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Bluestreak's 2018 Photo TR Collection!

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Hello all, this is my second time doing a thread for my trip reports. Last year it was just for my trip to Missouri, but this year I'm gonna try to do it for all the coaster road trips we make. I enjoy writing these and hope you all enjoy reading them!


So first off, we are from Cleveland. Most of the time people think that's a bad thing but being so close to Cedar Point, it's a great location. The one drawback though is that we have one of the longest off-seasons of any regional park. It sucks. So, as you can well imagine by this time of year we are absolutely itching to get on our first coasters of the year. And watching Steel Vengeance rise has only added to the anticipation.


Finally we decided we couldn't take it and started trip planning. We have Cedar Fair Platinum passes and Six Flags Gold or premium or whatever passes so we knew we could easily do a quick weekend trip to Kings Dominion and Six Flags America. That trip started today, Friday April 6th. So at 6am we started the 7 hour drive to Kings Dominion to get our first rides of the year.


The weekend schedule looked like this: Today Drive straight to KD from home and spend the remainder of the day at the park. Saturday all day at KD. Sunday get up early and drive to SFA to get those credits before driving home. It's a sprint but should be a lot of fun.


We arrived at KD today at just about 2 o'clock leaving us with 8 hours to enjoy the park. We have been here before so the only credit we were missing was twisted timbers, so off we went.

We arrived at the ride and were greeted with a half hour wait. Not bad at all. The line moved super smoothly and in what seemed like no time we were in our seats in the second to last car and off we went. The ride seemed like and absolute whirlwind but it was outstanding! So amazingly smooth and the airtime was insane! Such a home run.


We wanted to hop right back in line but knowing that the weather looks like absolute crap for tomorrow, we wanted to make sure we got on everything before really getting rerides. We would regret that because by the time we made it back to TT it was broke and remained down the rest of the evening.


Also of note, being very familiar with Mystic Timbers since it's close to home, we found it funny the similarities between the two as far as theming goes. Even the same paint colors on the trains lol.


So after our long awaited first ride of the season we moved on to rebel... I mean Racer75. What a nice surprise! I don't remember it being a bad ride but they did a load of track work and it was running great!


We then continued around the park going towards I305 and Volcano. I305 had a fairly short wait and was a blast as always. I think it barely beats TT for my favorite in the park. Volcano had the longest line of the day at about 45 minutes (thanks to coasterbill for the tip on how long the wait would be or else we would've bailed because the line seemed ridiculous). We've always been big fans of Volcano and still are. Those launches are just tons of fun.


On to dominator which proved yet again to be one of my favorite floorless coasters. Running like new. It's amazing how fast this ride goes all the way through. It keeps it's speed incredibly well.


Aside from that we didn't do a whole lot. Grizzly and Avalanche were both quite fun and a lot faster than we remembered and Anaconda was well... It was Anaconda. Lol.


Operations were pretty decent all the way around. Not Cedar Point but not bad either, which was a relief because we had heard ops were struggling to start the year.


Food was also pretty good. We had the Mac and cheese bar and then pot roast. Both of which were hot and tasty.


As stated twisted timbers was down a majority of the day as was Drop Tower but it didn't really hurt our day. Really had a great time and was a good way to start the coaster season.


Final ride count for the day:

Timbers: 1x

I305: 3x including an incredible ride in row one in the pitch black to end the night.

Dominator: 2x

Anaconda: 1x

Racer75: 2x

Apple Zapple/Ricochet: 1x

Grizzly: 1x

Flyers: 1x

Volcano: 1x

Avalanche: 1x


Hopefully tomorrows crappy forecast gets a little better and the day turns out ok. I wonder what Kings Dominions snow policies are hahaha.

Thanks for reading!

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Not a whole lot to report on today since Kings Dominion closed at 1 due to the weather. Very understandable because honestly saying 50 people were in the park is pushing it. I've never seen a park so empty. On top of that, they were staffed for a busy Saturday.


In our 3 hours there we had a blast though. Timbers was the only ride that was closed which sucked but instead we got 10 rides on Intimidator 305 to make up for it. We're off to Busch Gardens just for something to do and maybe to get an unexpected credit this trip on Invadr.


