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Fuji Q Highland or Tobu Zoo Park

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Hi! I am urkobilbo from spain, I rode near 225 roller coasters and I will go to tokyo in May.


I need your help, I only have 1 day for one os those parks.


Important info about me:

- I am a big fan of airtime roller coasters (el toro, intamin and B&M hypers etc)

- I visited X2 2 years ago, and kingda ka a year ago (Eejanaika and dodompa style)

- I'm not obsessed with the coaster counter.


What park would you choose?

- 4 good coasters, Long lines and long trip of fuji q highland

- 1 Good wooden and Kawasemi!! , no lines and quick transportation of tobu zoo park


Thank you in advance, this is a very important decision to me


Sorry my english is very poor!!

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If you have already ridden a 4D Coaster and don't want to see Mount Fuji, I wouldn't bother going to Fuji Q as it is a little out of the way from Tokyo (1-2 hour train ride). I would also make sure to do Tokyo Disney while your in Tokyo as it is a really nicely themed park (the only problem with it is that it gets crowded REALLY fast). Tobu Zoo is pretty nice and has a Megalite and a decent wood coaster, if you never been on a Megalite I suggest going as Megalites are really good rides.

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You are very fast! thank you!


I rode Bizarro in SFNE, superman in SFA, intimidator 305 in KD, Goliath in Holland or GForce in Germany, I love those intamin coasters, and this is the real problem!


I like to go fuji q but this mega lite is cool! And I know that I will can ride 10 times in one day, but in fuji q this this is impossible.


But... I will go to Japan and I will not visit fuji Q??? It is dificult decide it!


Yes I will visit tokyo disneyland 3 days. and this 3 days I will not change them. I am a disney fan too.


Thank you again for your quck answer

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Also an Intamin fan here. I really liked the megalite & Regina was good too at Tobu, the park was quite relaxing & quiet.

But I definitely have preferred my time at Fuji Q & their 4 big coasters.

I'd recommend Fuji, but only if you shell out for their fast passes.

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Thanks therooboy!


Are The fast passes always available? I will visit japan last week of May.


If the fastpasses are always available... I will can go to the Eejanaika at the opening, after that I would go to Fujiyama coaster and finally I would buy 2 fastpass to Dodompa and Takabisha...


3,5 hours BUS + 120 Dollars $ + Near full day + with luck fuji mountain views = 4 coaster rides? a crazy day ...


All comments are welcome! Thank you!

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Even if the operations at Fuji-Q are as bad as people make them out to be, I'd have to grin and bear it and go there. The variety of their coaster offerings would make my choice an easy one. Based on every review I've read of the place, my expectations service-wise aren't lofty- there is nowhere to go but up when it comes to that. I have a hard time believing that at least some of the horror stories aren't exaggerated (if only a little) but if not, I have a high tolerance for that kind of stuff. :shrugs: I don't go to Japan often, so I would have a hard time justifying a park with two coasters over what Fuji-Q has.

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Fuji-Q is a definite challenge to anyone who visits.

It's even a challenge on a "good day at Fuji", if there

is really such a "day" out there.


I have experienced both a fairly terrible day (2007) and

a not-so-terrible day (2011) there, heh heh.


But honestly, if you make it through any day there - then you

can claim an Amusement Park International Victory!...


....and return for more fun & punishment, another time.


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Fuji-Q would take the whole day, but Tobu Zoo would not. If you have just one free day, you could easily do Tobu Zoo, Aqua Stadium, and Hanayashiki. That way you'd ride Japan's oldest coaster, Japan's best coaster, and an indoor launched looper with lapbars.

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Paul has a good idea, with Tobu Zoo, plus Hanayashiki, although I'd probably go with Tokyo Joypolis instead of Aqua Stadium. Remember that Joypolis has the world's only spinning AND inverting coaster, which also has a shooting dark ride section. Or all of them, if you are crazy and get to Tobo Zoo right at opening and have time. (Although if you get to Joypolis late, expect long slow-moving lines!) However remember that if Tobu Zoo isn't busy, you'll have to wait for enough riders for them to send out trains on the coasters! Also, if you managed to get everything you want done at Disney by mid-way through your third day, you could always stop at Joypolis afterwards, since it's open fairly late.


