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Hawk [NL2] Off Ride + Reverse POV Online

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Experience exhilirating flight as you swoop, dive roll and float over rocks trees and a vast lake, like a hawk hunting for prey.




Based on the concept of Wild Eagle at Dollywood and taking inspiration from Air, Sky Scrapper, Tatsu and Manta to create a personal celebration of everything I love about this ride type, The theming is minimal to allow the scenery to speak for itself as the design is all about natural flight.


A massive thank you to Dave Ainsworth for doing all the 3Ds work with the paths and queue-line.




- Straight down-dive

- Rolling Pretzel

- Overbank

- Zero-G Roll

- Swoop Turn

- Flying Air-Time Hill

- S-Bend Run

- Carousel

- Heartline Roll


Ride music by The Cinematic Orchestra


Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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Great work. It is projects like this that really show how amazing NL2 is and how beautiful it looks. The rolling pretzel is really cool and should be implemented into all new flying coasters in real life.

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Amazing. It looks and rides really great. Like everyone else, I love that first element.


My only criticism is the music, not that it's bad, but because NL2 has a doppler effect, when flying/walking/riding the coaster close to the plaza, it really badly distorts the music.

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