Ride count:

I305: 10x

Volcano: 2x

Racer: 2x

Ricochet: 1x

Avalanche: 1x

Flight of Fear: 1x

Dominator: 1x

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Busch Gardens turned out to be well worth it. As we pulled in we were informed that Busch Gardens would be closing at 7, leaving us with about 4 hours to enjoy the park. We found discount tickets online for $65 and into the park we went.


Busch is another park we've been to multiple times. It's such a gorgeous park and while few coasters, the ones they have are outstanding. This was however the first time we've been to BGW without it being packed. There weren't many more people here than Kings Dominion. The Guest Services lady we talked with said the only reason they stayed open as late as they did was because there were bus groups there that they couldn't kick out. A bit of good luck for us that those groups were there.


The only credits we were missing was Invadr and Grover's Alpine Express which I didn't even know was there until a couple months ago. Both of which were fun for what they are. Obviously not much to say about the family coaster but Invadr is everything you expect from a mid-tier GCI. Super fun with some great airtime and gave a super smooth ride. The drop with the tunnel was also awesome. Great ride.


Other than that we were able to hit everything besides Apollo's Chariot. Apollo was open when we arrived but since we went counterclockwise around the park, we got there last and by that time it had closed for weather, as did Griffon and Invadr a little later.


Griffon was great when we rode it before it closed. I'm one of the few big fans of Valravn but I forgot just how fun Griffon is. Definitely think it beats out Valravn for the better dive coaster.


Alpengeist has always been my least favorite inverted coaster. I've just never had a really good ride on it. It's either been fast and rough or slow and boring. This time was a little better but still not my favorite. Better than inverts like Patriot but nowhere near Raptor, Batman, or Banshee.


On to Verbolten. The first time I rode this was it's opening year. I thought it was great. Very smooth and fun family coaster. Unfortunately when I rode it again in 2015 I thought it was very bumpy and showing square wheel syndrome. Thankfully this was not the case this time around. Very smooth and running like new again. Much enjoyed!


Nesse was fun as always. Feels like an arrow but is just somehow better than the others. Blows Anaconda out of the water (pun not intended) for sure.


Tempesto was fun but another ride like Alpengeist that I have a hard time really liking. Also a strange ride for a park like Busch Gardens to install but good for looks and for families.


I never ever thought I'd see Mach Tower running in this weather but it was and I jumped on the opportunity. Not my favorite drop tower but still a fun ride. Always love drop towers.


Didn't get any food or drink besides a hot chocolate so can't really comment on that. Past experience makes me wish that we had more time because the food here is just great. Probably the best amusement park food we've ever had.


Operations were good but you'd hope they would be when they're sending trains out with like 4 people on them lol.


We stopped at guest services on the way out on a recommendation from a worker when we got there earlier in the day to get rain check passes for a free return trip to the park sometime this summer. Awesome! 2 visits to a park like BGW for $65 is a steal. Can't wait to come back!


Tomorrow is a quick stop at Six Flags America before heading home. Been a great trip so far, especially with a surprise trip to Busch Gardens.


Thanks for reading and sorry again for the lack of pictures. I'm doing this all on my phone and it's having trouble uploading photos. I'll have a ton to upload when I get home to my laptop.

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Looking forward to the photos once they're added but glad to hear your thoughts in the meantime.


Just curious, about how cold was it when rides at Busch started to close for weather? I'm eying a trip there in 2 weeks.

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Looking forward to the photos once they're added but glad to hear your thoughts in the meantime.


Just curious, about how cold was it when rides at Busch started to close for weather? I'm eying a trip there in 2 weeks.


Probably upper 30s. Seemed more they were shutting down because the rain/sleet was getting heavier than because of the temp.

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On the way back home from a great weekend, and what better thing to do while driving in the hills of PA than to type up my report from Six Flags America!


So first off, today was clear and sunny thank goodness but still cold. Infact, it was so cold that all Gotham City roller coasters were shut down. We had never been to this park and missing out on 3 of the better rides painted a grim picture. Thankfully though the ride operator at Jokers Jinx who stopped us from walking past the ride to superman told us that once it warms up a little all three coasters should open. Phew.


