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The Scary Thread


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. . . I reordered the pancake, and they gave me an actual one that doesn't look horrifying.


Wait. So let me make sure I'm understanding this right. . .


You complained that your Mickey pancake was to "scary" looking, and had them get you a new one. . . Once you received your new Mickey pancake you proceeded to grab a knife, and slice that poor mouse up into little bitty bite-sized pieces. Once you had completed maimed Mickey with a knife, you covered him in a thick, brown, sticky substance that Mickey thought was actually going to heal him, but no instead of it healing him Mickey gets stabbed yet again, but this time with a fork. Once securely impaled on a fork Mickey gets shoved in your mouth where you ground him up, to then dump him into a pool of acid that slowly ate away at him until he was useless. . . And the last thing Mickey sees before getting flushed away for ever were your naughty bits?


Then you came here to create a pointless thread about it, without taking the time to thinking about the TWO Mickey lives you destroyed today. . . Yes, thats right... TWO!! The first one that didn't look good enough for you, and the second one that you decided to butcher!! And you thought you had it rough because you didn't like the way your first Mickey pancake looked.


What is wrong with people now days?! #AllMickeyLivesMatter

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The fact that this guy is still allowed to make threads... now that's terrifying.


No, no, no...this is the scary thread. Not the "terrifying" one. There's a difference between the two.

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