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Gostel Adventure Park [RCT3]

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I, Herman Tinder, have recently been keeping a close eye on entertainments of the 21st century and I now want to bring the next generation of thrills to the market. In North Carolina a whole new era of amusement is being constructed and will be ready to open in late spring. Featuring state of the art coasters and white knuckle thrill rides there will be something for everyone as we also incorporate a family orientated area into the park. Featuring 3 themed zones, A whole lot of dreams are about to come true! So come on and join me as I take you on our first construction tour where in fact the first set of rides and themeing have been completed in the 'Western' area of the park.



This is an indoor Rotor named Powder Keg. I love how the building turned out!



A nice dock to take a break.. With a unique structure providing shade.



Here's a ride for the Younger ones or even the teens and adults if they're after a little fun.



Looking down the small midway you can see how this coaster launches down the side giving you breathe taking views.



Our first installed coaster 'Stallion' launches you 50mph in under 2 seconds and follows a series of twists, turns and airtime hills!



Stallions' station and pre-show room before launch!



To finish this update an overview of the area giving you an idea of ride and shop placements.


Thanks for taking the time to read this update I hope your ready to delve into this adventure!



As you can see, I'm back! And this time i've backed up the file so that I don't lose it.. I've got good ideas for this park but one thing I personally love is feedback, So please take the time to leave a comment and let me know what you think and any of your ideas for improvement.

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Good solid start. I'm liking this park!


Looks like a really good start!

I would suggest changing the wooden decking to a normal path as it would look a lot nicer, that is just personal opinion though.

Good luck, Jake

I did try it without the decking but I think it looks a lot nicer with it, However I am happy to take on any other advice you may have!

I love the scenery you're using for these buildings. Very cool stuff! I also like that your coaster is not excessively fast. it reminds me of a baby Storm Runner with the elevated launch section and western theme.

I'm trying to make my buildings as realistic as possible but still enough that they fit in with the theme. I'm aiming for a more family thrills angle on this park hence the low speed on the launch coaster.



1 Month On


I managed to get back down the park this fine day and witness the amount of construction that's taken place! This park is ever growing as a complex of thrills as our other coaster has now been fully constructed (Apart from supports) The station is complete and several test runs are under way! This coaster is more for the thrill seekers as it has not 1 but 3 inversions. I managed to grab 3 photos from today's visit.. I would like to share them with you..



Our new coaster's station featuring a separate unload and loading zone.



This coaster will give breathe taking views for our guests as it plummets 100ft to the ground just meters from the public walkway.



Finally an overview of our new coaster.


Now for the exciting part of this update, We need a name for our new coaster and this is where you come in! We would like you to suggest any names for this thrilling experience.. Please bear in mind it is set in our 'Alpine Village' area of the park! We are also asking for the colours of the coaster (Rail, Segment bits in middle, Block at bottom), Trains, and the supports! Thanks for reading this update I'll bring you the latest news as I can!

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As there were no replies to our competition we named and coloured the coaster ourselves! I present to you.. Pine Crawler, Located in the Alpine Village, will supply you with the sensation of flying through a small acquainted village full of happy inhabitants. The themeing process has begun and the station is being rebuilt as it wasn't originally how I designed it.. (Support work has also begun) I bring to you a small update with some pictures of Pine Crawler..



A small clock tower, to help fit in with the Alpine Village theme.


As you can see, the station is being entirely rebuilt.. You can also notice the small area of themeing around the pre-coaster track.


(Supports going up) Just a small overview.


Another building that forms part of the themeing.


Lastly, Queue work is beginning to take place.


Thanks for reading this update... please leave your feedback!

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The first lift and drop remind me so much of when I was working on VauTour much like you are on this project now!


I just want to remind you that when working with Wing Coasters, you have to keep one big thing in mind - legs and feet. The riders are riding parallel with the track, having their lower bodies hang below the track. Your wooden structures, although very cool with the theme, might cause some amputations for being so close to the track. Just something to keep in mind!


Keep up the good work too! I love myself a good Wing Coaster...

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The first lift and drop remind me so much of when I was working on VauTour much like you are on this project now!


