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[RCT3] Knott's Berry Farm

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Hey everybody, this is my Knott's park that I started a while ago, but I never got a chance to work on it. A couple of days ago I restarted the whole thing and this is my progress!


Two of the tallest rides at KBF along with a few familiar resturaunts.


Silver Bullet from Boardwalk BBQ along with the unfinished log ride.


the fiesta village arcade building


Rides! Rides! and more Rides!


Xcelerator from the soon to be La Palma ave

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^I think you mean "How did you get Silver Bullet to have two-tone track?"


Two-tone track--that's the word I'm looking for!


Still curious if anyone has an answer.


You go to the foliage icon, click custom structures, and click on the paint brush and you will be able to add different colors to almost anything!


Coasters Restaurant....


I had trouble looking for good cs to build Xcelerator's station....don't judge me I tried my best! lol


Coast Rider !


Another look at Xcelerator's station


Taken from Supreme Scream's blue train


Coast Rider's station was a challenge! But I tried my best

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Thanks guys for your compliments

I'm also planning on working on the surrounding area. I want to put as much of Buena Park as I can! I think I will only have enough room to build the McDonalds on Beach Blvd and a little bit past The hotel south of GhostRider!

I will work on this once I got the park finished, due to my classes I cant work on this everyday, so I hope this recreation is at least done by June.

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You know ... what I like most about this project is that it is NOT perfect. But it is really good (keeping the limits of RCT3 in mind) So I am really liking it! I think you are doing a fantastic job, and I can NOT wait to watch this progress! Keep up the great work!

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^Yes I ran out of space and did not include the hat dance, i kinda put what i think looks better than what is exactly there



You can always increase the size of the map. The limit is about 250 or so, each way. That's about 2x the size of the standard sandbox map.

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The pictures make the rides look taller for some reason

Anyone know where I can find a good temple cs set for Jaguar's pyramid?

BTW my park will play KBF music, wild west in ghost town, 80's/90's pop in the boardwalk/fiesta village



Anyone know what the name of the pink building is?


The area is not done

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Azanderz's Mayan Temple is also a good set. The Temple of Torment packs are great for interiors of any temple, but for Jaguar, the Mayan Temple set is probably better for the exterior temple facade.


Also, I'd suggest naming a guest David Walsh and then pressing Ctrl+U. It'll remove all the sidebars from the screen and make your images look nicer.

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