyer to open in April 2020


Leviathan - a 32 meter tall wooden roller coaster designed by Martin and Vleminckx and built by Gravity Kraft



The New Atlantis


MOD EDIT: I edited your post and replaced the lead post of this thread with your post and working link. Thank you.

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I saw this the other day on Twitter, so nice to read the official park announcement! The new wooden coaster looks pretty sweet in the concept art, surrounded by rock work and water features. And a Starflyer themed to a Trident? Sign me up!

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The backwards seats will be the same format as the last row on DC Rivals Hyper coaster at WBMW on the coast also, not surprising as they are both owned by the same company. Still it has been a long time since a woodie was available to ride in Australia so looking forward to the opening.

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  • jedimaster1227 changed the title to NEWS: Sea World Gold Coast reveals $50 million expansion

The first attraction in The New Atlantis area at Sea World Gold Coast has officially opened!



Sea World visitors are set to spin this summer, with the brand new Vortex ride now open!

Thrillseekers will experience up to 5 g-forces on the 18 metre high pendulum swinging attraction, which reaches speeds of 30 kilometres per hour.

“While on the ride, guests will tumble and twirl through the air as they experience pendulum movements and circular rotations all while taking in the spectacular views of the park,” Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO Clark Kirby told myGC.

Check out the ride in the video below:


The Vortex is the first attraction to open in The New Atlantis precinct, with another two rides, the Leviathan (a wooden coaster) and the Trident (a 42 metre high swinging attraction) to open mid next year.

“The New Atlantis precinct is going to be a game-changer for Sea World and will become a destination where our guests can experience the myths, mysteries, quests and challenges located within the new multi-million-dollar utopian precinct,” said Mr Kirby.

For more information on the Vortex, visit: seaworld.com.au/

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