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New theme park proposed in the Dominican Republic

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Hey everyone, I just came across this article. Seems like veryone is proposing theme parks in Spain, yet these Spanish businessman are looking to the Dominican Republic




Spanish company to build US$180M amusement park in Punta Cana


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.- A group of businessmen of the Spanish company Extrme, yesterday announced the construction of an amusement park in Cabeza de Toro, Punta Cana, which they affirm will be Latin America’s most modern, to be built at a cost of US$180 million.


The investment was unveiled in a meeting headed by Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia, Banco Popular tourism sector corporate vice president Juan Manuel Martin de Oliva, and Extreme Park executives Antonio Jiménez and Salvador Ballesteros, among others.

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Not sure that it'll bring any more tourism than there already is to the Dominican Republic, but I'm sure a lot of people that are already visiting will stop by. And hey, another amusement park is always a good thing.


I wonder if there are any coasters planned for this park...?

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I read the new in spanish and in general says:



1,000,000 square meters

An indoor ski slope

Swimming pool of 26000 square meter, with 46 differents waves (surfing championships)

Formula 1 simulator

A big amphitheater

Robotic ? rollercoaster

Big disco


The offical presentation will be in february march 2012, and one year after the presentation wants to open the doors.

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