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Love of Sharks


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I love sharks too. I find them to be fascinating creatures. Snorkelling and wading with 6ft+ Sicklefin Lemon Sharks at Heron Island, QLD was certainly an awesome experience. I'd love to do a cage dive with Great Whites down in South Australia but I'll admit that I am somewhat nervous of the idea.

When I was a bit younger one of my obsessions (I'd have a new one each year) was sharks, and I new pretty much all there was to know about the different species, genera etc. I'm a qualified diver and along with nudibranchs, sharks are my favourite things to see while diving. They're so intimidating and beautiful at the same time.

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I watched a youtube tv episode where they did dissection on various animals. One happened to be a shark that had gotten caught in a fishing net. They only do these on animals that have died of natural causes...do a search for the series.


Edit: Don't know if I am allowed to post a link yet but they can go a head and delete it if they want to. Here is the site for that program....http://video.pbs.org/video/2192339379.

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I love sharks because they are so simple but so awesome. Humans are overly complicated creatures... skarks are just giant fish with huge teeth and like to eat. How can you not love them??

Perfect post right there. I can't think of anything to add without going overboard (and thus getting eaten by a shark).

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