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  1. Those Human trains look really cool! Looking forward to this thing reopening!
  2. Those look like the trains used on rides like Orkanen and Kvasten!
  3. Usually I just bring my phone, wallet and camera. If I plan on riding water rides, I bring some spare clothes just in case.
  4. The Iron Shark video, where Robb talks about Megashark, Sharknado, and Sharktopus!
  5. This looks great! I can't believe they're actually adding floorless trains to this ride, but here it is. Apparently Mantis was pretty intense but the standup trains caused problems for many, so hopefully this will be more kick-ass now with the floorless trains!
  6. My thoughts exactly! I do hope that RMC continues to innovate, and never goes the "use the same old formula every time" path. If they can increase their ride selection more, and continue to innovate, RMCs will never get old.
  7. I believe they may have kept the original layout, except for the end (after the return run), which they made much longer and more exciting so that there's more than just a long brake run in there.
  8. The transitions on Lightning Run look like the ones on a Newton-y NoLimits Coaster. If you've "ridden" one in NL, you know that those rides, although their transitions look horrendously ugly, have zero lateral forces, and are actually smooth. Pretty sure this will be the case on this ride. I honesty believe this ride will be pretty smooth!
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