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Six Flags announced yesterday that they have opened a new park and it is called "Six Flags Land of Thrills" it is located in Richmond Virginia near PKD. They plan to compete with PKD and have more coasters and more thrills :shock: ! They currently have one thrill ride and one coaster. The thrill ride a revolution simply named "Revolution" and a Half Pipe Coaster (recreation from SFEG) this is also simply named as "Half Pipe". They next plan to built a wooden coaster, no stats were announced yet but probably will be soon. But for now enjoy these two pics of Half Pipe and Revolution.


Three main entrances and Revolution.


Half Pipe and it's stunning colors!

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Just a note, Zach, when the anouncements are done, everything is known about the coaster. The design is complete, and there really aren't any more rumors so much. So, once the announcement is made, there's realy no "said to have" anymore!


On another note, can't wait for Bandit!


Tyler "Paint should make SpellChack just for you " Hopkins

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ITS A WOODIE! SFLOT announced they will be gettting another woodie called VIPER. This coaster is said to have a Out-N-Back layout, here are the stats as standing!


Max Height- 141.90ft


Drop Height- 136.88ft


Drops- 14


Airtime- 0:24


Max Speed- 61.47mph


Average Speed- 21.82mph


Ride Time- 1:34


Ride Length- 3,033.58ft


Color Scheme- Track: medium brown, Cars:green, orange, and yellow

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