I just want to remind you that when working with Wing Coasters, you have to keep one big thing in mind - legs and feet. The riders are riding parallel with the track, having their lower bodies hang below the track. Your wooden structures, although very cool with the theme, might cause some amputations for being so close to the track. Just something to keep in mind!


Keep up the good work too! I love myself a good Wing Coaster...

Thanks for this feedback, I took this into account and rectified all the problems! And I do love myself a good Wing Coaster too




I bring to you another construction update of Gostel Adventure Park! Exciting news as we present a half completed Alpine Village. Yes there is still so much to be done but I wanted to share some sneaky pics with you.. So here they are!



A little sign we knocked up using the wood leftover from the knocked down safety covering that was under Pine Crawler.


The queue line fences for Pine Crawler were recently installed.


This view has changed a lot since the last update.


This is 'Watch Tower' our newly refurbished drop tower we bought cheap from a local fair.


Finally an overview of the whole village, As you can see there is much to do!


Well as you can see many things have changed in the park and the place is beginning to take shape! All that we have left to do in the village is to install 3 different eateries, a photo shop for Pine Crawler, some restrooms, and a gaming unit. This should be completed within the next week as we aim to get this area of the park completed by the end of February!


Just a side note, We are anticipating an opening on the 20th of March but don't hold us to this as things are likely to change. This all depends on construction of the park and whether ride testing will be complete. Thank you for sticking with this park and we hope you look forward to digging your teeth into a thrilling adventure!


Please leave any feedback regarding this park (Or anything improvements, or faults that need to be rectified in order to make this park the most realistic possible)

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This is looking very promising. In my opinion lacks a bit of terrain height changes though, especially if it's got an alpine themed area...

The budget was cut short on terrain changes, this was due to a lot of money spent on themeing for all the attractions here at Gostel.


This park looks awesome! I really love the wing rider.

Thanks! Wing riders are hard to construct..




Hello, I'm back and this time with only a couple of pictures to give you a quick update! We have now began to construct our 'Fantasy Kingdom' Which is aimed more at the younger audience but still with a few thrills for the older generation! Here are the pictures...



What a view! Our new coaster 'Castle Crawler' is sure to be a hit with our guests! Themeing is nothing but the best and you would be surprised this only cost us a mere 3 million out of the 20 for the whole area!


A little overview of our new Junior boomerang constructed by Vekoma.


Thanks for taking the time to read over this small update! We can't wait for opening season.. Ticket prices and park map to be released soon!

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Wow that Junior Boomerang is really cool looking!

Why thank you. We're trying our best to keep this are family orientated.

This park keeps looking better and better, I love the way that Junior Boomerang intertwines with that castle.

It is in fact one of my favourite rides in this park.

When I first saw the lake and the castle, with the coaster going around them the first thing I though was of Runaway Mine Train at Great Adventure. Obviously much smaller more modern, but nonetheless, impressive.

I'm glad this park is living up to expectations.

Great job! loving the parks ride and atmosphere!

Thank you!



As you have seen, it's been a rather long time since i've been to the park and been able to gather an update. Although.. yesterday I did manage to get a ride in my friends helicopter and I took a few overhead snaps showing you some of the progress that's been made in the park. I'll now share with you my pictures.. Bear in mind this is a small update and closer shots will be provided when I next get to the park in person, which should be sometime within in the week.



A quick overview of the 'Fantasy Kingdom' If you look to the back left we have constructed our junior log flume 'Mystic Creek' which will provide excitement for younger thrill seekers, its also useful for a quick cool off. The back right is home to our Porch Theatre showcasing a variety of performances for our guests.


You can see how we have added so much more foliage and artificial rocks to the 'Alpine Village' This will help to give it a more realistic look, Aswell as helping our coaster to live up to its 'Pine Crawler' reputation.


A small overview of our entrance area and small midway being constructed.


Sorry for the lack of larger updates, it's just construction has been quite slow recently. But we are hoping that the amount of effort we are putting into each attraction with in the park is paying off and you, our future guests, are pleased. We do ask that you leave any feedback or constructive criticism to help us in future improvements.

