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Margaritaville Resort Orlando - Now Open!

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Just saw an article locally that H2O Live at Margaritaville in Orlando is having a one day $28 sale on Sunday July 28 in honor of National Water Park Day. A good deal. I wonder how crowded it might be ? Has anyone heard how the waterpark is doing, how busy etc? Link. https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/attractions/2019/07/19/island-h2o-live--water-park-to-offer--28-admission-on-july-28

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We've been sent a press release announcing that the new Estefan Kitchen restaurant at Sunset Walk is now open! The same team behind the former Bongos Cuban Café at Disney Springs brings this new restaurant to the Margaritaville Resort Orlando area for guests to enjoy!



The 26 time Grammy Award winning artists, Emilio and Gloria Estefan, are excited to celebrate the opening of their newest Estefan Kitchen restaurant location. The well-known Miami destination brings the essence of Cuba with modern and traditional dishes, live entertainment, over-the-top dance performances, and an Instagram-worthy setting to Central Florida.


“Sunset Walk is the perfect destination for Estefan Kitchen to call home,” said Emilio Estefan. “Bongos Cuban Café celebrated 22 years in the community and we’re thrilled to turn the page and continue sharing our culture with our neighbors in Orlando. Estefan Kitchen is the perfect destination for locals and visitors. . .it’s where music & food bring people together, and we know they’ll have an unforgettable experience each time they visit.”


The restaurant’s beautiful dining room is elegantly designed with tropical plants, marble floors, an indoor/outdoor bar and a stage for live nightly performances. The menu features a mix of traditional Latin cuisine including vegan and vegetarian options. Signature dishes include Lechon Asado (Slow Roasted Pork), Seafood Paella, Chino Cubano and “Miriam’s Chicken and Rice Asopao” a recipe from the Estefan’s personal Chef. Also featuring our world famous Cuban inspired BBQ—Rotisserie grilled Chimichurri Prime Rib, Papaya Marinated Lamb Chops & Guava glazed pork ribs. Mixology is at the heart of the restaurant as house-made mojitos and the Glorious Cosmo, (created by Gloria, herself) are served. As Gloria sings “The Rhythm is Gonna Get you” when visiting this nightlife destination as live music and entertainment complete the experience. Nightly performances include a live band, DJ, salsa dancers, and conga line as guests are encouraged to join in.


“We are thrilled to open Estefan Kitchen at Sunset Walk. Our family has always loved to share our Cuban heritage through food, music and entertainment with our guests in Miami – and now in Central Florida,” said Gloria Estefan. “I’m excited that we get to share our favorite family recipes and some new vegan & vegetarian alternatives. Estefan Kitchen is more than just a restaurant, it’s a destination to come together, eat, dance, and celebrate life.”


“Watching Sunset Walk grow and become the dining, shopping, and entertainment destination that it is today has been truly rewarding and Estefan Kitchen is a fantastic addition to our family,” said Art Falcone, co-founder and managing principal of Encore Capital Management.


Estefan Kitchen joins the lineup at Sunset Walk including Bahama Buck’s, Bento Asian Kitchen & Sushi, Burger Fi, Ford’s Garage, El Jefe Tequilas Cocina + Cantina and SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville to name a few.


Estefan Kitchen is open from 4 p.m.-11 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday and 4 p.m.-2 a.m. Friday and Saturday. For more information, visit http://estefankitchenorlando.com/.










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Gloria Estefan is a true survivor and musical legend. She has always been a top fave artist of mine (CONGA!). And I would love to check out that restaurant of her's and her husband's. Looks great.


And congrats to them on the opening!


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On Thursday TPR was invited to visit Estefan Kitchen, one of the newest restaurants at Sunset Walk by the Margaritaville Resort Orlando. This new Cuban restaurant brings over some of the classic feel from the former Bongos Cuban Cafe at Disney Springs (owned by the same company) while infusing this new space with a vibrant, modern and entertaining flair that sets it apart from its predecessor.


The food at Estefan Kitchen leverages some of the classic ingredients and cooking styles in Cuban cuisine, but the chefs here manage to make these recipes their own with unique presentations, clever flavor combinations and a small (but mighty) selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes that rival their meaty counterparts. Fresh mojitos prepared table-side and wines from the Estefan Kitchen label are amongst the drink options you can enjoy during your visit... All of which are well worth your time.


Entertainment is definitely a focus within the venue, with a live trio (pianist/singer, drummer and keyboardist) performing wonderful covers of current and classic tunes with pitch-perfect ease. Estefan Kitchen employs dancers whose talents can be seen throughout the evening with a variety of dances offered in an ongoing loop throughout the evening. And given that this is Gloria Estefan's restaurant, it should come as no surprise that the "Conga" is celebrated in the restaurant with a conga line around the restaurant and the twirling of napkins.


Estefan Kitchen feels like the natural evolution of what was Bongos Cuban Cafe. While a smaller venue, the menu has several items that simply pop when you taste them. The atmosphere is lively but laid back, slightly more formal, but a party atmosphere at times. It has to be experienced to fully understand...


But based on everything I experienced this week, I would definitely come back to enjoy a few more of favorites.


Tonight we’re at Sunset Walk to experience the new @EstefanKitchenO



If you look closely at the Estefan Kitchen crest, you'll notice the bongo player from the former Bongos Cuban Cafe at Disney Springs.


The restaurant interior looks great!


The style is slightly different in each direction.


A look towards the main stage.


Estefan Kitchen also features an indoor/outdoor bar.


Freshly shaken mojitos prepared table-side are a speciality at Estefan Kitchen!


Delicious and refreshing!


There are Estefan Kitchen wines available to enjoy when visiting Estefan Kitchen!


The Vegan Dumplings here are great!


The Traditional Ceviche Estefan Kitchen is a must-try for seafood lovers!


You had us at burrata.


The Lechon Flatbread features roasted pork, mozzarella cheese, sweet plantains, honey and truffle oil! The flavor combination is incredible!


An evening at Estefan Kitchen is about more than just great food and drinks! There is plenty of entertainment to experience inside!


Some more talented entertainment!


You'd never guess that this Ropa Vieja is meatless and swaps beef for Jackfruit!


The seafood paella is a fantastic option to enjoy Estefan Kitchen!


Time for some fun with the entertainment staff!


It wouldn’t be a night Estefan Kitchen without a little Conga!


The Conga ends in a really fun way!


Lamb, prime rib and chicken wings are among the many delicious options to choose from Estefan Kitchen!


More performances on the main stage...


Birthdays are kind of a big deal here.


Flan lovers rejoice, this is perfect.


Desserts are the real deal here!


The plate was empty shortly after it arrived. Thankfully we weren't the only ones here!


Plenty of souvenirs to buy before you leave...


The restaurant's signature piece showing Gloria Estefan.


We had a great night experiencing Estefan Kitchen at SunsetWalk! Awesome food, drinks and entertainment make this restaurant well worth your visit!

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