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Photo TR: Duinrell, The Netherlands

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Hello, everyone!

On 18 June 2015, I went to Duinrell. Duinrell is a family park located in Holland. It has a few good thrills to offer, and it also has a great water park with thrilling slides. I didn't visit it this time, but the previous time I went to this park, the slides were absolutely brilliant! Duinrell is very popular in The Netherlands, especially for its water park. The last years, the park really invested in adding some thrill rides and coasters. The latest addition of the park is Dragon Fly, a really good Gerstlauer Family Coaster. Enough talking, let’s check it out!


Welcome to Duinrell!


Rick The Frog, the mascot of the park. It's not the last time you'll see Rick in this park, believe me.


First ride of the day, Aqua Shute. It's a fun little water slide. But don't be fooled, it goes faster than you think.


Like most little parks in Holland, this park was also very well themed!


They have a little free fall ride, where you have to pull yourself up. It's themed as a candle, don't ask me why..


Unfortunately this was closed.. I really like these kind of rides.


The pirate ship was closed too, apparently they were working on the wheel that powers the boat. One thing for sure, it's better themed than most other pirate ships.


There is a really good atmosphere at the park.


This is the water park, called TikiBad. It is located in the middle of the park.


As I told you, they have some really good slides.


No park without a ferris wheel. It's not that big, but it's very nice.


The swing ride of the park, called Aqua Swing. I don't know why they gave it that name ^_^


Duinrell also has a Toboggan.


It's a really long way up. 2-3 minutes, at least..


But it's worth it, it's really fast!


The first coaster of the park, a Tivoli Large from Zierer. Do you have any idea why it is called the Frog Coaster? ;)


I wonder what kind of ride Splash would be?


The coaster is not that big, but it's got plenty of airtime.


Oooow, it's a water ride. This park puts so much effort in choosing the names of their attractions, it appears..


Dragon Fly meets Frog Coaster.


Next up, Mad Mill. One of the thrill rides of the park.


It's a Frisbee, themed after a mill. Very well done, in my opinion.


Even the details are great!


It is a beautiful ride.


You don't get to see this side of the ride all that often.


It's not such a big splash.


Okay, THAT is a big splash!


Duinrell also has a Top Spin, called Waterspin. Probably because it spins, and there's water..


A special pic for those lift hill enthusiasts out there.


The ride looks really good.


Just chilling, and a bit hanging around.


You can take some really nice pics of this ride.


Now it's time for Dragon Fly. The latest addition of the park. It's a Gerstlauer Family Coaster, the same one as the coaster that's coming to Belantis in Germany later this year.


I always loved track piece 31. I don't know why, but 3 & 1 makes 4, and 4 is almost 5. I know, that doesn't make sense.


I really like the trains.


What do I see there?


It's definitely a great addition for the park.


The ride fits very well in the park.


..Must come down!


I don't know why, but I noticed this. Don't get me wrong, the ride is very well maintained.


Brace position. Not the Vekoma one, of course.


Vertical Loop, viewed from underneath.


She had the ride of her life, I guess.


Dragon Fly climbing through the woods.


The cutback of the ride.


Random people having a good time.


It's really nice that the park is located in the middle of a forest. It's such a great atmosphere.


A last pic of Falcon, to end the day. I hope you liked it! =D


It's Falcon, the biggest ride of the park! It's a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter, the same one as Untamed in Canobie Lake Park (USA) and Rage in Adventure Island (UK).


Zero G at the top of the loop.


What goes up..


Another special pic, this time for chain dog enthusiasts.


Just like the rest of the park, this ride was very well themed.

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This was a really nice park to visit, back in 2010, end of the TPR Europe Tour.

And glad to see they have added another coaster to their collection. When

did they take the roof off the Splashdown ride boats? There was definitely a

cover on them, that last visit. And if you sat in the back, all the water welled

up and drained on the back row! It was great.


"I'm pretty sure there was a roof on that thing..." (TPR 2010 Europe Tour)


My Frisbee shot, back then. (o:

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When did they take the roof off the Splashdown ride boats? There was definitely a

cover on them, that last visit.


There are 2 types of boats, one with a cover, and one without a cover.


This is the boat with the cover.

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^This is the first time I've seen one of those covered splash boats outside of Japan.


I enjoy these quirky little European parks--thanks for the photos.

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Cool trip report, thanks for sharing! I really like how the various rides and rollercoaster supports are painted to look like wood, really nice touch!

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^I didn't notice that, but now that you mention it, I like it. They blend in with the setting nicely.

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I've could have sworn that the Aqua Shute slides look very similar to Darien Lake's old Hydro Force slides


Duinrell's Aqua Shute slides


Darien Lake's Hydro Force slides

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