I'd probably recommend Fuji-Q, but only because they have so many more rides. But ONLY If you can afford their fastpasses, which are a whopping 1000 yen each. And DO NOT DO what you suggested, which is run for Takabisha and then get your fastpasses. It's very possible that some of them will be sold out! Eejanaika will have the longest wait in the park, thanks to its regular breakdowns and the very slow loading. I did what you were suggesting, and hit Takabisha first. But since the bus got me there about 30 minutes after opening, the line was already 40 minutes or so. By then, Eekanaika's queue was 2.5 hours and stayed that long all day. An hour after opening, Eejanaika's fastpasses were completely sold out. Dodonpa's sold out shortly after that, and most of the others were very low, with only a few slots left. You'll have to queue up to get the fastpasses, which is somewhat ironic. But it's absolutely worth it. It will make an aggravating and challenging day MUCH better.


Stat saving now and plan to get a LOT of fastpasses. I'd plan at the very MINIMUM to get one for each of the four major coasters and the Haunted Hospital -- which is a don't miss attraction and gets HUGE queues. And if you think that there is any chance that you're going to want to ride anything else (especially Eejanaika, which will sell out of fastpasses first,) but them right away too. If you're going all that way to ride their coasters and probably aren't going back any time soon, then I'd suggest getting at least 2 fastpasses for each coaster (and maybe even three for the ones you think you'll like best), plus the Haunted Hospital. It really will make your day much better! Remember that the fastpasses are timed, so be sure to have a reasonable plan so that you don't miss your time. And remember that if you do want to get into any long queue that you'll need to be done by the time your scheduled fastpass hour is up.

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Amazing and detailed advices, thank you very much! A lot of yens = No waits


On what date did you go to Fuji q David H? Do you remember?


In this crowded day, hoy much time do you wait for the mouse coaster?


When are less waiting lines in Disneyland? At the opening or the last hours of the day? Maybe the third day in disney can be split it...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi again!


I try to find time in my japan days, and with your tips I will try visit both parks.


In Fuji Q Highland weekday and normal attendance(Thursday 23 May)... my plan will be:


1 - 9AM Entry the park

2 - Buy 5 Fastpass (1 each big coaster + 2 Eejanaika)

3 - ride the wild mouse and the other coaster

4 - ride the big coasters with fastpass

5 - Return to tokyo , I dont have more time - 01:00PM?


No more rides, no Hospital Hauted House.


With this plan... Can I return in the 01:00PM shinjuku bus? I will need stay in shinjuku station 03:00PM more or less, Is it possible? Is It a crazy plan?


Thank you very much!!!

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Yes, it won't work. Some of the coasters don't open with the park, you'll have specific timed tickets with the fast pass and they still take 30 minutes per ride most of the time. There are also two other coasters besides the mouse. The Thomas and the Hamster one. You really should plan to leave 3pm or later.


I mean, sure, if you win the lotto and everything's open, crowds are minimal, weather is great you have the smallest chance in hell of making it by 1pm, but most likely not.

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So, from what I've seen: Get there at opening, stand in line and get fast passes, then go on and try to enjoy?


Thank you for the location of the passes, but does the pass office open with the park? I'm just wondering because a March weekday may have a chance of being a not-so-horrible crowd day, and another option I was thinking was to go to a major coaster at opening and THEN buy passes if needed. But then they might be sold out.


Any opinions on which is a better plan?

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^I don't think anyone is really listening to those of us who have been to the park multiple times.


You really don't get just how bad the operations are. Last time we went to the park, it was DEAD. Fujiyama's line was just out of the station, and guess what? That was a 40 minute wait due to one train poor operations!


Do what you want to do, but please listen to the people in this thread telling you to buy the passes! If it's that dead, you can at least guarantee yourself multiple rides, one with the pass and one waiting in line.

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