So after walking all the way back there for nothing we decided that Wild One would be our first ride. Through our quick little trip through a small part of the park we were actually surprised at how nice the park looked, unfortunately though once we branched off towards Wild One into Mardi Gras and then later on towards Roar and Superman, that's where the visual appeal stopped. Granted we aren't there for visuals, coming from Busch Gardens the day before, it's hard not to notice. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning that some of the buildings and rides just didn't look fresh or clean. Oh well, we're here for the rides anyways.


Greeted with no wait at all at Wild One, which would be a theme all over the park, we hopped on the front row. For a 100 year old coaster, it's in really great shape. The ride keeps good speed and has some good airtime. The helix was a little rough but all around a pretty good ride.


The spinning mouse was also closed for weather and voodoo drop was having maintenance issues so off to Apocalypse we went. It can be noted here and also on the way back to batwing how strange the layout of this park is with no real flow. That tiny little path from Mardi Gras to Gotham City then back to Apocalypse was just confusing.


Again greeted by no wait another front seat/position was taken. We knew it was definitely one of B&Ms worst creations so we had low expectations which turned out to be spot on. The ride absolutely beat the crap out of me. Once and done.


On to Roar which may have been the surprise of the day. I had read over in the SFA thread that Roar had gotten rough this year so like Apocalypse we went in with rather low expectations. Roar absolutely blew past those low expectations. While it's strange for a GCI to have trains you'd see on CCI coasters, it ran much like other modest sized GCIs like American Thunder. No it wasn't Mystic Timbers smooth but it was a lot of fun. I do see why Discovery Kingdom gave their Roar the RMC treatment as this layout has a lot of potential. But still, as is it's a fun ride.


With still no sign of life from Superman we kept heading down this strange sorta halfway themed path to Mind Eraser. Not a whole lot to say because well it's an SLC although it's better than T3 so it's got that going for it.


The next couple hours was spent walking back and forth between the two woodies and getting a ride on the drop tower once it opened. We even got really bored and rode the Flying Dutchman. Suddenly though we heard what almost sounded like a B&M inverted coaster roaring through the course, but really it was Jokers Jinx making test runs. Immediately looking at Superman to see if that meant it was opening and sure enough an empty train was going up the lift.


Soon enough joker was open. Having ridden flight of fear the day before which is the same as Joker except inside, it was cool to see the ride from the outside. It's even more compact and crazy than I had thought and had loads of head choppers. The ride itself I felt was similar to both Flight of Fears as far as smoothness but somehow I felt Joker was better.


Exiting joker we saw Superman sending it's first riders so off we went. We've ridden it's mirror at Darien Lake so we knew what to expect, a fast fun ride with great airtime. That's exactly what we got and it was such a relief to get on the ride. We rode it 3 times in a row over the next hour or so since this was the only ride in the park with any sort of wait. Well worth it and even got a front seat ride. I doubt it makes many top 10 lists but it's an awesome ride.


While we were back there we rode Batwing, the Firehawk clone. We thought Batwing was pretty bumpy and didn't need to ride again. Especially with the super long walk back to the ride. We ended with another round around the park, even hitting the spinning mouse which was spinning like crazy before grabbing one last ride on Superman before heading out.


Another thing I have seen on the forums was how bad the operations are here. I honestly didn't think they were that bad. No they weren't running but they also weren't taking their time. The train parked and was heading out again in about 80-90 seconds. The ops were also super friendly and even tried entertaining us while waiting for a short Superman breakdown.


Food service was another story. All we wanted was pop and something to snack on. We decided on the bacon cheddar ranch fries and while they were good, it took the 3 employees in the back 20 minutes to get our food. Not good.


So again, with proper expectations you can absolutely have a great time at the park. Don't expect Cedar Point or Busch Gardens and you'll have a good time.


That wraps up the first trip of the season, and it was a great way to start the year. My next report will come from the Steel Vengeance first rider benefit. Till then, thanks for reading! Pictures from all parks should be up tomorrow sometime!


Ride count:

Superman 4x

Batwing 1x

Joker's Jinx 2x

Wild One 3x

Roar 4x

Mind Eraser 1x

Flying Dutchman 1x

Spinning Mouse 1x

Flyers 1x

Voodoo Drop 1x

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^Hah. I keep checking back in. Your photos are usually very good. Good luck with the uploads.


