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ProSlide Worlds First To Open in The UK

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A ‘World First’ water ride inspired by the forces of nature launches at Center Parcs


Family thrill-seekers will experience the speed, spinning and drop of the greatest rivers on Earth




Ever wondered what it would be like to raft the Zambezi, plummet down the Iguazu Falls and spin around the Naruto whirlpools of Japan? Well now you can, as Center Parcs has transported the experience of these natural wonders to the heart of Elveden Forest in Suffolk. The new £4m Tropical Cyclone water ride, which takes inspiration from the forces of nature across three continents, is the first of its kind created anywhere in the world and the ultimate family thrill experience.




Tropical Cyclone emulates the experience of rafting three of the greatest rivers on Earth with water flow reaching a staggering 25,000 litres per minute. A unique clover-shaped raft will take families through a series of twists and turns...



Riders should hold on tight as they experience:


The speed of the Zambezi: South Africa

This one-of-a-kind experience begins with riders entering a dark tunnel, accelerating the raft to a speed similar to the famous Zambezi River...




The spinning of the Naruto Whirlpools: Asia

Riders will feel what it’s like to wind their way down the river before plummeting into a whirlpool vortex inspired by the Naruto Whirlpools in Japan. Rafters can expect to spin round and round, being drawn into the centre of the 12m wide whirlpool...



The drop of the Iguazu Falls: South America

Once at the centre of the whirlpool, rafters will plummet down a fast flowing slide inspired by the Iguazu Falls and be propelled into a tornado funnel where they’ll experience a zero-gravity moment as they fly up the slide wall. After a series of exciting oscillations through the funnel, riders descend through a darkened tunnel and into the tropical heated landing pool below...




Tropical Cyclone Stats and Facts


Riders will experience this unique ride as a family in a four-person clover-shaped raft

The water ride can take up to 720 rafters per hour – that’s 12 per minute

Each raft will travel up to 24mph

The water flow of Tropical Cyclone reaches 25,000 litres per minute

The water temperate inside the slide is heated to a tropical 30 degrees Celsius

Rafters will experience a full 45 degree drop in the tornado funnel

The water ride will stand at 18m tall - that’s the equivalent height of an English oak tree


Tropical Cyclone will open in late November 2012 at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest. The new water ride is part of a longer term investment programme in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise across all four Center Parcs UK villages.


In addition to the Tropical Cyclone, Elveden Forest will also open The Lagoon, a new child-friendly, family pool, in late November 2012. The Lagoon is part of a long-term investment in each Center Parcs Subtropical Swimming Paradise.


For more information coming soon, visit http://www.centerparcs.co.uk/newsplash or http://www.facebook.com/CenterparcsUK or #newsplash


Video of the Construction up till now - http://www.press.centerparcs.co.uk/imagelibrary/Detail.aspx?MediaDetailsID=523


Video Announcement - http://www.press.centerparcs.co.uk/imagelibrary/Detail.aspx?MediaDetailsID=518


Yay - 30 minutes up the road from me

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