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The Alpine Village area has turned out great so far, that Wing Rider is great. I really like this so far!


I really like what I've seen so far!


The one suggestion I have to to try and put a bit more variations in you rocks. Mix and match multiple rock sets for a much better looking scene!

I'll have to have a look at what scenery I've got in my folders.. There's A LOT! But It's something I will definitely take into consideration.




Well, I'm back with another 'Helicopter' Update! I'm anticipating a visit to the park by next Monday! But I did manage to grab a few photos showing the latest construction happening at Gostel Adventure Park.. I can now officially tell you.. It's big news! Alpine Village is now 100% Complete!! Bringing total construction to around 80%. Shall we get on with the photos?



The entrance area is 50% complete.. Just some finishing touches to be added, as well as foliage.


Just an overview of the Western side of the park!


Alpine Village 100% Complete!!


A new thrill ride has been added (Bottom Left) Kingdom Katapult is sure to suit the needs of young thrill seekers! A few other small touches have been made in this are too ;)


Well thanks for reading this construction update!


(Please leave any feedback or 'constructive' criticism) Many Thanks,

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Hey guys! My names Timmy Pointer and I got the chance to get down to Gostel Adventure Park today for its grand opening. Although there was no 'Opening Ceremony' there were however very small queue times and great reliability! The longest queue I remember was 20 minutes and that was for Kingdom Crawler... Surprising ay? Well, I managed to get some photos to share with you all but not as many as I planned simply because I took advantage of the small queues and rode all the rides to my hearts content! Lets get on with a little Photo TR



As you enter the Alpine Village you can hear the ROAR from Pine Crawler the parks signature coaster! Breathe taking views I tell you!


Love the shot of this in-line twist! I was later told that this was the first train of the day, Lucky riders! This view really gives you an idea of how close to the ground you are!


The separate Unloading and Loading stations really helped the throughput of this ride, the ride was a walk on for pretty much the whole day!


I thought I'd take a look at the Fantasy Kingdom. On my way this guy seemed shocked.. Not sure what for though? Maybe a Headache?


This ride was a big hit among the thrill seekers! I didn't ride though as I'm not a fan of these kind of rides.


This is the only photo I got in the Kingdom, It's just showing the 20 minute queue for the Junior Boomerang.


I took a wander into the Western side of the park, Jumping Jack had a queue of about 5 minutes, seemed quite popular throughout the day.


Last photo of the day! A train of happy riders on Stallion!


Now what I didn't mention was that I managed to sneak in a little overhead flight in my friends chopper! Here are a couple of overview shots from around 4 o'clock in the park! Bear in mind the park shut at 5 today.



Some people seen leaving the park, Although some still enjoying rides on Pine Crawler!


A little look at the Alpine Village, this was by far the most popular area of the park today!


Fantasy Kingdom began to get quieter as the day went on, although a small queue can still be seen for Kingdom Crawler.


The Western side of the park seemed fairly quiet too..


The park also had this photo on sale, well it was on the back of a postcard, the park looks spectacular at night! Lets hope we get to see this in person soon!


Well thank you fellow friends for taking the time to read my little report from the day! I'm going to persuade my parents to bring me back to the park within the next week or so. If there is anything you would like me to grab photos of leave me a comment and I'll catch what I can! Thanks guys

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Absolutely love the feel of this park, and have nothing really to suggest improvement on...it's that good!


Can't wait to see more of it!

Thanks! Anything specific you like? Would love to know your exact thoughts!


Yes, I just don't really have any words for the park other than "It's looking great!" or something along those lines. Please continue with it.

Ah just the feedback I needed! Thanks for replying!


I literally just made an account to tell you how awesome this park is and that it's effort like this that is making me want to re install my old roller coaster tycoon!

Wow that makes me feel just that more special thanks! I'm really trying my best with this park and putting so much effort into it.






Just a small update from me really, there is a lot of construction going on down at the park! I got some snaps but I'm posting from my phone on site at the park! I'll have to upload them when I'm back.. But I have a good feeling about what's happening! Looks like a big investment for the park

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