You're in luck! Messed with it and was able to get the photos onto google, then onto my laptop, and now on TPR! Only Kings Dominion for now. I hope to get Busch Gardens and Six Flags pictures up by the end of the week.


If anybody has any issues viewing the photos let me know asap so I can get it fixed.




We're here!


Time for the first coaster of the year








Like the new logo




Only got this one of Volcano. Sorry!


Still the star



I feel like this angle of I305 isn't posted enough






Tried to be artsy






The next couple are from Saturday. Felt like we were the only ones in the park




That's all from Kings Dominion!

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Busch Gardens pictures!


Yes. Fun does begin here.


Rare sight, empty walkways at Busch Gardens










My kind of station





Nobody has ever taken this picture. I promise.







Never seen this one either




Love how Alpengeist is framed by Griffon








That's all from BGW!

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Alright lets get these pictures done... Six Flags America!


P.S. My next report will be from the Steel Vengeance First Rider Benefit. I don't usually post reports from Cedar Point since it's my home park and I go almost 50 times per year unless it's a special event.


Thanks again for reading through all my crap for my first trip of the year!




Empty paths have been a theme














Best theming in the park, worst ride in the park










It's an SLC




Too windy



Headchoppers galore

















That's all from Six Flags!

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Great photos! Poor Six Flags America didn't have a chance to look nice when it immediately follows Kings Dominion and especially Busch Gardens.


I prefer Joker's Jinx over Flight of Fear because of how the MCBR doesn't do anything on Joker's Jinx. That results in a completely out of control second half punctuating in one of the wildest corkscrews out there. Meanwhile Flight of Fear slowly meanders through the second half.

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Great photos! Poor Six Flags America didn't have a chance to look nice when it immediately follows Kings Dominion and especially Busch Gardens.


I prefer Joker's Jinx over Flight of Fear because of how the MCBR doesn't do anything on Joker's Jinx. That results in a completely out of control second half punctuating in one of the wildest corkscrews out there. Meanwhile Flight of Fear slowly meanders through the second half.


Honestly I felt like they were the same speed the second half but Joker seemed smoother and those head choppers made it sooooo ​great... The bitter cold might have played into the speed of the ride though

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  • 4 weeks later...

Remember when I said that I would keep up to date and post updates the day of or at least pretty soon after? Well uh that didn't happen. Time to start catching up.


This update will be both Steel Vengeance preview events I attended, which were the Steel Vengeance First Rider Benefit and then I chose to do the Passholder Frontiertown Hoedown on Monday.


The first rider benefit was Friday, April 27th and it ran from 6-10pm. For $75 you got as many rides on SV as you could fit in plus walk on rides on Maverick and free food which was amazing. I don't exactly remember what I ate but I know it was BBQ and tasted great. Steel Vengeance's opening ceremonies ended at about 7:30 and it was finally time to ride.


After waiting in the very reasonable 20 minute line we hopped on. I believe I was in row 4 but I was too much in awe from seeing the ride run then finally stepping into the train to really notice or care. After a year and a half of hype, anticipation, and everything else, it was FINALLY time to ride!!!!


We left the station with the Digger character saying something over the PA that helped with the overall moderate but solid theming. Pulling through the transfer bay I felt like I was on Mean Streak again. Plus, with only two trains running, it REALLY felt like Mean Streak!


This is where the comparisons end though. Yeah, its the same foot print but wow is it so drastically different.

Once you take a right hand turn out of the transfer bay you hit two unassuming airtime hills that give you a little preview of what is to come.


Once you climb up the 205ft hill, you are briefly greeted by a great view of the back end of Magnum and the lake up ahead. The look is brief and then you're plummeting down the 90 degree drop straight into a tiny airtime hill that is extreme ejector but still comfortable. That seems to be a common theme with Steel Vengeance. The airtime hills are batpoopoo crazy but still comfortable. I love Storm Chaser but those hills at the end can get a little painful, where Steel Vengeance just doesn't do that to you.


After that pop of air you go up the right hand turned top hat that again greets you with great airtime before dropping back down to the ground and then heading straight back up for the right hand outward banked turn. Again more comfortable ejector air (sensing a theme yet?) before heading back down a big drop into a double up into a zero-g inversion that provides fantastic floater air.


