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The amazing (real time-ish) adventures of jarmor!

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A new day a new park! Every coaster geeks dream is to make the voyage to cedar point and I've finally did it!



I'm gonna cry!!!



So now I'm gonna be able to chime in on the wing rider debate...



I make things happen hahaha...



Best five dollars spent ever!



Time to ride gate keeper!



My verdict...fun ride...(hate to say I see what everyone is talking about). I didn't feel much of a rattle and I was on an outside seat. Looking forward to see what holiday world does with it. My plan to day...hit 4 major coasters and then play by ear...and with that said...up next dragster!



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^ its the best thing ever! Much better than paying for the 90.00 fast lane plus.


Ok I'm back (my cell service is spotty out here.


Ok...dragster...well, I've been on xcelerator as well as kingda ka so I kinda knew what to expect...



I do however like the stadium seating. It does make for a more engaging ride...



So on my trek to ride maverick I decided to stop at magnum! To my suprise it didn't have much of a line...



My train arrives...little did I know what I was in store for hahaha...



I've had enough of you for the day..especially those last bunny hops...on to maverick!



My face pretty sums it up! It was a rough ride. Don't know if it was because I was on a wheel seat of what but it wasn't all that pretty...



After playing planko again and winning AGAIN decided to use one front of the line pass for maverick.



It felt great walking right up to the load platform...



Great, awesome fast ride! Hate the restraints though...





Gotta charge the phone...stay tuned!

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I still don't understand Magnum. Some people hate it, Some people love t (Like Me). I still don't think its body shape. The First Time I Rode it was insanely painful ( I sat last row and pretty much had the same expression as you) But then there was only one bad ride after that.(Including last row yesterday which was awesome) Also on Maverick did you get front row? Yesterday I used a pass on it and they let me ride it front row.

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^Magnum is pretty brutal: it's rough and those hills are painful. Yet, I really enjoyed it, the pain was almost "fun" and it's rather amusing how the picture is taken during an airtime hill, so that you are suffering when it is taken.

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If I'm ever in the park I would ride it again...but I wouldn't go out of my way.


Ok...well after some communication and charging issues I'm back, but no so much real time-ish. So where did I leave off...oh yeah, just got of maverick. Noticed these...



Do people actually buy stuff like these from the parks??? Anyway, I decided to explore the frontier section of the park. You know...I always hear people say cedar point is just concrete and coasters but after my visit today I beg to differ.




Yep...skyhawk is down...



This is also the area where all the water rides are.




I didnt get a chance to catch a show but I did catch the performers!



Off to millennium force I went...



All I use to here was MF is the greatest. I use to look at the layout and think "thats it?!?" so I was very eager to try it out. Since I had two front of the line passes I decided to use the other one on MF.



My train awaits! I say on the lake side and I have to say, it was a little nerve wrecking going up the lift seeing nothing but water. So, whats the verdict...it was amazing! the transitions were very smooth and the pacing was awesome! I liked it better than I305, and that could be due to the restraints. Wanted to ride again but the line was kinda long...



Now im getting hungry. Now when it comes to theme park food...I don't want it! Let me clarify...I don't like generic theme park food (burgers, fries, pizza...etc) so I was elated to see cedar point had a Pinks hotdogs inside the park.



Then I got nervous...When I was at universal studios in hollywood they had one inside the park and they only served basic hotdogs. I was really hoping that was not the case here being the location right outside of knotts was completely full service. Man, was I glad when I saw the menu!



I ended up getting the monster dog. I was completely satisfied with my choice. I just wish they had a knife and fork because eating this got quite messy...



After that amazing hotdog, decided to head to the back of the park to ride meanstreak! I figured what trip to an amusement park would not be complete without riding the sky buckets. It offered some great views while giving me a chance to rest.




This shot gives a general idea about the crowd for the day...



Didn't get a chance to ride this classic...maybe next time?



Continuing the track to the back of the park I decided to take the train the rest of the way. Looks like these guys are getting ready for the next camp out...watch out for werewolves and vampires and witches...Oh my!



Such a great coaster...



Could be a great coaster if it gets rid of the restraints...



Ahhhhh...finally made it...let me see what all the fuss is about!



Yep...its a doozie! Not as bad as I was expecting...but yeah...bad. Would I ride it again...yep.



Then this happen...



Great, just great! I already had a limited time frame to do the park (opening to 6) now it rains for 2 hours. Finally it let up and I was able to grab a ride on gemini. While it wasn't as smooth as I expected it was still a fun ride. Since I was pressed for time it was time to head back to Mantis...yeah I know im crazy right! On my way I ran into this dance party...



I spent a few minutes watching. It was quite nice of a show. But I had to go ride the original banshee...



Strangely enough, I liked it. I kinda know to ride stand ups (always bend the knees before the train locks) so the ride wasn't much of a problem for me.






Decided to take the sky ride back to the front of the park to take on raptor!



Next time wicked twister...next time.



Guess you can say I saved the best for last???



Man, talk about a throw back to the days gone by. The forces were strong with this one. Wish I had more time to ride it more but I had to head out! Before heading out...I discovered the park had a buffet! I dig parks with buffets...but I was too full off that hot dog so I will have to wait to see how the food is on another trip.