Heading back over the lift hill you're not really in your seat at all before flying into the flying snake dive or whatever you call it. This inversion has the potential to be jerky or rough but it just isn't. I have no idea how. I guess RMC is just pretty darn good at their job.


Heading back downward and then back into another crazy double up you're at the MCBR. The ride rolls through the MCBR without even thinking about slowing down leaving you with only about a second or two to catch your breath, and boy do you need it because to me, the second half of the ride is where Steel Vengeance really shines. The first half is really not much different than most RMCs but the second half takes all those crazy back to back to back to back elements that RMC is known for and puts them on steroids and shoots them at you on rapid fire. It is utterly insane. It just never lets up and seems to go on forever.


I'm not gonna outline every detail of the second half but really all you need to know is how relentless this half of the ride is. It really makes you realize that Steel Vengeance is truly out for a vengeance.


We hit the brakes (before they broke lol) and the whole train was a mix of laughing, cheers, and what the heck just happened?!


So where does it rank? Well for my entire life since I had ridden Millennium, Millennium was my favorite. After getting more and more credits I really only thought Fury to be the only ride to come close to Millennium. Then Steel Vengeance was announced. I knew immediately I had finally found Millennium's replacement. That super high expectation was shattered by Steel Vengeance. I really don't think anybody could go into a ride with expectations as high as I had for Steel Vengeance and they were still not even close to what Steel Vengeance ended up being. New number one for sure and this time I know nothing will beat it. Such an incredible ride.


I said screw Maverick and ended up only riding Steel Vengeance that night, finishing with four rides on it, never waiting more than about a half hour. When they are running two trains the line absolutely hauls. Can't wait for two train ops and eventually three train ops.


Monday then was supposed to be more to just enjoy frontier town while getting a chance to ride Steel Vengeance once with a boarding pass. Well it turns out my friend wasn't able to stay late enough to use his boarding pass so I got myself a second ride on Steel Vengeance on Monday, along with two rides on Maverick, and one ride each on Skyhawk and Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

The food that night was showing off the new offerings in Frontiertown and it was all actually really good. I'm a huge fan of the new Chess burger at Roundup which has fried jalapenos and BBQ aioli sauce on it.


So that raps up my report on the Steel Vengeance stuff. This is probably the only report I'll ever write for CP since I'm literally always there but I figured this was all worth mentioning.

Hopefully I can get my Coasterstock 2018 report up soon. Until then, Enjoy the Steel Vengeance pictures and thank you for reading!


We're here!



Wonder why they're here...


Ice and Food!




More food!


There she is.


Steel Vengeance is OPEN!


First train going up


And down they go






Happy riders




Unassuming but oh so fun. Also of note is the beautiful weather. In April. In Ohio.




Gave us this cool souvenir which is a piece of Mean Streak


And Monday stuff


MORE FOOD!!!!!! And that's it. Thanks for following along!

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Time has not been in my favor so no coasterstock report for the time being. I'm sure you've all seen the behind the scenes photos already anyways.

My big trip of the summer starts tomorrow. The itinerary is as follows:

Saturday June 9th: Kings Dominion

Sunday June 10th: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Monday June 11th: Kings Dominion/Carowinds

Tuesday June 12th: Carowinds

Wednesday June 13th: Six Flags Over Georgia

Thursday June 14th: Six Flags/Lake Winnie

Friday June 15th: Dollywood

Saturday June 16th: Dollywood

Sunday June 17th: Kings Island

Monday June 18th: Kings Island

I'm super excited. This is the biggest trip we've ever done and it's filled with world class parks and rides, plus two parks I've ever been to which are Six Flags and Lake Winnie.

The plan is to type up reports upon returning to our hotel at the end of each night.

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Hey I'm actually staying on top of my trip reports.... At least for now.

Kings Dominion Day 1:

Driving through Fredericksburg on I95, there was a ton of traffic, as per usual. The area felt crowded. That, and it was a Saturday in the summer made it seem obvious that Kings Dominion would be packed, so we didn't expect much.

Getting off the highway we quietly prepared ourselves to lay eyes on a completely full parking lot.... But... We didn't. The parking lot was maybe a quarter of the way full. I didn't believe it. I thought there had to be more parking somewhere that we weren't seeing or like 72827 busses of tourists and school groups and the like hiding. But there wasn't. The park was miraculously empty, and many of those who were there found themselves in the waterpark on this 90+ degree day.


So off we went to Twisted Timbers trying to make sure we didn't end up missing out on rides on it like we did back in April. We got to the ride, and still not believing that the park was actually that empty, expected an hour wait in front of us. Not so. The line was only in the station and within 15 minutes we were sitting in the front seat.

After an amazing ride back in line we went, except this time we sat in the back row. Another amazing ride.


Having ridden Steel Vengeance over 20 times, I can confidently say that this ride is obviously no Steel Vengeance, but that being said it's still an absolutely brilliant ride. It's almost like a mini steel vengeance with some of the same elements but smaller and not as intense​.


After this we decided it was time to make a lap around the park. Not encountering any lines at all, we got on just about everything. Very productive day at Kings Dominion.


One down side was that Volcano was down the whole day but that was to be expected. With the other three amazing coasters this park has, it wasn't a huge loss. Especially after riding it a few times back in April.


Ride ops were above average. Friendly, courteous, and great at getting trains out quickly. Par for the course at Cedar Fair parks.

Food can use some improvement, but the Mac and cheese place is still amazing. Really great amusement park food.


Our day was cut a little short by a large thunderstorm, but that didn't put a damper on our day at all. Overall a great day to start a long trip.

Busch Gardens tomorrow. Hopefully the weather cooperates.



Twisted Timbers 2x

Drop Tower 2x

Grizzly 2x

Racer75​ 3x

Drop Tower 2x

Apple Zapple 1x

Windseeker 1x

Flying Eagles 1x

Antique Cars 1x

Flying Ace 1x

Anaconda 1x

I305 2x

Backlot 1x

Boo Blasters 1x

Dominator 1x

Avalanche 1x


Thanks for reading and here's some pictures... Hopefully.






My kind of station





You're welcome Bill.

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Busch Gardens time. After our surprise visit in April in the rain/sleet/snow/I don't know but this really sucks, we were really ready to return to Busch Gardens and the beautiful weather made it a wonderful day.


The weather was in the low 90s all day and it didn't rain until right before the park closed. It wasn't crowded at all and we got plenty of rides in.


The park itself is obviously above and beyond beautiful. I can't even imagine the time and effort Busch Gardens puts in to make the park look as amazing as it does.


Invadr is really a fun ride. Yes it is clearly toned down from other GCIs, it still has a wild and out of control feeling that I've come to love from riding GCI coasters.


I still don't get Alpengeist. I really want to love the ride, and my usual taste in coasters would make one think that I would love Alpengeist. But I just don't. I don't know why but it just doesn't do it for me. Oh well.


Griffon and Apollo's Chariot are still amazing. The more I ride Griffon the more I like it better than Valravn.


Verbolten, Nessie, and Tempesto were all fun as usual, but I still don't understand the "comfort" collar on Tempesto but whatever.


Another huge standout at Busch Gardens is the food. It's just absolutely amazing and slightly cheaper than a lot of amusement park food.


The more I visit this park, the more I realize how much I love it and definitely think it's one of my favorite couple amusement parks. It's always a good day at Busch Gardens.


Light crowds made for a ton of rides. Here's the scorecard:

Apollo's Chariot 12x

Griffon 3x

Alpengeist 1x

Le Scoot 1x

Tempesto 1x

Nessie 2x

Verbolten 1x

Battle for Eire 2x

Invadr 6x

Skyride from France to Germany 1x

Escape from Pompeii 2x


That's all from Busch Gardens. Tomorrow is Kings Dominion in the morning then a drive to Carowinds for some evening rides on Fury!


Here's some pictures, don't be afraid to leave some comments!


2 months ago I took this same picture and it was 40 degrees




Happy 40th Nessie!








Don't get it but it's still a beautiful ride





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Great reports of Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens!


I didn't realize the park added the 40th anniversary details on the front of Nessie's trains. That's a really nice touch and I'm glad the park appreciates their historical coaster.

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