Overall I liked cedar point much more than I thought I would have! I always thought it to be a concrete slab with roller coasters but it was definitely much more than that. cant wait to come back...



Stay tuned for more parks, more fun!



Edited by jarmor
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Annnnddddd we're back! Well, even though the last trip was last Thursday I figure I would post it around the same time as I went to the park to make it kinda real time-ish but just on a weeks delay. The last park on my quick mini-tour was Dollywood. I haven't been here since mystery mind open so to say the least the park has drastically changed. I got to the park later than I expected due to the fact that I was burning out. Traveling that much in such a small time frame is kinda wearisome on one person but I made it!



Lucky for me I was able to use the military discount (prior marine) so I got a whopping 30% off which I really appreciated because the price of Dollywood is kinda up there. After sooo many long years I finally made it back.



Something is missing...ah yes!



You can kinda tell I was getting bummed out from non stop coaster riding from state to state. Anyway, I did what any coaster junkie would do and that is bust a left into thunder canyon...that is what it is still called right?



As usual the park was kinda dead, but busier than I have ever seen it. Then I saw it...



Its been forever since I have been on Thunderhead. This ws one of the first time I have been on a "twister" wooden coaster and it still packs quite a punch. With the new guys at RMC coming on the scene I still hope parks show GCII some love





The last time I was here timber tower was still barely thrilling guest. As you see, that is not the case anymore. I wish they had kept the spitting beavers but alas, they are also gone.



Now its time for Mystery Mine. I really like the ride and from what I could remember it had some jerky moments but c'mon those vertical and over vertical drops make up for it.



Lets take one more look back at Thunder Head...



oh...where were we? Oh yeah, Mystery Mine.



I love the fact that the buzzard is still alive and kicking, sleeping a lot of the time, but still around to entertain!



The first vertical drop looks small but it still packs a punch...



And that explosive ending...love the hand time in the loop!



I just love the view from the top level of Mystery Mine. Gives a great look at Thunderhead



Well, what can I say? Mystery Mine is still a great coaster, wish the restraints were a little more forgiving on ears but those drops made up for it...



Why hello Wild Eagle...


I'll be back for you.


Another addition since my last visit was the splash battle.



I wonder why more parks don't have these. These are great family fun attractions and a great way to keep cool!



Now its time for Firechaser Express!



This will be the longest line in the park due to the "newness" of it but then I started thinking...it probably gonna keep a long line in years to come due to the accessibility of it as well. Here are our mascots greeting us as we enter



Enjoy some pictures of this very photogenic coaster...





The line was pretty themed with lots of things to see other than the coaster flying by you...



I just love how Dollywood incorporates its rides into the lay of the land...



The second half of the coaster had some pretty thrilling moments itself!




The fireworks building was a very nice touch. I wonder what the experience is like at night...



You can catch a pretty good look over Tenn. Tornado...as well as notice how the park is now a full loop!



Overall, pretty fun family roller coaster that the park really scored big on! the launches were more forceful that I expected due to the speed.



Just look at those happy people!



The inside of the station had a nice theme to it as well. What I did notice were heater looking things over the air gates. I guess they are gonna run this bad boy during the smokie mountain Christmas event.



And they're off!



Good choice Dollywood...



Next up...Wild Eagle.



Now having just gotten off my first wind rider less than 24 hours ago I was kinda nervous to ride this one. The giant eagle made me feel a little better hahaha...



This was the line. I love Dollywood!



Whew...I can say my faith has been restored back into the wing rider concept. It had much more forces that Gatekeeper and not to mention a great view as well. how about more last look at Firechaser Express...



Time to head over to what should have been the start of an Arrow Dynamics revival. I always wonder why this coaster was as short as it is...



Also, at one time you could really see it but the trees have grown up so much you can barely make it out!



Good ride...some headbanging. Now it was time to explore craftsman valley. I really enjoy this section of the park for all of its offerings that you would probably never find in a regular park. As you can see the crowd was heavy...




Did you guys know Dollywood has an actual, full function church in the park?



This had to be some of the best hot sauce I have ever had...I highly recommend it!



Now to ride Barnstormer...



Unfortunately Skyhawk was down at cedar point so I was eager to try this one...



It was a very fun ride...short...but still fun. Look at that poor little girl hahaha...



It was finally time. I have been to Dollywood a lot times in the past but I have never tried the cinnamon bread. I know I know...what is wrong with me. Well I can now mark that off my bucket list!



It was sooo good. I didn't get any of the butter stuff and it was super good without it. Speaking of food...here are some pictures of the food and places its known for!





And there you have it...Dollywood! Give me about a month to re-energize and be ready for another amazing adventure! Thanks for reading! Got any suggestions where I should take an adventure to let me know!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Aaannnnndddddd we're back! Today adventure is kinda different than the rest. We're going to a media announcement of some sorts!



Will this view be different next year???



What do we have here?



Talk about teasing to the last minute...



So long????



Its official!



Be back real soon!


My crowd awaits...541025067_Township20120Charlotte-20140821-00714.thumb.jpg.5203498527b64fb5110e2ad64e5a8e15.jpg





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